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i got inspired again :)


I was drinking my regular morning coffee with a cigarette on the terrace (i hate my smoking habit, but few days ago I concluded I am a hedonist, if I am enjoying then I want to have a full pleasure) and just looking around and in the opposite building I saw two girls in a bed covered with blankets having their phones in their hands, typing whatever and talking to each other. They have no curtains on their window, so it’s no chance that you don’t look into the flat, I did not wanted to be noted and I tried to avoid to look there, but in one of the moments of course I spotted them again. I saw them laughing and in the next minute they were waving me, so I gave them a smile and waved back…

My story in my head was, maybe they laughed because they felt uncomfortable to be spotted in a bed or maybe they thought I am lesbian, being interested in them. It happens to me often that I am approached by women or not approached by men as they think I am gay, when I ask them what’s the reason for that, they say it’s because of my short hair, different style and I am very open in communication with everyone :)) well i don’t mind these, but if a guy I liked thinks the same, it’s not an advantage for me.

Having this labeling on my mind too, sometimes I must have the motivation to make a step to approach the person I like, which is not the easiest, but I know I am not the only one suffering with this “problem”, so from time to time I practice it, for now with less success. 🙂 (okay, I cannot complain that much)  but, I am concluding it’s better to make a step then leaving yourself with the question “why i did not approach him, I had the chance”.

I know I am afraid of rejection and humiliation, but am I really losing anything by making a step?! It can be just as positive, as negative for myself. I will meet a new person, maybe make a new friend? Not all the contacts must end-up with a relationship, having this on my mind, it helps me to interract easier with the people i feel a vibe with.

I do not know how i ended up with this topic in my blog, as my thought was to write about last night… 🙂

Anyways, i took yesterday afternoon I took a nap, somehow I knew it is gonna be a long night, so I prepared my body in advance not consciously. I knew I will go to party, but i never thought i will end up coming home at 6 a.m.

Couple of weeks ago I went to a Salsa classes with one of my classmates from Samba, it turned out she is a Salsa instructor, since I’ve never been learning a couple dance before I thought I will check on her classes. We were dancing Salsa Merengue, I never knew there are different types of Salsa either. I liked Merengue and I think it’s gonna become my next passion somewhere in the future. I dance instead of doing sports, for me dancing is a sport. Since I got inspired I wanted to check on the clubs where we are able to dance Salsa, in the afternoon my babysitter Lilly (she is 17 and a great open-minded Hungarian girl) wrote me asking me what I am doing in the evening, so I told her about my plans how I wanted to go to see a real Cuban Salsa musicians performance in one of the clubs and I noted my Salsa instructor about the place as well, she was not positive about the place and we were neither upon on our arrival. The party should have started at 9 pm with a Bachata class.

We entered the place at 9 pm and in the stage background we saw the technicians setting up the equipment, the place was empty without any music, some people arriving at the door when we were leaving, we heard some guys arriving at the door telling: okay let’s go for hunting!. We looked on each other with Lilly and i said to her: this is not the place we wanna be at, not mentioning the people there were “beating even my age” and anyways we were really interested in the concert of this Cuban singer. I find it also unfair, the party was announced for 9 pm with an entrance fee of 2500 Ft and at the moment when we arrived nothing was setup, for me this is not respecting time and money of other people. So, we left, we had a hot wine in front of St. Stephen’s Basilika and saved our money for a next places. We continued to another 3 Salsa places, they were dissapointment after dissapointment. For now we concluded there are no good Salsa bars/parties in Budapest (but we will keep investigating as luckily there are some more ideas). However, we ended up saving the entrance fee and a possibility to invest it at some other places.

Lilly was full of ideas. She knows the best shot places in Budapest.  If you wanna have warm-ups before party, shots starting from 160-200 Ft’s go to: as always, the famous Király utca, on 4-6 tramline, let me provide you with the FB pages of the explored places, I am sure you all have ID’s to check on them:

My conclusion of experiences with Lilly were, friendships are ageless 🙂 and learning from each other is without age limitations (i learn a lot from my 3 year old each day). I took Lilly for the worst Salsa places and she took me to the best shot places. If you have some others on your mind, please share 🙂

We were very much the whole night for dancing, but after visiting the 9th place that night, we decided to play safe and go to Fogasház, however on a way there we met a group of Hungarians, going to “Tesla”, which i found out is more alike electronic music (which I personally do not prefer so much) since we never been there we joined them. At the entrance there was an entrance fee of 4000 Forint. We turned around and waived the guys and wished them a great party in Tesla. So we walked away having on our mind to go to Fogasház, but on the way i bumped into Szimpla, immediately at the door meeting Brazilians. I have to get used to the fact finally, that I am not able to avoid them. They are all over the city, but honestly I do not want to avoid them as I have always the best time with them. They are a great company, very friendly, talkative, open and I do not need else then to have a great time with great people. They are very similar to Serbians in terms of being very much friendly and accepting with other nations and they know how to have fun!

