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it’s gonna be a long post again, get prepared 😀

at some time last year before Xmas we went with Filip to a Libri bookstore to browse around the books and he got a book called Alfa, the robot,since then he got in love with robots, it was his choice and it became his favourite book…

at some later stage he expressed his will to have a robot like the one in the book…we settled down and

For Christmas Filip wished to have a robot, we started to look for it on the internet and found one very similar, some stock photo was uploaded to the internet, I was like, ouch, Filip I am not sure I can find the exact one, but I will try for sure, in couple of minutes later I FOUND IT, omg how happy I was, an he as well!!!!

I ordered it and they said before Xmas it will arrive, I was happy, because he expressed what he wants and I was able to get it for him before Xmas. I entered my order, btw its the one…we found it on, as “Retro Metal Walking Robot Tin Mechanical Clockwork Wind Up Kid Children Toy Gift”. I will attach one photo hopefully the blogger will not be offended… (it’s a free ad for your blog site 😉

He liked it because it had a “key” and it walks, as the time was passing I was tracking the order status, I saw the robot is sent to us…happiness…but, around Xmas it was still not here, i checked the status, the delivery adress I entered was mixed with the new adress and I realized I gave the old adress 😦 In that period I was chaotic, i had to find a flat in 2 weeks, organise to move, arrange friends to help me moving, working, looking for jobs, arranging my divorce, being with Filip etc. etc…just too much.

I wrote to the customer service and they replied, they cannot track once the delivery is sent where it landed, so if its okay with me they will return my money. I was okay with this, but we did not get the robot, in the meantime I already started to look for another, it was a solar dog robot, Filip liked it and he said he will be fine with it…

we bought it, we compiled it, but it was just shitty, so in the end again, i went back to the shop, returned it and I said to Filip lets wait for the appropriate one and you will get it I am reassuring you. He was fine. As time was passing he fell in love with robots even more, he loves Wall-E and E-va? (i dont know their names, he is watching it at dads place). Slowly he expressed, he would like to have a small dog robot, because from big robots he is afraid, but the small ones are nice and he would like to control it via remote.

A week ago, we went to a toyshop in Mammut 1, and he fell in love with a little pink dog on remote control, I remembered his words, I did not hesitate, i hide it behind the other dogs and prayed to stay there untill i get some of my incomes.

Today was the day 🙂 we woke up in the morning and I told him after I had my coffe I have a surprise for him. I took him to the shop offered two of the toys he liked last time (one was the dog, the other was kinda board game, i thought to buy the laast one as it can be played in 4, but next time, as he expressed to prefer the dog). He could hardly wait to try it out!

20150206_130520 20150206_131030

I explained to him it’s not that good to walk the dog in the street as it would get dirty, and he promised not to and waiting patiently to play with it at home.


I was looking for gloves and hat for myself as some time ago we lost Filips “star” hat and that night we lost it, I borrowed him my black and since then I had no chance to get it back, he fell in love in moms stuff and I had to let it go, but still I was hoping I will get it back, but each time I gave it a try to have it back it ended up: mom, this is now mine.

So today we browsed the shops as I need one, I am cold without it…we looked on Vaci in the shops, i found one i bought it, its nice, but winter editions are out,so there is no big choice, so I said its gonna be okay.

and u know what I keep thinking we/he lost his gloves, because it was not “the one” (hm, maybe this is why also lost Nicola, but it will turn out in the future…)

U know me I am not giving in, so I went to my “god bless” for existing H&M shops, I knew there will be some cool kids stuff, as usual!!!!!!!!! I browsed one more time the hats for myself and nothing, we went downstairs to the kids stuff, as he lost his gloves too…to check on gloves, imagine HE found a multifunctional gloves ITS with the “same blue robot” he wished at first!!!!!!!!!!! Gloves are from 2 pieces and one of the pieces has no fingertips. Its great! I separated the gloves and he could  eat later his chimney cake with coconut which he ordered, payed and took the change by himself and nevertheless he can suck his thumb! All in one!!!!!!!!!! While we were discussing the gloves he noticed a hat with the same Robot print. I GOT MY BLACK HAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember also my post in the morning with Filip with the black hat on Facebook?


He thought me today again, my little master: patient brings the wanted results!

let go a bit your expectations sometimes and things you really want will come to you (i got back my hat from Filip u remember,

Filip will fall asleep when I make no mess around it, Gabi take a deep breath, hug him and tell him, its okay, just take a rest, but be consistent, otherwise he will play the game with you rotating in the bad and making fool of you…I took the dog and told him, it will land in the shop if he does not sleep, but if he does he can have it, couple of minutes later I hear him snorring…

Gabi, be patient, jobs will come, but first do your business, there are lots of other things to sort out, to be with people that care for you, Dora – bellydancer and Dora babysitter, happy names day, see u tonight! Oh and there are some photoshootings for the weekend, hope to see the interested there, but this time I have other plans!

Gabi be patient this Brazilian guy from Genoa named Nicola will show up or someone similar to him, i kinda believe he came into my life so I can acknowledge what values I am looking for in a person and he was there all I needed in that moment, but i really hope to great him from one of the commercials in the street as I told him by a joke, when we saw Ariana the most known commercial model on one of the Tchibo posters in the streets of Budapest (check my post about her too).

Gabi, do your business and enjoy life as it comes with people that are in your life right now,

you will get your first Apple thing in your life whether, the first I-pad, the first I-phone, so u do not have to fight with Filip every morning who will be first using the laptop…bla bla bla

the wanted Volvo car with the panoramic top will come, do your business as much as u can to get that car 🙂

I want to take Filip for trips around the world while working,

I want to buy him all the things he will need beside giving him all my love in the amounts I am capable to do…with all the mistakes I will make on the way…sorry in advance for that my son, I just wanted to make you happy, always keep  this in your little smart head, loves you, Mom! Be please patient with me, I will always make mistake, but I learn from them and I wanna be a good example for you

the trip to Genova, Inés, we need to wait for Vicky from Brazil and plan together this trip, girls u are the best in spontaneity and supporting me with Nicola overhere…and I will tell you more who else in my other blog post…

a trip Brazil and many others,

yes, i dream big! and hopefully Filip will too!

My son, I hope I will learn you to be patient and hard working to get the things in your life! Nothing is always possible to get immediately!


p.s. I asked Filip how to name the dog, he explained, well mom, she’s name is Filip,

somehow I have the feeling he didn’t give other name to the dog because he loves him self enough to name even his dog after himself 🙂 and I am proud at him and myself!

Btw. anyone for a couple shooting on 12.02-13.02? Its a Valentines shooting, so it’s ment for couples, it might be included some kissing, cuddling to…I just wrote the agency, fuck, i need to get a guy for the weekend to get this job, they responded with a smiley :)) or someone who is brave enough to do the job, but also to be authentical and it’s “Ladies choice” 🙂

It would be first experience for me too, so if you can take it as a job, write me, I have to apply till 5pm LATEST TODAY!

oh, and i will sneak next to Filip now to take a nap with him, because he is the best kisser, huger in the world, see u tonight in the big night…

Daddy, I will try to get till 4:30, i have setup an alarm to wake up and arrive on time with Filip!


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    btw…i ordered the robot for Filip today, because he is so much into it…so we will wait for it untill “wish” delivers it via their freight company…we will have to wait one month though, but the happiness will be big for sure 😉
    the price got reduced to 5 Dollars…


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