About me

Hello my readers,
My name is Gabriella Karvak, feel free to call me Gabi.
I am coming from Serbia, Banatski Dvor. I live in Hungary, in Budapest since 1996.
As usually these stories are told in old times, I was 18 years old when after finishing my secondary school graduation I decided to pursue my life in another country, Hungary. I got my travel bag into my hands, my parents bought me new trousers gave me about 100 German Marks and they set me on a train that was going from Subotica to Budapest and then I arrived to Budapest.
In my blog I am sharing  things about  traveling, parenting, modeling, acting, singing, culture, people and things about the world that interest me. 
In this post I only wanna share shortly some things about me e.g. what my interests are and some basic thoughts about myself.
Two years ago I have quit my managerial job, that I was doing for 7 years at a multinational company, in that period I was also married and I had a baby. I just had too much stress in my life and I started to realize I am not living the life I would love to and my job was not challenging for me anymore. 
About a year ago, I started working in commercials, movies as an extra or actor and I am also going for photoshootings and actually I started to enjoy my life again through these jobs.
I am singing world music and I like singing traditional ex-Yugoslavian and Hungarian music too.
Singing, modeling, acting and writing are my big passion,  but it took me lots of years to understand these, but now I really wanna pursue doing them. Currently I am trying to catch all the opportunities to do these type of jobs, as:
1. I enjoy them,
2. With every work I am practising singing, acting, modeling,
3. I am practising how to overcome fear of “I cannot do it” to “I can do this too” attitude.
4. I am networking with lots of people and I love meeting new people.
5. followers and feedbacks on my blog are giving me more energy to pursue doing blogging, its nice to see that I have followers liking almost every post, or just simply they start following my writings.
I am also translator (Hungarian-English, Croatian/Serbian-English) and due to my language capabilities I would like to gain experience also in doing voice-overs for movies/commercials, as there are  many languages I speak: I am fluent in Hungarian, it is my first mother tongue, but I was raised in the so called country “Yugoslavia”, so I speak Serbian, Croatian, I am also fluent in English (I learned it on autodidact way). I am on conversational level in German language,  I was learning it in elementary and secondary school. Recently I also started to learn Spanish. 
In my blog I will make mistakes while writing, but this is my English knowledge is and I like to express myself in easy way without complicating things.
Why I am writing in English? BECAUSE, I love to interract in English and it helps me to keep my knowledge on level and I reach many of you in many countries. Each time I realize a new country as follower among the statistics of my WordPress blog I post this  information on my Facebook page with a greeting for the visitor from the country.
Dancing is my sport, I dance Samba, I am interested in Kizomba to learn it.
I am also interested in spirituality, but in a decent amounts.
I am very much interested in different cultures, people and their life, beliefs. I like to see the beauty in everything that surrounds me. 
Interract with me on my Facebook page or over here. 
Here is one video about me.
It is my reel, its a job that we created together last year with a Swedish/English/Swiss team in Budapest as video stock photos, the video reel is an extract of the situations we acted and they recorded:
There is one favourite commercial I played in a main role too, it was filmed for Stabilo, you know the kids pencils etc brand, this video you can find it on my Facebook page in the video section on the left side, if you scroll down a bit on my page. And here is my Facebook page, I need your lifes, if you like my profile and posts.
I am blogging on there too, as I am following couple of  interesting groups about life, Budapest,traveling, health etc…
So please find me as Gabi – public figure or by visiting the page bellow:
Page: https://www.facebook.com/GabiKarvak
This is it! Enjoy reading 🙂

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