lots of Thank you’s


Last night I wanted to write, but I was very tired.

I had to put it on a side and went to a bed, hoping after a big sleep it will be easier to find a topic to write about..and I was right…

I made again my regular Turkish coffee, I let the music play, one of my favourite songs, took a cigarete ūüė¶ that was showed me by a Serbian friend Toni (thank you, I cannot stop singing this song when I hear it :)) they are great!!!

and suddenly I felt a great wave of happiness, joy and grace for couple of people who came into my life in 2014 and whose work/support helped me to reinforce me in my new profession.

People I hope you won’t be offended on this I will name some of you, because without your presence, cooperation, work I would maybe never recognise what I am good in it.

I am talking about five photographers, five different style photographers, make-up artist,  models, assistants I worked with.

In a first row I will mention my childhood friend, Igor…

Igor, sorry but I have to start with the story I always brush into your face.

This guy, I hated him as a kid, as he wanted to beat me because I was Hungarian. :)))¬†While his mom is Hungarian too, from Torda “v√°ros”. He is my very good friend from Serbia,¬†with the surname Bajińá (we called him GliŇ°a,¬†obviously he is half Serbian). He says it was not him who wanted to beat me, but his brother, well, I have a memory of an elephant, it was you, don’t blame it on your brother. ūüėÄ But, I love you as you are even with this pain in my soul! ūüėÄ

btw to explain the word GliŇ°a, copy this link to your browser…he is tall and thin like ńĆińća GliŇ°a ūüėÄ

Our friendship became strong on NYE of 2013/2014.  Couple of days before the NYE I dropped him a message as I was looking for a company to party for NYE on the Couchsurfing NYE. I had no other parties on my mind, but I knew on this party it will be very international and I can meet lots of open, free-spirited people travelling around the world and interesting personalities and I love this community. Knowing Igor would stay in Serbia for NYE and I need a company, I knew he will be in for a changing enviroment and get crazy with me and I know he can be spontaneous when he has no girlfriend (sorry, Igor this is a critic and I will explain in person with the first occasion).

Igor is a freelance photographer, he is very good in making photos about particular themes, concerts, outdoors, but he does not believe he could give up his job and live only for his hobby, i think he could, but that is my opinion. I am not judging him, everyone needs a time and pace to realize what things work for them and in the end we all have to make our own conclusions about our wants and needs and I am not a prophet to know what is good for whom.

I think he is a good photographer, but just as myself, he needs more practise and dedication and he could be even better in it.

He was the first photographer making the first shoots about me, we walked in the streets, exploring Budapest and did some good shoots. That was one of the moments I realized what I really¬†want to do as for job. He actually helped me to discover this side of my personality¬†and the thought of becoming a “person” to be photographed.

Till then I hated the camera and I hated being photographed (I still hate the flash, because I do not know how to act..i close my eyes on flashing ūüôā

After this photosession with him the idea of trying photomodeling became a frequent thought in my mind.

Igor, thank you for coming for the NYE, it was the best party after a long time, thank you for doing the first shoots for¬†me and for visiting “B√°lna” for the first time with me!

I made a great shoot for you there too! ūüôā

This is my fav close to our old flat in Elek street, XI. district (I do not like my hair here anymore :))

Gabriella Karvak 29

So, after the experience with Igor, the beginning of 2014 was about looking for TF basis photographing sessions (time for pictures or videos, etc exchange jobs). I read a lot about this topic on different forums, I started to look for castings, agencies, photographers. I even went to Serbia to do some shots with some friends, but it did not end up with success.

I realized I need to have at least one serie of great shots to enter the agencies and to gain quality jobs I have to invest.

Even I was broke I decided to go for it and I do not regret a single penny I have invested.

So my first portfolio was made by:

Kinga Lakner – I went to Kinga, because I applied for a job by a company called “Expostars” (https://www.facebook.com/ExpostarsInt). They hire professionals for fairs, trades.

I wanted to make business look shoots as I wanted to try out tradeshow jobs, I am fluent in lots of languages and I have the professional background for the business world and I am very communicative.

Most of you doesn’t really know what I was doing in my past, well here it is:

hu.linkedin.com/pub/gabriella-karvak/6/342/234/ once, I will tell you more about this part of my life too.

I spent many years neglecting what I really want to do, but I am now very gratefull for those years at those multinational companies, as I have the skills to manage myself, delegate tasks to people (not to overload myself), but also to help people around me and give them good or bad feedbacks.

Anyways, Kinga did great business shoots with me, I sent my application to Expostars, they invited me for an interview, but turned me down as I do not live in London and they do not really have jobs organised in Hungary…yet.

This is a message¬†to the agency: “sometimes you could hire people from abroad as travelling in Europe is easy, it’s possible to travel with low-cost fare companies ¬†and some reliable people are willing to invest in themselves to gain jobs, maybe even by paying their travel costs sometime”.

