Ariana, the most famous commercial model in the world


You probably never realized this girl before…but, after reading this you will start realizing her all over the city…

Couple of weeks ago I read an article about the most known commercial model in the world, the blogger or journalist stating untill they read that article about Ariana, they never realized her on the posters, billboards etc…

Now imagine this, I was like I have not realized her either till now…and then…

and then….

couple of days ago I as walking in the street…Have you seen the new Tchibo commercial?? Guess who is on it?!?!?!

Of course it is Ariana. I made this photo in the street by Mammut shopping mall, it was dark, but you can see now who I am talking about…

20150205_005112 (1)

This is just an article that you can see who I am talking about, but do not worry you will starting to realize her after you have seen the new Tchibo billboards. :)))

I was walking in the street with Nicola I looked at the commercial and I told him the story. He was surprised like me when I heard the story for the first time. I have added: now you see, I will be like this girl smiling at you one day! He smiled and nodded with recognition.


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