We stayed in Szimpla for couple of hours and then moved to Cheers bar in Nagymező street 35 -I could not find their official FB page –  as the Brazilians said, also counts as a great starting point before parties, it’s in the neighbourhood of Instant, where we went afterwards. There is a New Year’s Week with concerts and Dj’s.

We met another bunch of Brazilians, Mexicans etc…we kicked ourselves home at 5:30am and were knocked out at 6am.

And yay,we did not end up in Fogasház! We had lots of other experiences and met great people!

Lilly left home at some time today, somewhere around noon I got a message from here she is not in the flat anymore, i haven’t realized when she left.

Today is a chill-out day and maybe for the whole next week. 🙂 but, only maybe…I just remembered I am going with my kid for Palya Bea concert tomorrow at Fonó.

Listen to one of my favourite songs from here:

Anyone for a free playing movie in Kolor from 7pm? “Matchstick Man” from Ridley Scott, in English with Hungarian subtitles.

Here is the IMDB link for it:

*just got invited for a jamming tonight, so, i might miss this movie and sing instead with a friends!


only one sentence to test …


if I connected well my accounts to wordpress for publishing it…woahahahha

if anyone is doing blogs, please tell me, i need some tips for improving it, I am more a hands-on person, teach me how to do it properly, I hate to look for informations (but, sometimes I have too do it on my own)



I am always good at giving advices to others how things should be done, how we need to make actions instead of sitting in a place and being only in a  “planning mode”.

Of course planning is important too, but without making any efforts to accomplish them is still a phase of being in one place and nothing is changing in your life.

So i realized, the same advice I am giving others I should start applying too.

I am very much a kind of a person that takes actions, but also sometimes too much stucked in a head or the worst I wanna do everything immediately, I am planning this and that, ideas are popping up and then the hardest thing is to decide which is the one I wanna choose, keep it and STICK TO IT. My biggest problem is that I get distracted with my other ideas. However not to start blaming myself because of this, I also think it can be due to the fact that the task I wanna accomplish is maybe not the one I really wanna do in that moment. I do not know yet.

So there was another advice I read somewhere, start doing things one by one, if one doesn’t work for you, close the “ticket” put it on a side (maybe at some later stage the inpiration will come) and do the next thing on your mind, however it’s also very important that you start doing something that lifts your energy and makes you feel well.

Another advice I read – I always think I am bad as I am not reading a lot of books, but actually I realized I do read a lot of things on the internet about the things that interests me, so I should stop punishing myself as I also have a periods of reading only books  – anyways, i read in some life coaching article to put all your tasks on a list e.g. on a weekly basis (i do it on a weekly basis) and schedule two for each day, if you do this and you stick to it, you can say you accomplished two tasks for that day that were scheduled and you cannot feel worthless as you accomplished the scheduled ones. These tasks can be related to anything in your daily life, practise/learn a new language, whether it’s cleaning, taking your kid for a kids programme, e-mail/call a friend, going to a post office, taking your phone to a service, looking for a job, paint your nails on your fingers and toes, writing a blog, reading a book, going to a gym, dancing classes, visit a friend, cook a new meal, visit a new place in the city, the list is endless, but also delaying tasks for days, weeks, months generates you even a longer list and more stress.

Everything you accomplish in addition on a daily basis on top of your daily scheduled tasks are just a plus for you, however remember, completing else is NOT a must. It sounds good, right?  AND now I am talking about myself, sometimes I realize even when i had noted down all my to-do’s in a schedule my mind immediately started looking for another ones, yes, my mind is like that, it wants to control me on every field of my life.

However if you keep planning your tasks and accomplishing them, your will have at least a little peace of mind and at the end of the day you can sleep more safe and not waking up in the middle of the night and making your list in your head again. Even if it happens to wake up in the middle of the night to add something to your “to do” list, trust me, once you note it down and immediately schedule it (i use my phones “calendar note” application), you will feel fine as you made an action, the task is scheduled for one day in your calendar to accomplish it and you can go back to sleep. At least this is how it works for me.

So, please start get used to the fact, that you will less use the word “BUSY” in your life, relationships, activities etc…

I woke up thinking it’s a nice sunny day again, I will cloth up, run out to one of the bars to write my blog about my experiences from yesterday and the day before, as recently I decided to discover at least on a weekly basis one new thing in Budapest, and now as I am re-reading my blog I see I ended up writing some “life coaching” blog. Actually when i settled down I had no inspiration for writing a blog about else.