I use couchsurfing.com or I ask my friends for staying at their places for couple of days or if none works, I pay for my expenses within reasonable range. I do calculate if the job pays off my expenses or not, sometimes yes, sometimes not. However I live with the chances as it’s a new experience for me, it’s an opportunity to network with people and also opens new doors.

To get back to the point I did not get a job from Wordexpo, but I got great photos from¬†Kinga and I concluded as always: “everything happens” with reason, maybe that job by Expostars is not for me. So i did not took it personally, but I turned back to modeling topic.

But I started to write about Kinga, so let me continue…

I made my first portrait shoots with her. I asked her if she can help me with providing also a great make-up artist she likes to work with and voilá, I got a contact of a very professional make-up artist, she works with Mac (one of my favourite brands) and she made for me a very natural make-up/look, the make-up I still wear in my daily life (when I am not lazy to do it).

She is now in London and I see her posts from time to time, I have the feeling she loves her job, she is dedicated to her job and she is successfull in London working by Mac.

Szilvia Balog, i am thanking you too, that was one of the best make-up’ s I had on myself by a professional make-up artist!¬†

Kinga¬†is great in making shoots about people’s inner beauty and she really made great business look shoots in her place which is awsome ūüôā (andddddd later another serie with my son, I¬†love that photo it’s without any make-up). I felt very relaxed with her, Kinga¬†worked with natural lights and she made me feel great in her home, I was impressed with the outcome and I know many of you liked it too, I cannot still change my profile photo as I like to see myself in this edition, even it is photoshoped, of course ūüėÄ

How I met Kinga? Well I do not really have clue about that, but I think it was through my Indian friend Bibek, who is doing regular “Potluck” parties, but about that some other time, because I will end up writing a book here…

Here is the site of Kinga, somewhere between her reference works (zounds of photos though) you can find me and the photo with Filip:


Kinga, i know you need no promotion, I am posting you here because i like your works!

My profile photo here on WordPress is a photo also by her and I am attaching two of my fav’s from business portrait and the photo with Filip.

Kinga, Thank you for the beautry portrait, business look shoots and the photos with Filip!

Gabriella Karvak 3      Gabriella Karvak 9

Tur√°n Cintia – I came across Cintia through my first Samba class instructor Kinga.

Kinga, thank you for sharing your shoots on Facebook with Cintia, as this was the moment I decided I want to have shoots with her too.

We agreed with Cintia a very quick “date” and the next weekend we ran out to one of her favourite location in the 3rd district. She asked me to bring all the clothing I wanted to wear and we will figure out what to wear on the location. I had my minimal make-up, so make-up artist was not present, now I do not regret it.

I brought her a big bunch of clothing, accessories, she was amazed on my style and clothing (i loved your reaction, because i felt that I have the right clothes for the shooting) and we were both amazed on our common creativity and I was also amazed on the location she chose, piles, old-timer car, doors, etc…

With Cintia, if you have your clothes, the ones you really like to wear, she will help you to bring out the most of those, she is not only a photographer, but great in styling people and making you feel a woman in front of camera.

I was of course shy at first and I could not follow her instructions. She realized, each time¬†I got instructed on shootings, I was¬†blocked, so she just let me to feel comfortable and do things on my own and it worked quite good, she was praising me and that was enough to give me self-esteem, each time¬†she realized I was in my “head” and not present with her she turned me back to reality by noticing me about it.

Cintia, you are great in recognising when I was not present!

This is her site:


Cintia, thank you for your shoots, that’s the casual and “hot”¬†Gabi! :))

Gabriella Karvak 21  Gabriella Karvak 20

I have to add here I love in Hungary that we can still work on basis of trust with photographers without singing model releases ( exp.: it ensures that parts will not use the photo rights for inappropriate activities not agreed by the sides), but I understand that in some parts of the world they are must to sign, so I am singing those too when working abroad.

My third experience was through ModelManagement.com.

I applied for a business Stock shooting in London, some time later I got a respond from the photographer called J.G. asking me if I live in London. I responded with by sayin no, but I told him, I would really like to do this job and I do not mind if the earned wage will cover my costs or not.

I have to admit it was again a minus in my budget financially, but again a big plus in my personal/professional experience and I met very nice model collegues a make-up artist and the assistant of J.

I appreciated J. a lot because of his professional approach to the models, to the job and also for being understanding with me.

I agreed with him to travel to London on day, on the 11th of October, the same day to do the shooting and travel back to Budapest.

I arranged my trip, everything seemed perfect. I managed to book an affordable flight and even timewisely it was achievable to arrive to the photosession on time. We agreed to arrive for 9:30am. I left the flat at 3am in the night to arrive for my flight at 6 am or something, I should have arrived to Luton at 8:20 am i think and i had one hour to get to the location. Based on Google it was achievable.

