Respond to Simon or any of you inviting me to events :)


…you asked me why i was not on Victors concert on Monday as i invited many people and I was the only one not showing up?! :)))

Yesterday it was a bit loud down there, btw. I enjoyed the concert, and i could not really explain.

And yeah,
Well, there are two reasons, one is the main:
Mondays are the days when my son is back from his dad.
Monday is dedicated fully to us, being lazy at home, cooking, watching cartoons, no concert, no other people only two of us.

And the second…i am not attending all the parties in the city :))))) but i can invite u for the good ones 😉 (just as i do it with my other friends,

If my status on facebook is for an event is maybe, its really maybe 😉

Dora, thank u for the invitation, it was a good concert! I enjoyed that it was balkan and latino mix in Zeg Zug with Casa de Polska, btw the best combination! oh yeah, on the 14th of January maybe another such combination in Vonzalom bár by other performers 😉



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