Olá meu amigo Português?! :)



Thank you for writing in my blog!

You have probably seen Bruno already among my photos if you can remember the Business Selfie on my first London Stock photography shooting:


On this photoshooting I worked with 5 very different, but very characteristic models, I loved that they are all different, but also very unique. The photographer really made a great choice.

Bruno was one of my favourites, because of his openess, approachable and curious personality and of course, because of his huge beautiful smile and awsome hair! We had great “business meetings”! 🙂

So meet this handsome Portugal model who also made a step in his life, now chasing his dreams in England: Bruno.


” I came from another country- Portugal, where I lived for eighteen years. However, I decided to move to England to get new opportunities in modelling as well as in studies. At the beginning, I was a bit frightened because I wasn’t so sure what I was expecting. But with help of my family, I started to get used to it. I found a place to start my studies and then things came through. In a few months, I initiate my sports course at University Campus Suffolk. At the moment, I’m really happy with the knowledge that I gained during my studies. Hopefully, in the future I will become a Personal Trainer. I’m also very pleased with the friends that I made until now, I consider them really good friends I can have for my all life.  In regards of modelling, Modelling appeared in my life when I was fifteen. To be fair, at that instant, I never thought in modelling as I think now. Modelling used to be only a hobby that I would do it in spare time. But, then throughout a modelling course that I’ve done in one year my opinion totally changed. I begun to see modelling as a goal to reach further. I’ve done a few jobs that I enjoyed a lot and met new people so far.

Hope you like Gabriella 😉 ”


Yes, Bruno, it’s cute and lovely, I wish you all the best in fullfilling your dreams and keep in touch!!! And keep on smiling! 😀

P.S…I still hope to have that “contrast” photoshooting with you 😉

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