learning Spanish…


What a day…I am the whole day happy, I don’t know for what reason…just like that…

I woke up this morning around 10 am and laid in the bed with a usual setup when I am alone, having my phone in my hand and reading some articles on it or just clicking around (that part I hate, but luckily that’s the least I do).

So, today I decided to change this a bit into a more positive, as I know couple of hours later I would start blaming myself and regret that I haven’t done anything usefull today.

A friend of mine introduced me one of the greatest applicatons for learning a foreign language, I did not browse it through thoroughly to know which all languages it offers, however Spanish is in it so for me it works well. Previously I tried Duolingo, Ufluentu, Babel etc. and some of them are very interractive, but for some reason Memrise got me and it’s great as I am practising English and Spanish at once, as usually these apps are in English, not really integrated with the local languages, however I do not mind it, I am anyway a person who is doing things simultaneously, so this is how I learn two languages at once. 🙂

Somebody asked me, why are you doing this? You speak already 5 of them minimum.

Well, I do not know yet the exact reason, but I am doing it as it’s a pleasure to me to do it, I like the way this language sounds and at least I can say to myself “well done, you did something worthy today”, because many times due to a lot of tasks I wanna accomplish I forget to summarize how much I have actually accomplished, so at the end of the day I have a guilt without a reason.

Learning a language is a good thing I always claimed, I know how many advantages I had in my past life for knowing Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, German and English. The languages of our Eastern European region and 2 world languages. There is a saying in Serbia “the more languages you speak, the more worthy you are”.  I do not take this saying granted, because not everyone is interested to learn languages, but on  the other hand I experienced how easier is everything when you know the local language of people. This is why for e.g. i cannot understand people living in Hungary for more then a year and not talking any Hungarian…

The only thing with my Spanish is that I have not yet started using it, I lack of words yet – a lot – but I am optimistic and on it and I also know the sooner I start to use it, the quicker I will learn it. I even considered to move to a place abroad for couple of months…but, the decision is not yet made. If I’d decide to go maybe to Spain, I’d rather go on summer time, it’s double pleasure.

For now I am browsing around on Facebook a groups that are “Spanish” speaking and I am trying to attend events related, listening to Spanish singing music, watching movies (watching “Eszeveszett mesék/Relatos Salvajes/Wild Tales is a MUST SEE movie in the cinemas now!), going to concerts, meeting Spanish friends (and not talking to them in Spanish yet, please force me to talk :D), following events of Spanish speaking Embassys and actually i am realizing that it’s very possible to learn something if you really want to.

There is a group Club de español – 6 de enero on Facebook, anyone attended it? I will visit it on Tuesday to check on.

If you have any tips for me please feel free to share…

When i started to write todays blog, I thought I will write about my day, instead my thoughts brought me here,

I hope you will take a courage and effort to learn a new language too 😉

oh yeah, and NOW I am going for MY SAMBA CLASSES in the Brazilian Sport center, and then heading into the night uplifted!!!!

(btw. i listed today all the tasks I accomplished and I was amazed)


*On 13.01.2015 I started to collect quotes of Mr. Paulo Coelho for my blog and somehow ended up reading his blog and I copied this link from his page to remind me and maybe you, to re-read it everytime the question of being usefull arises.



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