Look a like!


There are casting calls by Free Faces for jobs in country and abroad, so models, pls feel free to write them, you will probably get an email with the casting call details, so go for it and apply (https://www.facebook.com/FreeFacesModelManagement)!

Why i started this post? 😀

One of the casting calls inspired me…

I get noticed by people on the street, different places, shops many times and I had couple of times a situation when people compared me with Cameron Diaz (when I had a longer hair…btw I am buying in even the “worst” movies of Cameron Diaz, because she is the craziest actor ever, my favourite is the scene from Charlies angels, with the masculin panties – mine is with Superman and Batman logo, H&M thinks of everything  😀

So, Cameron is shaking her butt in this movie like hell, this is how we do it with Filip – and of course he has superheroe panties too…we do dance and listen to music in the mornings, sometimes in front of the mirror 😀

but, sometimes he just runs around and dances with panties on his ancles, I would happily post photo/video about this, but that’s too intimate, I will have to create some online driver for later to show him all the things he did when he was kid…btw he is just listening to the song again, his panties just flew away

The video clip that is inspiring him to do, this is a Serbian song from the 90’s, which is not the proud of my generations music, but we danced to it a lot and even some ppl neglect to know this song, I think they even know the whole lyrics (p.s. Gace, gace is the name of the song, in translation: panties, panties)…u can imagine how creative and inspiring song can be 😀

So, in Barcelona a guy was running after me yelling: Cameron Diaz, stop, stop… with his friends to get an autogram…okay, maybe he just liked me 😀


The other time, I was Miley Cyrus,

Orlando, u got the point, because the haircut inspiration I got from Miley’s video clip ” Wrecking ball”, but my haircut got shorter as my previous hairdresser misunderstood me the first time, however I like it this way, since then each time I had a haircut my hair got shorter and shorter :)) and with the red lipstick it’s killing

(Nicola was crazy about my hair and I was crazy about his hair…)

Even, I do not know other songs of Miley and earlier I could not stand her, we both with Filip like this song and I like her extravagancy in this video clip…

Btw. for the weekend I found a waitress in Ellátókert having very similar haircut, she did not wanted to have selfie as she said she hates camera…she also had a piercing 😀 if u are around you can find her in the last part of this ruinbar, where u can eat the best Taco’s in the city!!! One of my acquitances Laci noted me on Friday about her, after we left from “Kék ló”coffee bar where we celebrated my friend Dora’s nameday, I got there and I rememembered what  Laci said and I found the waitress. She was a bit confused and maybe shocked because I approached her, I was just curious about her :)))

So, why I started this whole story?

Well, there is a casting call where u can apply also as a “look alike” some celebrity…and I downloaded some app as I was interested who could be I compared too, the first app compared me to Ellen De Generes, well I got also a bit surprised on the photo 😀

sc (1)

but, for sure we are both photoshopped on the photos, so…at least I know I am..

p.s. i did not apply for this casting 😀

and I conclude, I am unique as she is too,



Dear Follower…you thought I am gonna write about Genova???hahahhahah

it’s too much to write, I need to take a deep breath and start to write an e-book about those 2 days 😀




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