WOW, WOW, WOW :)))


what a day!!!!!!!!

some weeks ago I joined a group of photographers, models, make-up artists , stylists called “Budapesti csoportos fotózás”  (group photographing Budapest).

First I was sceptical about the group, because I am sceptical about everything for the first time.

Some days later, since I am following the activities of this group I saw a photographing event scheduled for the 18th of January. I decided not to be sceptical and suspicious and give it a chance by joining this event. I am not professional, who am I to judge and anyway, first I should check what is this about and then stating any opinion. So I gave it a try!

I read the event is about getting together with similar people interested in photographing, modeling. It is about getting to know each other, practice together, networking and making shoots on a TF basis.

I took the chance as  I am still not confident with posing and being myself in front of camera and I felt as a good opportunity to practice.

The event started at 12 am, I got there exactly at 12 am (freak, ha?) yes, I hate to late and leave people waiting for me. 😀

I joined the group and tried to network immediately, I was specially happy that Indira and her friend Kristina showed up too, though we know each other for 4 days, altogether maybe half an hour.

I met Indira on Thursday evening on a tram while she was saying good-bye to our common Brazilian friend Lucas (yes, another Brazilian acquitance/friend :D). We talked couple of minutes and it turned out she is doing modeling too, so I invited her for a casting on Saturday and also for this TF photoshooting event.

Indira, I posted in the Facebook group too, but I wanna state it hear too: I am really happy you came and you also brought your friend Kristina! This makes me feeling listened.

After greeting the girls, I ended up staying next to 2 photographers, I got this first impression about them, I guess intuitively I approached them, Zsolt Vincze and Roland Földvári and introduced myself.  They asked me if I am already scheduled for shooting. I just arrived, so I was not yet and I was happy to join them.

We had our first round in Bikás park on different locations, I felt relaxed with them as they had ideas and they were instructing me in posing,nevertheless they are relaxed guys.

Every photographer had one hour on a schedule with one model. Later I felt also more relaxed, ideas were poping up, I proposed to do a couple shoot and the photographers bought it in. I am happy I did this, because I got great shoots with Marci (a model I worked with on video stockphotography), though some ideas of the photographers were weird and funny, we made fun out of it and just did our job. 😀

The one hour ran away so quickly, I did not even realize! With these two photographers I agreed to catch up for another shooting round at the end, even maybe it will require some additional hours as we had some additional ideas to do in the Bikás metro station.

So, we thanked each other for the first shooting and we went back to the meeting point and looked for the next round of photographers.

I got approached again by two photograpers László Kubák and Attila Kanyó Sitta (sorry, Attila I have no clue how I should post your surname in English, I got confused 😀

Attila and László are more specialized in wedding photographing as far as I understood.


It was fun working with them, but this time I had to bring my role a bit more and my ideas, which is absolutely fine, we went to this event to get experiences and to practice.

After finishing our shoots, I decided to change my clothing, by that time I really got frozen, as it was quite cold outside and when you are on such group photographing you need to have more clothing to change a bit your style and outfit too. I made a great combination of clothing and when i arrived home I even realized I did not have used all the possibilities I had with my clothing, but some other time!

Anyways, I went back to the meeting point and in the meantime Marci arrived, I worked with Marci last year on a common shooting with “Stock n socks”. I just said hello to him and headed to the closest Burger King as I had to change my clothing. I had a quick “cheeseburger” and a warm “cappuccino” and changing in the toilette 🙂 …well that was the quickest and easiest way to change myself and then i ran back, but it turned out the people till then made their schedule and I stayed without photographer, but I did not take it again personally, I went to Marci and started to talk to him, I have not seen him since our last job and anyway we agreed to meet to talk what is happening to each other and share some ideas about this modeling world. Djongi, the make-up artist approached us as a hectic person, I immediately realized she is not Hungarian 😀 well, she is Bulgarian, born and raised here and working in Budapest, visit her site anytime you need a make-up artist to work with, she is a funny person, talkative and open-minded and it turned out we reaaaly have a lot of common friends/acquitances.

Igor Bajic, my friend from Serbia and this girl Daniela, they were last summer on the same sailing with in Croatia, she knows Laci, so I assume u met each other too.

Jesus, how the world is small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We exchanged thoughts with Daniela and Marci. Well u two, I am so glad we had time to talk too, I found it valuable time what I spent with you! We shared great tips, ideas, everything we remembered about this profession and promised to share more among each other to support each others work!

Again one hour ran away…the first photographers Roland and Zsolt approached me, if we could do those shoots in the Metro station, I said yes, at least I could finish the work till 4pm as it was scheduled and anyways I was cold, so I asked them if they would be in for a couple shooting…

What do you think about this one? The photo is not retouched and made by Zsolt:


Have you heard that there is a competition by to win a voucher?

Thank you, if u take the effort  and vote for our photo, though I think it’s almost impossible to find this photo among all the posts, it’s so stupid that they did not made some online voting, of course they do not care, it’s about 100 Euros to give-away, meaning not worth to invest energy to ease people voting….anyways, the post sounds like this: WIN €100 WIZZ value vouchers! It is posted on 7th of January at 16:23. We applied with this photo, the idea just pop-in when Marci, my model partner arrived to the photoshooting!

The fav made by Roland:

_DSC7989 másolat


I was so much excited about writing that I have forgotten to mention another photographer who was sneaking there while we were doing the “flighing” photo. Daniel Sziszik was standing on a side and then I invited him with “a look” to catch some shoots. Below his contact:ániel-Photography/501966639850789?sk=photos_albums

And one of the photos i liked made by him on Sunday:


The outcomes of today:

– i had a great time with great people, special thank to all of you and of course to the organizer of this group/event Gábor Szabó, You all made this event to be a good chance for all of us!

Tips to change, please allow me to say this too:

– next time we might need a stylist and more make-up artists (not to overload one make-up artist and they could go around fixing clothing, make-ups), there are so many girls, boys who would like to practise with us!

– tip to all of us, do not be afraid to tell your ideas when shooting, we were all there to become better, to gain more confidence in the things we LOVE to do! Critics, positive feedback are always welcome!

Otherwise, You were all great and had great ideas!

Thank you very much for inviting me and accepting me in this group!

And another thing, please send me your official websites, as I integrated only those I knew right now, I will be happy to promote you here too!

Oh yeah, for more photos visit my site, like, comment etc. etc…


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