what is this dance?


I wanna write about everything, I have so many thoughts, feelings, happenings, experiences I would like to share…i do not know where to start…

I am a perfectionist and not with so much patient when it’s about myself and completing my tasks, I wanna accomplish everything and of course immediately and I wanna share everything immediately, sometimes it ends up that I put everything on a side as my mind is overloaded with all these things I wanna accomplish and i do not make the step…however, I also know I need to give time to myself, as everything remains in my memory and with some time I also know they will unfold in a right moment.

Since yesterday i cannot stop listening to the song of “Soha” called “Mill Pasos”. I could not find the official video, but I have made a playlist of this song, listening only to this song (yeah, I do this occasionally and I am able to listen to one song for very long time, I even think of learning the lyrics of this song and once maybe to sing it – optimist)

Listen to it on Youtube.com, the rhythm, the music, the language and….just perfect!

Till yesterday I knew only the word “Kizomba”, today I know it originates from Angola, mostly it’s sung in Portugese, okay not the one above. Back to Kizomba, it’s a modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm, claimed to be the fusion of traditional Angolan Semba (not Samba, okay? 😉 And of course there are different types of Kizomba (Cabo, A’ la Paris etc).

And I am a bit shacken about the fact that i found again a “Portugese” dance to learn, luckily it’s not sang only in Portugese, so I can keep on with my Spanish, which I still wanna pursue and maybe to find a Portugese boyfriend 😀

But I kinda start thinking, maybe I also had some previous lives related to Portugese speaking areas…

Also it’s very interesting, as I was reading about Kizomba Cape Verde came into picture as a country where there are many compilations of this music and btw. Cape Verde is one of my favourite destinations to reach in the future, I am sometimes amazed that for some countries I have this feeling of “must see” and somehow it just get connected with my thoughts and this time again through music and dance.

So, yesterday I missed one party of Kizomba in Kerepesi út, today I found out from one of the recent acquitances that there is a community called “Kizomba Club Hungary” and on Monday there are classes for Beginners in “MagNet Közösségi Ház” and another on Tuesdays in MIRÁVOS Dance Studio  and from another friend I found out there are Kizomba parties on Wednesdays in Barrio Latino…

I have to admit, I am sceptical with these Latino bars as couple of weeks ago I went with Lili on a “Salsa” tour to check on the best Salsa dance places…

as first, almost all of them had an entrance fee of 1500-2000 Ft (we checked the places by asking to get in to have some insight, unfortunately we left all of them with disappointment) or the place had no entrance fee, BUT as we Hungarians in Vojvodina would say “de a gatyád is leszedik róllad” (in direct translation: they will take off your pants), meaning the prices of drinks are high, so you rather move on from the place,

Anyways, we did not felt banished as afterwards we ended up visiting about 5-6 Shot bars to “recover” and we had a great night! We did not have our Salsa party, but we met lots of new friends from Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil… (of course Brazilians, it’s just not possible to avoid them not even for a night in the city, sometimes I have the feeling they are among the biggest minorities in the city among foreigners, or I just pay more attention to them, I do not know)

Oh, and Lilly, maybe we will have our next tour with Kizomba and those Coctail bars, but let’s wait with the drinks for the Summer 😉

P.S. I can reassure you Lilly knows the best Shot bars in the city, but I told u this in my previous post! 🙂


*Lilly is my babysitter, friend, daughter etc…


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