Decision made to take the trip to Genova by hitchhiking…


On Wednesday I agreed to meet with Inés to go for those Samba classes we missed the previous week, after the classes we agreed to go for the concert of Casa Polska in Zeg Zug (that was cool and I met again a lot of nice ppl, including a Mexican chef who we agreed to go for a Karaoke on Friday, but…Friday was for me tooooooo busy, so in the end I did not make it…I always keep promises, but this time I just could not make it.

Two of my friends had their namedays, it was Dora day…

After I took Filip to his dad, I ran to the post office to pick up a letter about my divorce process end of March (I still did not open the letter, I know from my ex its somewhere end of March) and then ran home to accomplish some private jobs, administration things and…I wanted to check what the possibilities are to get to Genova…I did a check the previous day too, checking cheap flights, bla-bla cars, buses etc…but none of them seemed in a last moment the most cost-effective.

The idea to go to Genova I think I do not really have to explain…but, the reason why i wanted to travel away so quickly? Well, there was a party organised in Genova with some Brazilian music, I think it was posted on the Brazilian group of Genova (Brasileiros em Genova), I am not sure anymore and actually from the first moment I knew if I do this, I know I will not meet Nicola, but at least I will visit a new place and I will be for sure richer for one experience and finally I will start travelling and not delaying due to financials, time, my kid etc…At the end of this travel I conclude they are all only excuses. You can really travel without 0 money.

I told about my plan to Inés, the “crazy” french friend (who claims for herself I do not even know how crazy she can be :D, well I cannot wait to get to know u even better!!! 😀 😀

She listened and said, okay, lets do it, I am in it. This was on Wednesday, on Thursday evening we started to look for travel options, the next day we were busy like hell, so we did not really have time to plan anything. On Friday evening, I wrote her a message like: Inés, I think this is irresponsible and I think I really should not do this this time, as I still do not have regular incomes, but I am in when I get financially in a better shape. She agreed and confirmed,whatever I decide she is in and if I decide to do it the next time she is in and definitely she wants to have this experience with my with the first occasion.

Her respond made me sad, deep inside I felt I wanna do this trip, somehow I expected her to say, oh common let’s do it, but I know she understood my situation and she did not wanted to force me in situation I would not enjoy later, she also explained this and I appreciate her for this and specially for choosing me to be the first person she will experience with a hitchhiking abroad. Yes, as we had no plans I proposed hitchhiking. I used to do this in my teenage years and it worked well with my girlfriends, it was always fun, I remember couple of times we stopped police guys. Well, it was not different this time either, but that story will come later 😀 I have too much else to describe.

So, Inés said fine not to go, and suddenly I felt disappointed that I will not go into this adventure, couple of minutes later I said to her: look, I was the one giving the idea, and if we don’t do it we will never make it, we will find again an excuse the next and the next time. She replied like from a thunder: let’s meet at 8 am in the morning, I gave my agreement and proposed to meet at Sasadi út, exit via Balaton.

Some time later Friday evening, Dóra, my babysitter arrived with her friend we had some nice talk, I went to the nameday party of Dóra with her friends and at 10pm I arrived to Kék ló on the other party of the other Dóra, I ended up with them in Ellátókert, met the other “Miley Cyrus” girl, had a great Taco and around 3 pm I arrived home, I have set my alarm for 6:45 am.

Saturday morning, the alarm rang, I was delaying to wake up,I was sleepy like hell…I dropped a message to Inés saying I am again not sure…she was in the same mood, but then I saw a post on Facebook from the Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site saying: “Don’t wait. Just go. If I waited for others or the perfect time to travel, I’d still be in my cubicle so take the leap!”


and just got out of the bed, took a shower, the next minute I found myself making a couple of boards with Filips watercolors as I had no black pens. About an hour later i was out in the street heading to Sasadi út to meet Inés. I made more of the boards, for both ways, but more about this later…
Oh yeah, the red words are only to remind myself what was the initial intention of my trip 😀

Btw. another thing I like in the Brazilians, they come to Europe and then they (most of them) travel around like crazy, I really look upon them.

20150207_080838 20150207_081532

On a way to Sasadi, I made it as usual, took my coffee at Jégbüffé, lighted a cigarette and walked direction of tram 61 to get to Déli.

On a way there I saw the pedestrian bridge was about to be teared down, people making videos, so I just took my camera saying to myself: this is a historical moment in  my life in Budapest. The video I posted on my Facebook page: – Proof of a historical moment on a way at Széll Kálmán square.

The video is not the best quality and content, but for sure I will have it in my memory forever…


So, the adventure has began…


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