The first professional job interview at Modeling Agency in Hungary


Somehow I feel this is gonna be one of the most visited blog inputs I wrote…

Let me share with you my latest experience on how I do this…

Last year when I decided to start my modeling/acting whatever you wanna call carreer I started to collect from people I knew they are in this business some informations – I have to admit, people are so bad in sharing informations.

Now I realized I was maybe asking the wrong people and I also knew I will have to invest my time, financials and make efforts on my own,  but this is not an issue for me never if I have “the goal”. I already told you I am very goal-oriented, I achieve what I want, but I also had to have the time for this, as building up a new life,  new carreer, living your dreams does not come true from one day to the other. I teared down my old false dream and started to listen to my inner soul. It was not easy, it is still not easy, I still have moments when I collapse, but today collapsing means for me just a feeling in a minute I have to overcome, take a deap breath, maybe sleep on it and take things under control and move on to realizing my goal.  I know everything needs a patience and hard-work, this is what I learned in the business world. And modeling is a business too.

I know i have to keep on doing my things, ignore that inner fear, other people’s “not supportive opinion” and to surround myself with a people who can support me. Everything takes time, learning, experiences, lot’s of work (sometimes free of charge, investing travel cost etc. as this is how u learn and network too), but I know it will bring the wanted results. Every new experience is not only an experience, but building my new supportive network and new learnings with new people with the same dreams.

I am far yet from achieving my goals, but I feel I am on the right track, meeting the right people in the right time at right place and getting informations in the right moments.

First I looked for agencies that were casting “senior’s”, then I started to read articles about modeling, not really admiting to my “old” friends (except to some of them) what I was actually doing. I was working in the background, but then I realized if the job I am doing has no exposure, nobody will know what I am actually interested in and if you do not share informations about yourself, the right people will  not know where you need a support.

I made my first portfolios, I went to couple of agencies and registered myself, I was actually surprised what all kind of “models” you can meet. We are actually all models to someone in the world. I stated this yesterday to one of new made Venezuelan acquitances, I think she thought I am crazy for saying this, as she left couple of minutes later, I felt a doubt in her reaction about me.. People have in their mind this “perfect, skinny look” of models. Well, sorry to inform you, but they are not always the best payed ones, of course here you also have exceptions. I read about a contest by Wilhelmina with age of 30+, a lady working for Ford Models, and catwalk with a lady, I cannot remember the age, but it was more then 30, I think she was in her 50′, then another lady doing swimmsuit/lingerie photoshootings with 50..etc…oh yeah, and there are the plus size models, and recently I read agencies are recognising that natural beauty and age are not anymore an issue and more often are used “real” people looking models. I like this approach.

As I started to register to agencies I was frightened how often the age limit is given 16-22, specially at the well-known ones.

Of course I was turned down at many agencies, but I have to admit I had better experiences with the agencies abroad, then with the ones in Hungary. Here some of the agencies are still not clear with the term of being a model, but my point is now not to critisize. Even I got shaken by this fact I decided to look abroad and read English articles, God bless my mom, the Serbian TV shows for the subtitled movies, New Kids on the Block, Jason Donovan etc. songs that I was sitting next to my radio capturing the lyrics and learning them, my jobs, my collegues, my friends I learned how to love the English language and became fluent without going to a language school. I learned it through my life in autodidact mode.

And the first english song that our mom thaught us, still clings in my ears I will now show this to Filip too as: “I have my children on my own…”

Listen the lyrics and the song carefully:

Oh yes, I was registering to agencies, you know to the well-known ones too (Ford, Wilhelmina etc…I am always going for the big ones immediately :D). I even got a positive feedback on one of my tweets from Ford Models Chicago stating once I am in the near I could visit them. Well, I would love to, but now I can’t 🙂 It was flattering, anyways, but who knows, maybe once?!

I also knew I have to start first here where I am, first auditions by casting agencies, running to registration days filling in registration forms, job search, networking, attending bad paying jobs or free of charge jobs, and some well paying jobs too.

I took the chance to go to London on my own cost and in the meantime maintaining my online portfolio’s. Sometimes I am  so stressed about this, because I do not get back from agencies my reference works, and I cannot build in my job experiences into these platforms to show what all I did, not mentioning that you are not getting any feedback on your job as I was used to in the managerial world. I am talking here about the Hungarian modeling and casting agencies, as both jobs I did with foreign agencies (Uk and Swiss), they understand the professional approach and I got references from them and I provided the same to them, like in your business jobs, you are free to share your opinion on the year-end evaluations and they are there to point out their experiences with you too. How else we could grow if this does not exist?!

So coming back to my last experience.

