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the yellow Corsa


Waking up in the morning is always fun 🙂

Good morning everyone!

phone and reading the news…coffee, cigarette  and you bump into a funny article that starts your day in a funny way and you know your day will be fun too! And hopefully today it’s gonna be a looong day too!

I bumped in a articel on HVG site –, unfortunately the articles are in English, but I will give you an insight on about the famous “Yellow Corsa”.

It got me even more as it’s very much related to my past job and it was the first Sales launch I participated in the multinational training company I worked for called “Raytheon Professional Services LLC “ that is/was one of the distributors of training services for General Motors:

When u click on the webpage of this company you will be a bit surprised, as I was for the first time when I was  preparing to go for a job interview at this company. But, after the job interview and after couple of months I realized I am part of a huge company and the part we are doing in Europe is just a tiny part of the whole companies Business strategy, but for sure one of the companies with the biggest opportunities.

When I looked on the company site I read about defense, security, pilot simulation trainings, missiles and I was like: oh my God what the hell is this?!…not mentioning I am coming from a “war area” and I was/I am very much against weapons, war etc. And I was just moving back in January, 2006 from Belgrade after almost 2 years of working there and it’s a little bit ironic I find a company related to such topic.

But I was curious and I desperately wanted to come back to Budapest, I was ready to take any job only to be back here again. So, I came to the job interview as a big question mark and I left from the job interview as a big questionmark. Of course when they asked me why I want to work for this company I said the expected answers to be hired from a perspective of an HR person. I also said I had a target to come back to Budapest, get a job and stay here, I had a goal and when I have a goal I am very-very goal-oriented I do it untill I get what I want.

I was interested  in doing something new as I spent the previous years in Sales, Logistics, Customer Service, Planning, Warehouse, Administration, some HR, Finance etc. I wanted to try something else, something more related to people, for long  period I thought it’s the HR and this sounded close to it so I applied. I had advantages when I was applying for this job as the company has a Central role in Eastern European block, I am not sure anymore how many countries were were operating from Budapest anymore (I should look in my CV or ask some of the collegues 🙂 but we had a big network of people working with as a team. And, I speak most of the languages the company needed for the position of “Training Administration and Logistics” and most of them I can also understand. On the interview, I understood it is about trainings, but  still I did not get the whole picture…After the interview I knew I will get the job. I was confident in my knowledge and capabilities. I did not know anything about trainings but for the 7 years I spent there I became expert in it I ended up leading this regional company as a Team Leader of  9 internal people (Project Managers, Trainers, Deployment Coordinator, 2 Training Logistician), with cross-functional relationship of Call Center Supervisors and their Agents in Barcelona and
subcontracted trainers in the covered markets (Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia and all the other former Russian countries: Armenia,  Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazahstan, Kyrgyzisthan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenitsan and Uzbegistan. In the former Russian countries we had mostly joint trainings, however they were part of the whole picture).

So, I was hired as a Deployment Coordinator in the end – shortly, arranging training materials for the trainings in the market languages, which ment translating, proofreading, coordinating translations with translating agencies, with our head office in Europe in Germany RĂŒsselsheim, but also delegating the check of translated materials to the subcontracted trainers for quality check, collecting the final materials and preparing it for training delivery. You do not have a clue what a big responsilibity this job required too. Before I came to the company this task was accomplished by the Project Managers and they realized the market is growing and they need to hire a person to handle training materials.  After couple of days I started to hate this job, because I got a bunch of tasks that were messed up, there was a big backlog and I had to do translations and proofreading of materials, which I started to hate a lot. Not because I hate to do this job, but I got overloaded and still I had no previous knowledge and I did not get trained properly…Irony again…But after a while I started to look on a bright side, I was asked to go to Serbia with one of my collegues who was delivering training to simultaneouly translate her training delivery.  We got a car with Zita and we went there. I felt so good being at home among the people those language I can speak, but OMG I was so stressed about the delivery. I had to translate a training material simultaneously which I had no clue about it, I did not know the officially used terms, I was not getting the platform that was explained, NADA (nothing). However, the training ended up fine and I hade another first experience in my life and I overcame a fear of “I cannot do it”, because I did it, not perfectly, but I had to put on a side my perfectionist views.  I was happy my job is not a job “staying in one office, place”, but it is providing me with lots of other possibilities.  I have overcame lots of my fears while working in this company as I was facing lots of new situations in my life.

