the last post about him! Brasileiros! Por favor, me ajudem!


My last post about him, this is the let it go….at least untill I find him, hehehhe

I like to challenge myself to feel foolish for doing this, I feel like the biggest jerk for doing this, but I wanna overcome even this feeling of “feeling a jerk”.

You have no clue how bad I feel about posting this and releasing it as I have in my mind something like “doesn’t she get it?!…I do get a lot and I know what I missed…

I am not in love, I just want to find this person and as the time is passing it’s easier to let go…

Here is a letter I posted around on different Brazilian groups in Italy in Portugese, some ppl really want to help me, so my last is to announce it on WordPress as it reaches all of my network channels 😀 and I am gratefull now for being registered on many of them.

So first the portugese version, which is translated by lovely brazlilan girl Vicky, who is now back to Brazil, after her 1 year of studying Hungarian language in Balassi Intézet. She is a wild, independant women! (in positive way)

She spent some time for sure to accomplish this and oh, I know how boring is to translate (but maybe not such letters as this one :)))

sorry, Vicky and i really appreciate you for doing this to me and for your understanding that I am so foolish :)) and I hope you did not translate that I just promised you all my belongings 😉 – just kidding you – because, you would not get lucky hahahhah

I have to post here your script, you really took it as a serious job, a big hug for you for this photo and translation! :)))

I knew from the first moment I met you that you are great girl! Once you read this post I would like to ask for a permission from you to post one of your favourite photos too about yourself here….


“Olá, brasileiros! Por favor, me ajudem!

Eu ainda não falo português, mas estou a procura de um cara que prometeu me ensinar.
Obrigada por me aceitaram no grupo. Eu entrei por um motivo pessoal e preciso dos contatos de vocês para me ajudar a encontrá-lo.
Nos conhecemos em Budapeste, na Hungria, dia 23/janeiro. Ele se chama Nicola (na verdade não faço idéia de como soletrar o nome dele). Ele é brasileiro de Gênova. Tem 25 anos, é loiro e tem olhos azuis. Ele se hospedou em um hostel chamado Retox e nos divertimos muito em um lugar chamado Fogasház.
Eu quero encontrá-lo já que fui estúpida ao não pedir os contatos dele.
Espero que alguém o reconheça por esses poucos detalhes e possa me conectar a ele ou pelo menos me dar dicas de como encontrá-lo. Se não vou ter que ir pessoalmente para Gênova.
Meus amigos falaram para eu me mudar pra lá e com o tempo vamos acabar nos esbarrando em algum bar local, mas não posso fazer isso agora.
O que mais eu sei dele? Ele é o cara mais incrível que eu conheci. Ele também fala espanhol, inglês e alemão e tem uma irmã.
Enfim, ouvi dizer que existem comunidades próximo a Gênova que falam português.
Seria uma longa história explicar porque quero encontrá-lo, mas falando brevemente, a personalidade dele simplesmente me conquistou e eu quero muito poder manter contato.
Muito obrigada por ler até o fim!


Hello Brazilians, please help me!
i do not speak Portugese, but I want to find this guy who promised me to teach me Portugese.
Thanx for accepting me in the group, I joined for one personal reason and I need your network to help me to find him.
I met in Budapest, Hungary on the 23th of January a guy called Nicola (i have no clue how he spells his name) he is Brazilian from Genova, 25, blond, blue eyes). He stayed in a Hostel called Retox and we partied together in a place called Fogasház etc…
I want to find him as I lost his track and I was stupid enough not to ask him for his contact availability. I hope someone can recognize him or some people similar with his age has friend that knows him based on these minimal informations and will connect me or give me some hints where i could look for…
Otherwise I will have to look for him personally in Genova. Some of my friends told me to move their as probably after couple of week I would bump into him as people tend to go to the same locals, places :)) The idea is great, but I cannot do this now.
What else I know about him? He has a sister. He speaks Spanish too (beside English and German). He is the best person I have ever met.
Anyways I also heard there are portugese speaking areas around Genova, so i might have took for him there too.
It would take long to explain why I am looking for him, but shortly, his personality won me fully and I wanna keep in touch with him very much.
Thank you very much for reading me!


so, this is how you make fool out of yourself, but at least i will have what to laugh about with my grandchildren…and the best thing is I do not even have to remember all these stories, they will be here to remember me 😀

Vicky, I am sending you a virtual Big bear hug, in September let’s plan that trip to Genova 😀 😀 😀

Bom dia Vicky!!!!

untill i finished the blog I lost my motivation to post it…coool, take it as a mail to a non-persona…as a fiction….

P.s. he said he wants to visit Japan, i was shocked as we even have some common destinations, Brasil, Japan…


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