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I am awake like an owl (it’s a saying which I never know if I am translating from some of the languages I know or it exists in English too, but now I am lazy to google it).

Today again I had no nap in the afternoon, so I was knocked out together with Filip at 9pm. I have to take naps during the daytime, Filip is like an energy bomb or as one of my acquitances said once for her kids, they are like Duracell bunnies (okay, I am too sometimes). So let me rephrase, we need recharge in the afternoons.

So I fell asleep and woke up at 11pm not really with wide-open eyes and I could have sleep longer, but I wanted to have some spare time for myself in the evening and doing something just for myself.

I read one of the quotes on Facebook from Paulo Coelho and I thought I wanna share with you some thoughts about him, starting with one of his lyrics, and since I did not have the lyrics by myself i started to search for them…

I spent more then half an hour searching for those lyrics, I can label myself for this as stupid and stubborn, but I am also a person that never gives up.

I could remember reading those lyrics and sharing it on my wall somewhere last year, maybe even it was hashtagged by me, but many people use nowadays hashtags, so I could not really find them among all the postings. I also hashtag the posts of Mr. Coelho as #PauloCoelho, if you are interested to read some of my favorites.

At one point I started to feel pain in my back for being unsuccessfull in finding those lyrics…I had to give up and settle down to start writing the blog as it was my first intention, and then

suddenly just clicked in my head: “why I am not googling the words I know?!”

I really felt stupid, isn’t the first thing that you do when u start looking for something? or

Sometimes I have to give up and then the answer will come.

Of course I had it in about 1 second,but my back still hurts me, because of the lost time…

I realized my body reflects physical pain when I am not successful in something, I hate to give in and when I cannot let go, my back /neck just starts hurting me immediately.

The same minute I found the lyrics, Filip showed up from the bed and climbed up next to me leaving me minimal space for typing on my laptop, I was surprised as he never walks out of the bed during the night…

So, here are the lyrics:

I thank all those who laughed at my dreams;
You have inspired my imagination.
I thank all who wanted to squeeze me into their scheme;
They have taught me the value of freedom.

I thank all who have lied to me;
You have shown me the power of truth.
I thank all those who have not believed in me;
You have expected me to move mountains.
I thank all those who have written me off;
You have aroused my courage.

I thank all those who have left me;
They gave me room to create.
I thank all those who have betrayed me and abused;
You have let me be vigilant.
I thank all those who have hurt me;
They have taught me to grow in pain.

More importantly, I thank all
Who love me as I am;
They give me the strength to live

By Paulo Coelho

So, this is how my attention came onto writings of Mr. Coelho.

Couple of years ago I read his book the “Alchemist” and I cannot remember a single word out of it, I will have to re-read it, but maybe sometime later, as there are many books, quotes, stories and his blog I wanna read right now.

While I was looking through his quotes on his official Facebook page:

and blog:

I came across the above story that I am copied, as I do feel sometimes useless,

if you read my blog about “learning Spanish” u know what I am talking about and another reason I copied exactly this page of was: on a right side there are books which cought my attention as a parent and I would  like to read them too: “STORIES FOR PARENTS, CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN”. 

Anyways, I started posting his quotes that I really feel true for myself, but then I realized I could share all of them, so I stopped. 🙂

BUT, I have posted THOSE lyrics to my official fan page ( to have them always by hand.

After the Alchemist I read his book “Adultery” (2014) it’s the book that came in a right moment to my life to reinforce me in the things I am doing.  The title means, I am reffering to “Consensual sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than the spouse”,

well, NOT reinforcing me in this, but in the sentence I will quote later 😀

While I was married, maybe I would not dare to take this book to read, as we both thought we lived that so called “perfect” marriage. But, this is not the point, the book goes actually more beyond talking about adultery. It’s about lots of things, resolving inner struggles, about morality,  life with routine, good carreer, but boring job, about dreams etc.

I will quote only one of those sentences, which probably all of you heard already from your inner voice: “Who hasn’t felt the urge to drop everything and go in search of their dream?”

And I will leave it on you if you will read it or not, I wanna read it some time again.

I read the book couple of month ago (even sent our proof to Mr. Coelho with a photo of Filip and me having the book in our hands, actually Paulo asked the readers to message him photos with his new book), if any of you is interested, please ask for it I can share the Hungarian version for reading.

Then as next, my friend brought me another bunch of Coelho books, so I am reading them one by one…

I cheated too, as I heard from another friend there is a movie about Coelho’s book “Veronika decides to die”, so I watched on the movie version. The story had an added value for  me, it was interesting not only because of the story, but also because it’s written about a Slovenian girl (I am a very little bit Yugo-nostalgic still) and I remember having the same thoughts about giving up life as this character had – only few years ago.

However, I decided never again to watch a movie first,  because now I lost my interest in reading the book. Once I know the point, it’s not so interesting anymore to read, so I wanna move on and read something else.

Now I am reading ’11 minutes”. The book tackles again a very sensitive topic, things that we people are usually not proud to talk about, we ignore and judge plus other things.

It’s about a Brazilian prostitute called Maria, not believing in love, who meets a painter who changes her world and “she finds she must choose between pursuing a dark path of sexual pleasure for its own sake or to risk everything for the possibility of sacred sex, sex in the context of love.”

And soooooooooooooo on….

Thank you Mr. Coelho for these books, quotes, thought, true words and may you write zounds of such books!


p.s. I know I have gramatical errors, it pisses me off that I have to re-read and correct my sentences from time to time to be more understandable, but I also take it as a learning process…




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