And then, I arrived to Luton I got on the bus and I was on my way to London for the first time in my life. After 5 minutes of driving the bus driver realized we have one traveller without a seat. He noted the guy to take his seat, but the guy could not do it as he had no seat for himself. After the second call, the driver got a bit angry and stopped the bus on a side on the highway and called the guy to come over to discuss.  It turned out, the coordinators at the bus station did not realize we had one additional person on board without seat, and it is not possible to drive in the UK with a person without a seat in a bus (Jesus, go e.g. to Serbia and you will see everything can be survived!).

Not mentioning that we all had to put on seat-belts. I mean I appreciate the safety regulations, but let’s not overreact. I remember¬†we used to travels on the back seats without any safety belts in cars as kids and nothing ever happened to us. Our parents were there to take care of us and to drive safe.

Coming back to the story, the bus driver called the dispatcher and they said the next bus will pick-up the guy and we can move on…but, my time was ticking and ticking. We spent 15 minutes waiting for the bus, which passed next by us forgetting to stop and another half an hour to wait for the next one. The bus arrived and we could move on. I already started to be very late for the photosession.

I arrived to the photosession with one hour delay and you know how much I hate to late when I promise to be on time, but as i said sometimes situations stop you. I noted J. from the first moment about my delay, but honestly I am afraid this has left bad impression¬†about me on our first contact even he said I should not be stressed about it and “let’s go” to see the clothing and start the photoshooting. He was really cool.

So, I found the shooting place quite quickly after I got to the city by using the public transportation, which isI have to admit very well organised, it’s coordinated by people¬†on the stations and¬†you just ask for a help some passengers and they will gladly help you. So here, I respect the English mentality.

The photoshooting was great, I enjoyed it a lot, the people were very well selected, they were very colorfull and interesting personalities. We had a schedule, a lunch break, it was like a working day in the office.

Actually it was very much like that, but it was much less stressfull then a working day in a company and it was an enviroment of a day in the office I am very familiar with and not mentioning the roles (be an employee, be a boss, present something, have a meeting etc.)

Though the work was easy, my preparations for it were very stressfull, I had to bring my own clothing and I was in a big trouble as I do not know the market. I had to bring business clothing, but more casual, the word that confused me was in J.’s instructions: be clothed like hipster, Shoreditch, internet startup company¬†people. Jesus, I started to look for the words on google¬†how these people can look, what the hell these word can mean?¬†I felt stupid for not knowing these terms. When I arrived to the photoshooting place I had the feeling I am the worst person in the world, I was late and I thought I brought the worst clothing I could to the session.

The photoshooting was fun, a new experience and I look forward to more of such experiences, this is the business world I wanna work in and I will travel¬†more,¬†if needed, you can be¬†sure! ūüėÄ

I have ONE but very favourite photo from this session, it’s the Business selfie we have made:

Business team selfie

After the photosession I got a feedback from J., he thanked for the effort I came over to London, he said my look added a good balance to the models etc. I am not 100% ¬†he is fine with the work I did, because I left couple of reviews on his online profiles, maybe he does not like to read them. I might also asked him to write review about my work, as reviews help me to get additional jobs or to help me to improve the skills I lack, but he did not yet…

Anyways he expressed his thanking via e-mail, so I only have to believe this is his honest feedback, without feeding myself with stories I was not good enough in that shooting. I always do this saying to myself I could do it better, I could arrive on time etc. etc, I have to stop this!

Thank you J. for giving me a chance, it made me also to visit London for the first time, also for gathering those nice people on one place and for the best business selfie I have ever seen! :))

From this photoshooting I also learned:

Рnever to travel on the day when the job is, I need to take a good rest before. J., I am sorry if you also realized i was tired, I was trying to do my best and I gave the maximum I could on that day, it was a long day.

РI need to explore the market I wanna work in to know what is looked for and the UK seems to be for me a good market, business, but casual, I love those casual business clothes!

– I need to ask questions from the photographer, even if it’s the most dumbest question, this is how I¬†learn and avoid stress for myself,

– and I need to be brave to show my own style on these kind of Stock photoshootings, because they want to see the me in this role. In the moment when i decided¬†clothes to wear and it was approved, I felt more relaxed. I did not have there maybe the best clothing, but maybe it is only me thinking this as I know I have good clothes ūüėČ

And there was another photographing company I wanna mention later on from 2014¬†Stock ‘n’ photos, they made a reel for me, please be patient I got tired of writing now, but I promise to continue soon…

So, This was 2014 in very short and with not all the informations as some connections remained, some faided and new opportunities came up, anyways this blog I wanted to dedicate to these people.

Keep fingers crossed for me for 2015!


p.s. Today I went for a casting by one of the modeling agencies, you know what was the first sentence of the photographer?

“You look like a business woman, like a strict boss” btw. it turned out the photographer is from Belgrade, I almost fall down, how small the world is!

well, I used to be and I really have the strict boss look all the time (my ex-collegues could tell ¬†more about this maybe) ūüôā but

I have my playfull personality too, this one is the one standing most of the time in front of you!



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