it’s again 1:15 am…blog restart


Sometimes i think the days should be scheduled in a different way for me, I am a night owl, I am active in the night, I am concentrated and I can work for hours and I hate to wake up in the morning, but who says this is not normal…why should I sleep when other people sleep, I am freelancing and I can do my own schedule.

The only thing i keep forgetting is I have a natural 3 year old alarm at home in the mornings, who btw also hates to fall a sleep before 9:30 pm…luckily cartoons save me in the morning a couple of minutes additional naping – if I have the luck –  because usually it’s like this: mom, the Ads jumped out on the cartoon, mom, the cartoon is over, mom, look at this, mom, i want to pee, mom, I want to have a chocolate milk, mom, I wanna have a breakfast etc. So in the end i wake up and i take a bowl of coffee to survive the day.

So this is how i decided to keep on writing my blog…i removed the previous topics as I wrote them in Hungarian, however sooner or later I am sure I will remember to tell you some stories about the previous years of my life, actually I am full of stories whole my life, I should have started writing a book so much earlier, but it’s very interesting, as a kid I was frustrated about writing, and now I am frustrated how will my English work, btw. in childhood I was always the one, who hated to write about certain topics and I just did not do my essays or I just scratched something, used the copy+paste options, so the task is done and I always got weaker notes. I just remembered the story from the first day in the high school and it was also the first Serbian language class – the teacher gave us a task to write an essay about our summer vacation happenings. I did not take it seriously and as I said I hated to write about stupid topics, of course I was the first person to be asked about my essay, as i did not complete it and my summer vacation was anyways not different compared to the others – it was a simple summer vacation  in a boring village, I responded to my teacher: well, nothing happened to me this summer, so I did not write my essay. The teacher got offended and said: oh really, well then, sit down, here is your note: “1′ (grading is from 1-5 and 1 is the worst). So, it was “beginning of a beautiful friendship”, you can guess that. I was frozen, my first day, my first note in a school where i can hardly understand the language. Oh, have I told you my mother tongue is Hungarian and this was a first day of my school in a high school for Economics and Trade, education in Serbian.

My first day school experiences were always interesting…i remember my mom telling me for the first time when I came home from the elementary school they asked me: so, Babi how was the first day in the school? I replied: i don’t know, the teacher was telling some nonsenses.

I guess i always hated following the mainstream, it took me a time to realize this…now I am confident in this.

1:50 am, I need to go to sleep now. Shit, it’s late.


About Gabi

Singer, model, occasionally actress, Samba dancer, Budapest and Brazil lover! My FB page: Managing a networking group for Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers - English speaking: My blog is rather person, with some tips about things to do and experience while visiting or living in Budapest.

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