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i got inspired again :)


I was drinking my regular morning coffee with a cigarette on the terrace (i hate my smoking habit, but few days ago I concluded I am a hedonist, if I am enjoying then I want to have a full pleasure) and just looking around and in the opposite building I saw two girls in a bed covered with blankets having their phones in their hands, typing whatever and talking to each other. They have no curtains on their window, so it’s no chance that you don’t look into the flat, I did not wanted to be noted and I tried to avoid to look there, but in one of the moments of course I spotted them again. I saw them laughing and in the next minute they were waving me, so I gave them a smile and waved back…

My story in my head was, maybe they laughed because they felt uncomfortable to be spotted in a bed or maybe they thought I am lesbian, being interested in them. It happens to me often that I am approached by women or not approached by men as they think I am gay, when I ask them what’s the reason for that, they say it’s because of my short hair, different style and I am very open in communication with everyone :)) well i don’t mind these, but if a guy I liked thinks the same, it’s not an advantage for me.

Having this labeling on my mind too, sometimes I must have the motivation to make a step to approach the person I like, which is not the easiest, but I know I am not the only one suffering with this “problem”, so from time to time I practice it, for now with less success. 🙂 (okay, I cannot complain that much)  but, I am concluding it’s better to make a step then leaving yourself with the question “why i did not approach him, I had the chance”.

I know I am afraid of rejection and humiliation, but am I really losing anything by making a step?! It can be just as positive, as negative for myself. I will meet a new person, maybe make a new friend? Not all the contacts must end-up with a relationship, having this on my mind, it helps me to interract easier with the people i feel a vibe with.

I do not know how i ended up with this topic in my blog, as my thought was to write about last night… 🙂

Anyways, i took yesterday afternoon I took a nap, somehow I knew it is gonna be a long night, so I prepared my body in advance not consciously. I knew I will go to party, but i never thought i will end up coming home at 6 a.m.

Couple of weeks ago I went to a Salsa classes with one of my classmates from Samba, it turned out she is a Salsa instructor, since I’ve never been learning a couple dance before I thought I will check on her classes. We were dancing Salsa Merengue, I never knew there are different types of Salsa either. I liked Merengue and I think it’s gonna become my next passion somewhere in the future. I dance instead of doing sports, for me dancing is a sport. Since I got inspired I wanted to check on the clubs where we are able to dance Salsa, in the afternoon my babysitter Lilly (she is 17 and a great open-minded Hungarian girl) wrote me asking me what I am doing in the evening, so I told her about my plans how I wanted to go to see a real Cuban Salsa musicians performance in one of the clubs and I noted my Salsa instructor about the place as well, she was not positive about the place and we were neither upon on our arrival. The party should have started at 9 pm with a Bachata class.

We entered the place at 9 pm and in the stage background we saw the technicians setting up the equipment, the place was empty without any music, some people arriving at the door when we were leaving, we heard some guys arriving at the door telling: okay let’s go for hunting!. We looked on each other with Lilly and i said to her: this is not the place we wanna be at, not mentioning the people there were “beating even my age” and anyways we were really interested in the concert of this Cuban singer. I find it also unfair, the party was announced for 9 pm with an entrance fee of 2500 Ft and at the moment when we arrived nothing was setup, for me this is not respecting time and money of other people. So, we left, we had a hot wine in front of St. Stephen’s Basilika and saved our money for a next places. We continued to another 3 Salsa places, they were dissapointment after dissapointment. For now we concluded there are no good Salsa bars/parties in Budapest (but we will keep investigating as luckily there are some more ideas). However, we ended up saving the entrance fee and a possibility to invest it at some other places.

Lilly was full of ideas. She knows the best shot places in Budapest.  If you wanna have warm-ups before party, shots starting from 160-200 Ft’s go to: as always, the famous Király utca, on 4-6 tramline, let me provide you with the FB pages of the explored places, I am sure you all have ID’s to check on them:

My conclusion of experiences with Lilly were, friendships are ageless 🙂 and learning from each other is without age limitations (i learn a lot from my 3 year old each day). I took Lilly for the worst Salsa places and she took me to the best shot places. If you have some others on your mind, please share 🙂

We were very much the whole night for dancing, but after visiting the 9th place that night, we decided to play safe and go to Fogasház, however on a way there we met a group of Hungarians, going to “Tesla”, which i found out is more alike electronic music (which I personally do not prefer so much) since we never been there we joined them. At the entrance there was an entrance fee of 4000 Forint. We turned around and waived the guys and wished them a great party in Tesla. So we walked away having on our mind to go to Fogasház, but on the way i bumped into Szimpla, immediately at the door meeting Brazilians. I have to get used to the fact finally, that I am not able to avoid them. They are all over the city, but honestly I do not want to avoid them as I have always the best time with them. They are a great company, very friendly, talkative, open and I do not need else then to have a great time with great people. They are very similar to Serbians in terms of being very much friendly and accepting with other nations and they know how to have fun!

We stayed in Szimpla for couple of hours and then moved to Cheers bar in Nagymező street 35 -I could not find their official FB page –  as the Brazilians said, also counts as a great starting point before parties, it’s in the neighbourhood of Instant, where we went afterwards. There is a New Year’s Week with concerts and Dj’s.

We met another bunch of Brazilians, Mexicans etc…we kicked ourselves home at 5:30am and were knocked out at 6am.

And yay,we did not end up in Fogasház! We had lots of other experiences and met great people!

Lilly left home at some time today, somewhere around noon I got a message from here she is not in the flat anymore, i haven’t realized when she left.

Today is a chill-out day and maybe for the whole next week. 🙂 but, only maybe…I just remembered I am going with my kid for Palya Bea concert tomorrow at Fonó.

Listen to one of my favourite songs from here:

Anyone for a free playing movie in Kolor from 7pm? “Matchstick Man” from Ridley Scott, in English with Hungarian subtitles.

Here is the IMDB link for it:

*just got invited for a jamming tonight, so, i might miss this movie and sing instead with a friends!