Sorry that I had to leave,

I could not stay longer,

I experienced my body being out of my control,

I was taken by the music,

my body moving without my involvement,

I closed my eyes,

I felt the stress leaving and my actions were not followed by my mind,

My hips, hands, knees, legs were moving without stress,

A crazy feeling to realize how relaxed my body can be without my mind control.

First, I did not understand the signs of my body and I tried to beat them, suddenly I started to pay attention to it and just letting it to do whatever it wants,

The more I allowed to my body, the more I felt the aches going out of it, becoming more flexible,

I had a feeling I am a Samba dancer,

the movements were so real, my knees, hips, hands, they just danced,

I could dance forever…


I do dance Samba, if u are interested where, ask me!


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