and this is the other Dóra in our life :)


as Filip calles her, the babysitter Dóra, to differenciate from the “belly-dancer” Dóra 🙂

I mentioned Dóri already in more of my posts, I could write a lot about her,

she is one of my great supports in this part of my life and hopefully for long years more, untill her dream takes her to other paths…

How I met her?

Well that’s an interesting story…it was somewhere last year when I started to go for castings and I was registering to the agencies.

At one of the agencies, I think it was “Open Casting” where I was filling out the registration form and I saw a confused girl filling in her registration form..I approached her as I was doing occasionally model scouting for one of the Hungarian Modeling agencies: Incoming Talents,  but not so actively, however when I meet a girl, that could suit to the requirements of the agency I approached her. That’s not an easy job either,  but it’s good for practising to overcome the fear of approaching people.  I approached Noémi  asking for her height, unfortunately she is under 173 cm, but with Noémi we stayed in contact on Facebook.

Couple of weeks later I started to look for a babyisitter and I was thinking what babysitter I would like to have, I realized, I do not have requirements except: being flexible, playfull and active. But, if I need someone like this, where should I look for, who to ask.

In the end, well I asked my friends.

I met more babysitters, but it turned out we have different values and Filip did not click with them either. As I do not have a fulltime job, it was not must to have someone full day nore I was forced to putt Filip to a childcare, that was also considered for a while, but due to bad experiences and not really having found the right one we gave up, and honestly I also do not like the 9-5 schedule, why should I start forcing my child already now at this age, I am freelancing I can setup our schedule that fits us. I was sitting and thinking, what solution I could find and where should I look for at all???

Suddenly Noémi came to my mind, I dropped her a line, if she has someone who would like to babysitt? She responded with? Oh, yes, I have more girls on my mind. I think the next day, Dóra showed up (alias Lilly :D) and not even after 5 minutes of talking to her, Filip was sitting in her laps and chatting with her and showing her his favourite cartoon.

I needed no more prove that she is the one. Since then she became part of my life, sometimes she is like my daughter,  sometimes like my friend,  sometimes someone who listens to my bu…ts,  sometimes the person who shows me new bars in Budapest, someone who makes me laugh and do silly things. Big hugs for being part of my life and don’t worry, it’s normal to be confused, everything happens with reason and you will come to conclusions, just follow your heart, always.

Dóri is working for me twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours this is a fix time and occasionally if it’s required I agree with her on additional hours. It suits me and suits her, I know where I have time for my things, Filip is safe and she knows when she has a job scheduled. It would be great if she would not have a school as sometimes I need support in the mornings too, if you have tips for another babysitter, please share with me…thank you!


The 1st photo: with friends – Aliz, Noémi, Dóra; the 2nd photo: Emese, Dóri and Nóémi. 3rd photo: Dóri and Nóémi

Dóri is still a high school student and she plays volleyball, she is the Team Captain.

She is Hungarian, but I recently found out she has a Turkish roots too 🙂 her grand-grandmother as Turkish. And she is also dreaming about modeling carreer 😉

And couple of minutes ago I found out she is taking lessons of singing. 😉

Photo 1: Dóra (number 7) and Aliz (number 13) ; Photo 2: Dóri and Noémi in the school


Kiss and big hug,



Meet Dóri:

“hey guys, i’d like to introduce myself: my name is dora, im 18 years old and im a high school student in budapest. i live near the capital in a small village called telki.
first of all i want to tell y’all that i’ve met Gabi bout 4 months ago through one of my classmates. I thought that my only connection with her will be her son, Filip, because i was supposed to be his babysitter. today i actually am his babysitter, but i also consider Gabi as one of my best friends. i didn’t think it could happen. now we are so close to each other that we share almost evertything.
but she asked me to write something which comes to my mind or something that i’d like to share with other people, so now i’d rather give a little piece of me than showing an ordinary picture of myself.
since october i feel pretty confused. i am totally lost in this big world, i can’t find a place where i could really belong. i dont know how to change this situation or how to get out of this. i met a lot of people who changed my life and showed me new things, new point of views, and who made me more curious about this big and (yet) unknown world. because of them i want to know more and i want to try new things all the time. sometimes i even feel like i want to stop studying, and instead of sitting in the school i’d like to travel the world and live a free life. the sad thing is that its impossible, i cant leave everything behind me. i keep on thinking and keep on running the same circles all the time. perhaps thats why i always party through every weekend, thats why i say YES in uncertain situations.
i dont regret anything and i am glad to everyone ive met while i was (am) living my quite crazy nightlife in budapest. i think i just want to find someone to rely on. because i think im falling to pieces and i dont know yet how to pull myself together, alone.
i suppose thats what i really feel now and Gabi was right, i feel much better now that i wrote this out of me.
thank you for being part of my life and for reading this little writing through.



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