My first trip via company car to a Sales launch in Lajosmizse, if I rememeber well it was the “Aveo” Sales lunch, but I am not sure. I got a company  car and Gabi, drive by your own for the first time in your life on a highway using navigation :)))) I got my driving licence just a year before, so I really had no practise, but it was more a fear not to crash the car. I arrived to the training location and I have forgotten to turn off the lights on the car…well couple of hours  later I was so ashamed about it. But, I can explain why this happened. Our private car was Fiat Bravo, by this car by turning off the car, the lights turn off automatically. However, imagine working in automotive industry with automotive professionals and not knowing you have to turn off the lights on Opel/Vauxhalls. I always leave big impression on  people, they remembered me about this too :)))

My first test drive…JESUS, from all of the available cars I get the automatic transmission Cadilac to drive. So again, playing the fool, but there was no choice I had to ask, people I do not know even how to start the car. So I had about 5 seconds of “how to handle” the car and the next minute I had to sit in the car and drive with as the group wanted to start testing the cars. Now this means max 20 people waiting that I get familiar with the car. So I set in and I drove. I fell in love with Cadilac, with its beige seats and actually now I realized why many years later I chose to have the same seats in my car.

My first company car, Saab 95, I loved that car, I inherited it from my boss.

My first promotion, and the second and the third…..

My first salary raise, when for the first time I decided to talk to my boss because I knew I was doing great in my job and I deserved more.

The first person I proposed to be hired to our company, Szabi as Call Center agent in Barcelona, he is still there, a hardworking, punctual, very good workforce not really appreciated still in the company.

The second person that – I also have to mention – was hired to the company I proposed, Marina 🙂 I knew Marina from my past as acquitance, but not much more about her, she is from Croatia and also a polyglot and very well organised person. She is still in the company, now preparing for the partental role 🙂 She took over my responsibilites as Deployment Coordinator. She is a unique, hardworking person.

My first promotion, becoming a “Project Manager” for Chevrolet.

My first “trait” to my boss after my first promotion: “I said you are the next” – meaning your “seat” is the next I will take-over. I did it.

My first organised event “Chevrolet Cruze” the worst event ever…there was no budget to deliver a proper one as it was right in the period of the world crisis in 2008.

My first trip abroad to observe training for quality measures.

My first training in Barcelona, Six Sigma (I still hate Six Sigma), but I loved Barcelona!

My first interviewing, I hired person, Adam from Hungary – I love this guys humour and open-minded, creative approach! He is still in the company.

My first customer meeting, IstvĂĄn, you were not an easy guy, but I loved you for being like that!

The first car bought tailored to my needs (Adam, my collegue, helped me with that a lot!) Yeah, I delegated even this task, but because I trusted in his knowledge and he knew exactly what is good for me!

My first “Oscar award” for the good results!

My first tutor, Rory from the UK, we learned so much fromeach other!

My first part-time jobs,

My first home-office job,

And one of the persons I am still in frequent contact, though sometimes we had discussions in my job, but he was the first person he said I was a good boss and acknowledged that my “another firts in my life”- the restructuring the company helped him to find his role in the  company. AndrĂĄs, my friend from Ukraine.

And i could keep on writing you more…7 years cannot be described in  one blog…

I will probably get back to this topic from time to time, but now I am ready to share the article about the yellow Corsa, I found among the posts an English version too and I will attach the Hungarian (maybe Google’s “translate the Page to English” can help you 😉



If you have time find it on HVG Facebook page too,as people started to upload photos with the yellow Corsa on different locations and there are fun comments (and some less..u know Hungarians, they always end up fighting about politics)

Enjoy your day!

I have arranged another casting for myself today and a phootoshooting in the afternoon (even the Sun came out 🙂

And hopefully see u in the city in the night! Please invite me for a cigarette or drink and I will give you my company! 😀