I had two agencies to visit on a same day, one of them I already heard to be a good agency and the other one I just found via one of my recent made friend Make-up Artist Djongi on the “Budapest group photographing TF” session.

I have sent my applications in English via email and online to about 150 agencies in Hungary by some I just updated my profile (I do this each time when I have new reference works, I notice the agencies about my recent/last jobs).

I got more responses, but I wanna write now only about one agency…

Agency “Free Faces” immediately offered me an interview date and term. It was the moment when I realized, wow, they must be professional, they even provided me with an exact time for interview. I browsed through one more time their profile and read one of the most important informations: they have face to face interview with all of the models. I confirmed the interview and thanked for the opportunity to come.

When I arrived it was a regular procedure, filling out registration form, on the back of the form there was a detailed explanation with basic things needed to have common understanding on rights and obligations and I was asked for a patiency to have my personal interview.

In couple of minutes I was in the office, a very chatty lady Kriszta greated me and from the first moment I felt her being very open-minded, casual and relaxing to talk to, but still professional. She browsed through my datas, explained the registration form, asked me about my interests, why I would like to do this job? Can you imagine you are saying for the first time on a job interview an honest answer, something like this: “because this is the job I wanted to do since my childhood, but I never had the courage to admit to myself, not talking about admiting it to my parents, friends or my surrounding in general”.

She told me her opinion about the jobs they could provide, but, of course it does not depend on them fully if I will get any jobs, but the agencies they are working with whether in Hungary or abroad. She said her opinion, which countries I could consider and what kind of jobs: Germany, senior, hairshows, but adding they have a dad with 40 now working in Paris, she showed me the picture of this guy, well, he is really: WOW. While I was turning my face in the direction of his photo, Indira! I saw your photo among the photos of the models, I had no clue you are registered by them! I shouted: Oh my God, I know this girl, Indira, i just attended with her a TF photoshooting last weekend 🙂 We laughed and I was feeling even more comfortable. At the end of our discussion I ended up saying to Kriszta, please take me into consideration everywhere in the world, meaning I wanna do this job everywhere possible in the world I do not want to be categorized only into Germany, seniors or hairshows.

I am confident in myself now, I applied for jobs where there were was an age limit of e.g. 30. I briefly informed the casting agency I am more then 30, but please put it on a side and show me to the customer, let them decide on their own experiences. Of course, I am not applying for the jobs of models of 16-22 year, I am clear with some possibilities, but also I know there is nothing to loose by trying to give opportunity to someone even the requirements are different, as you never know why will I attract the attention of that person, sometimes you are THAT, without age limits, without any limitations. Like falling in love with the right Brazilian 😀 sorry, I had to 😀 😀

The interview went quickly, we ended up talking about Brazilians.

She has a model in her agency, who is having lots of troubles with those otherwise very lovely Brazilians :))) So, you understand now in why I liked this lady even more. 😀 She replied: Okay,maybe I should meet one of them too, well I am saying, please meet more of them 😀

Afterwards, I was asked to send briefly a feedback introduction with all my photos which I did today.

I took my time and wrote a long detailed letter. I know I would never write such a long CV or intro for a business job application, but while I was writing it I really wanted to write how open I am about new experiences, countries, how diverse I am, that I forget to send in my first e-mail my measures and my contact details, which is like the super important information about you.  (Lucas, you the one, made in Brazil, I picked up this “super” from you 😉 i like it)

But, I learned in the business world, when you have sent a wrong mail, do not get stressed, write the correct one and add at the end of the subject of your mail  something like “corrections” or as I did now “Final version”. 😀

So, my mail is sent and I am waiting for whatever comes…

untill then I am doing my data collection of modeling agencies in Italy and sending another 150 mails or maybe more…

while I am also aware the easiest way to find these jobs are also just like with every job, if you are in the targeted market, I just need to get to conclusion, I have some countries on my mind, but I am afraid to admit myself, and I know when I am afraid, this is what I should do…

Anyways, the best would be if I would get an agent or agency, which I cannot afford now, because this way this is to much job and stress for me…but, I might also offer the agency a % from my work if they “take me under their wings”! (actually I just came to this conclusion maybe I should give it a try with them…)

oh yeah, I only lack that you do not get a copy of your registration form (this is not a contract yet) about the things you have discussed with the agency in, this is what I have forgotten to tell them, but, I will make it up…i am ok with pdf version too…

Fingers crossed for me!

p.s. I measured myself today and instead of the measures chest/waist/hips of: 81/71/87, I am now 81/70/85, is this my body getting prepared for something new?


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  1. great! yes it is agency that i decided to work with and did my first professional portfolio pgotos and took some lessons. they are very correct ones.


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