shutters fixed!


2 days ago when the shutters also got broken, I was wondering what else is coming and started to laugh,

probably it happened to you also, when u were the most without financials, problems just start appearing in addition,

something like: your phones screen gets broken (kinda my mistake too as I am freak and checking my phone all the time, even when I am partying, like I will miss something, but also on the other hand I am mostly in contact via Facebook with my friends), then the tile or whatever is called on the Siemens ceramic stove got broken by the pepper mill, which fall down from the shelf, then your phone gets turned off by the provider because you missed one invoice to pay and payed the next and they did not realize it (me neither), then the shutter falls down and it was broken,  the situations you get in they are just non-sense and in the end it get’s funny…

“and I would think okay, what else is to come? and I am really not lucky and everything is my fault, bla bla bla” –  this is how I would think in the past, and I would stop blaming myself for the appearance of all these situations…but not anymore…

Now I am like:

The stove is still not fixed, but I noted my landlord that I will solve and cover the repairing, if not else the caution money will cover the expenses…I really do not want to be stressed about these things anymore, it just happened…(did you know this is a white good category? I started to browse on my old friends site:google translator for the translation of kerámia tűzhely,the translation was stupid, so i was looking for different ways to find the correct word, then i realised I am not sure if this is a white or brown good, so i browed this and internet as i could not remember which is and then i started to read about white, brown goods and somehow while reading articles around I found out there are also grey goods too, I never heard this term, do you know what they are?

For me this is a new information today…I learned something again 😉

So to move on,

My LG smartphone, well it still works, because I broke it on Halloweens night while trying to message one of my friends, it fell out of my hand and of course on a tile…so now I am making a joke about it as: I have a Halloween spider net on it…the soon as I have a money I will fix it with a help of one of the photographers I met on the Budapest Group Photographing, Roland or  since it’s still under warranty and even I think I would pay a lot more for fixing it, I am still considering to contact anyways the official LG service too, you never know what solution they can come up with…I’ll just tell them honestly what happened…

The phone provider switched me off today, but I noted them via email yesterday, that I need couple of days more untill my pays arrive and then I will pay off my bill (this month was a bit harder to survive).

This morning I got an sms message I was cut-off the services, but I did not get bothered as I sent the mail and I knew they will respond, 2 hours later a respond to my e-mail arrived, noticing me that they are prolonging my due date for the bills, and without additional charges they switched back the services (otherwise it’s around 7000 Ft). Thank you Telenor for taking my excuse into consideration 🙂

And then the shutter, I tried to reach my landlord for 2 days, but knowing she has a twins and they are often ill and she just moved back from Dubai, trying to arrange her new life with her familiy in Budapest. I am used to that she is busy and her respond arrive usually couple of days later and always appologizing for not responding immediately. I understand her and I always try to comfort her not to worry.

In this case, I had to be pushy as for 2 days it was,  well, really like in rat hole (okay I have never seen one inside, but I imagine it as a dark,black place :D. So I wrote her my first mail the first day, the second day I posted on Facebook if some of my friends could help me at least to take it off, and I was waiting for her respond. Couple of hours later 3 of my recently meet acquitances responded to help, thank you guys again (Joshi, Tim and James), but I also wanted to get a clear yes from my landlord if I should repair it and asked her if she can provide me with the repairers number, because couple of month ago the shutter already started to show signs of disfunctioning. And then she responded with the repairers phone number and website, so I had a green light to call Mr. János Turcsányi:

She said to show up today so we can finally meet face to face, but I think she just had again too much things to sort out and I can understand her. I do not know her personally, I never met her, I moved in to this flat as one of my girlfriends was moving out, and she proposed it to take it over and it turned out to be a great place. Today was the first time I talked on the phone with Judit, the first impression about her voice was: she must be a strong women as she had this voice of “strong-minded” woman. I am looking forward to meet her once!

And as I thought, she is in a mess as both kids are ill and she was just reliefing the fever of the kids and the next day taking them to hospital… 😦 I hope they will get better soon and they will feel better now back in Budapest! Judit, take your time and I am not running away, u know the adress, and bring the kids with the next time u plan to come!

Mr Turcsány turned out to be a very kind and very reliable repairer, save his number just in case!

Oh and i found out he has an son who is electrician and a daughter that is organising camps for kids. His personality won me, I am sure I will contact him if I will need any of these in the future or I will refer to them as I am doing now.

All in all, if you have problems, describe it and ask for a help and do not take it personaly that the world is against you,

no, things are just happening by themselves, challenging us if we can face some uncomfortable situations, whether it is your provider, landlord, family, friends, service etc….


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