Blogging, I wanna make it become on of the incoming resources for my life, however to be successfull I know I should start doing it regulary as a job, this is what the experts say too, right? and as i said to achieve/accomplish something you need to make actions.

and a little bit about me…

I am Gabi, 36, coming from Serbia, I moved to Budapest in 1996. Since then I am attached to this city, it’s the place where i feel like being at home the most.  I know whenever i leave it, I can always come back to it and feel safe. Here is my life, here is my family – my friends. This year in September I became an Adult for a second time in this city,  it was the other half of my life.

I “hate” this song, but before I started to write the blog, it just came to my mind…Bregovic: Gas, Gas…

Btw.  this reminds me to ask you, have you heard about the Serbian trumphet festival called: Guča –


I am a mom of a 3 year old awsome boy, who claims he is a musician (once a drummer, once a guitarist, the other time trumphetist etc…)

I am modelling in commercials, working as extra in movies, I am modeling for Stock photographers, make-up artists, maybe hairshows etc…

I dance Samba and exploring other latino dances – i love energetic people, music- I am learning Spanish and I would really like to find a good partner for Kizomba dance,

I am a singer (for some reason it’s hard to say it out, and to be honest I sing for now only among my friends and to my son),

I am a friend, an explorer, I would also like to label myself as a traveller, but I am not that YET- i do not know yet how to do it with my son, as I would like to show him the world

Hungarian coming from the Balkans,

I am international, I am a foreigner lover, I am the one who loves to meet with people without any purpose,

I am couchsurfer,

I am a manager – i am good in delegating tasks 🙂 –

I like to help/support people to achieve their goals in life (but not to do instead, the real actions are yours),

I am Tinder, I am Okcupid, I am a party person, I wanna have the most of this world while I have this life.

I am an Hungarian Ambassador of group called “Tsunagu Japan Ambassador Group”.

I am quite direct in communication – at least i try to be, as I think honest communication is the most important thing in people relations.

And actually at this moment I realized why I could not start my blog with other topics…I had to give myself one more time the same advice I shared with you: instead of only planning tasks, start making actions!!! So, officially I started to write my blog!

As last, you have no clue, how f* hard is to publish my writing and take on the risk that people might read what I am writing. I am challenging myself, feel free to read or not to read, I am doing this because of self-development, breaking through my fears (of course I have them too – I was a company leader and always managed to escape public speaches, exposing myself to self-confidence is not as that hight as it seems)

Yesterday I explored some Turkish culture, tonight I am going for a Cuban music in Salsa10 fiesta cubana, to break the fear of dancing a couple dance, without Salsa knowledge.

it’s again 1:15 am…blog restart


Sometimes i think the days should be scheduled in a different way for me, I am a night owl, I am active in the night, I am concentrated and I can work for hours and I hate to wake up in the morning, but who says this is not normal…why should I sleep when other people sleep, I am freelancing and I can do my own schedule.

The only thing i keep forgetting is I have a natural 3 year old alarm at home in the mornings, who btw also hates to fall a sleep before 9:30 pm…luckily cartoons save me in the morning a couple of minutes additional naping – if I have the luck –  because usually it’s like this: mom, the Ads jumped out on the cartoon, mom, the cartoon is over, mom, look at this, mom, i want to pee, mom, I want to have a chocolate milk, mom, I wanna have a breakfast etc. So in the end i wake up and i take a bowl of coffee to survive the day.

So this is how i decided to keep on writing my blog…i removed the previous topics as I wrote them in Hungarian, however sooner or later I am sure I will remember to tell you some stories about the previous years of my life, actually I am full of stories whole my life, I should have started writing a book so much earlier, but it’s very interesting, as a kid I was frustrated about writing, and now I am frustrated how will my English work, btw. in childhood I was always the one, who hated to write about certain topics and I just did not do my essays or I just scratched something, used the copy+paste options, so the task is done and I always got weaker notes. I just remembered the story from the first day in the high school and it was also the first Serbian language class – the teacher gave us a task to write an essay about our summer vacation happenings. I did not take it seriously and as I said I hated to write about stupid topics, of course I was the first person to be asked about my essay, as i did not complete it and my summer vacation was anyways not different compared to the others – it was a simple summer vacation  in a boring village, I responded to my teacher: well, nothing happened to me this summer, so I did not write my essay. The teacher got offended and said: oh really, well then, sit down, here is your note: “1′ (grading is from 1-5 and 1 is the worst). So, it was “beginning of a beautiful friendship”, you can guess that. I was frozen, my first day, my first note in a school where i can hardly understand the language. Oh, have I told you my mother tongue is Hungarian and this was a first day of my school in a high school for Economics and Trade, education in Serbian.

My first day school experiences were always interesting…i remember my mom telling me for the first time when I came home from the elementary school they asked me: so, Babi how was the first day in the school? I replied: i don’t know, the teacher was telling some nonsenses.

I guess i always hated following the mainstream, it took me a time to realize this…now I am confident in this.

1:50 am, I need to go to sleep now. Shit, it’s late.