the first two drivers on the way to Genova – János and his gf Kata


Inés arrived to the meeting point via taxi, we were both laughing that we will do this and of course we were excited how it will go…

I had couple of thousand Forints with me, no Euros, but my credit card was with me, just in case.

We asked the taxi driver to take us to the first gas station, as I remember while driving to my job in Budaörs, that was the place I saw the most people to hitchhike. After talking to the McDonalds employee next to the OMV gas station I proposed to go to the next gas station,as the road is now under construction in front of OMV…

We walked through the Agip, while Inés was overcoming her fear of climbing up and down the hills to get to it, I think she was cursing me already there at the beginning 😀 and Inés, you were not aware that this is the smallest obstacle we had to overcome, oh my God, I am laughing about the moments we had so hardly! 😀 😀


We took out our boards and in a couple of minutes a Hungarian guy, whose name i cannot remember anymore as for these 3 days I met about 30-40 new people I just hope they all will respond to my Facebook, LinkedIn friend requests – so I can identify them as they were the most beautifull people we met along…anyways this guy who works for a civil organisation stopped driving already one Czech hitchhiker. He took us till Balatonkeresztúr, the Czech hitchhiker was in Budapest for 4 days and he lived in Ljubljana, he said, we should actually come to Ljubljana and spend their our weekend, he was afraid that we won’t make it and actually wanted to be a host to show around the city he lives in. He is Erasmus student. My goal was Genova, so we thanked him, but this time we rather take the way we planned anyways. I think he got a bit offended on us…

Our trip started let’s say around 9:30-10am.

We were excited with Inés and we were both tired like hell, but I just get more active when I am excited about something, so I could not sleep, but as u can see Inés took her nap already at the beginning :

Inés, do not kill me for this “paparazzi” photo 😀 😀

Oh and btw. here on the photo I was just trying to reach Telenor to switch back my services for my internet as my calls got restricted for owing an invoice from December, but I payed the one for January. So, I was turned off, luckily only for couple of hours, as I wrote them the previous day a mail to extend my invoice due date and acknowledge that I did a payment, but for January. I got a positive answer and also an extension for the old invoice.

Here I was calling to switch back my internet, as the restriction for outgoing calls was released, but my internet was still not working. The polite customer service person I talked too on the phone reminded me sometimes after your calls are restricted on your phone u have to restart the network (restart your phone) and then your internet is working. And voiláááááá I got my internet back. Thank you Telenor!


The Czech guy Wojtek (I have no clue about spelling it) he continued with the driver to the next place, we were lucky about it, as it would be hard to hitchhike in three, as he proposed as a sudden idea at first.

So, we arrived to the next hitchhiking point…we were not really sure, what should we do further, there was a snow outside, very windy weather and cold like in a freazer, we got into the gas station talked to one of the ladies working there what she proposes us to do, she said, we’d rather stay inside and talk to people instead of going out. As a not really experienced hitchhikers, we tried both, standing out for about half an hour and then ran back to the station to see if any car will pop-up…I have to stay that station is not the best choice, and we had a moments saying let’s turn around and just go back home sleeping, (this was about 160 km away from the Sasadi road and we still had about 1000 km) :)))

I could not give up and luckily Inés either. We got back to the station and while we were glazing around suddenly the Czech guy appeared again while I was talking inside with a man called  who was about to pay the fuel. János was with his girlfriend Kata, so he had to discuss first with her, as they had already one hitchhiker, the Czech guy, who walked back to the gas station after he was dropped off by he next exit after the gas stations, he tried to hitchhike there, but it turned out to be a very bad place to do it. And he found János at first, so we kept our fingers crossed that Kata is okay with us to go with. We had luck, we greated Wojtek and we all 5 drove away, I think it was about an hour or 1,5 later as we were left at the gas station.

János is a social engineer at one of the oil companies (I could not find him yet on LinkedIn, neither Kata, somehow I deleted their names from my phone, I was making notes about the people as I had no internet connection). I hope they will appear, actually I know I can find them as Kata gave me a name of a teacher for singing, giving singing classes at Madách szinház with decent prices, so if not else through him. I remembered the surname of János, but about Kata I am still thinking and I am still summarizing the happenings in my head and the people.

I am not sure anymore if he was  named János, i will  really shoot my self  in head because of my bad memory of names…this time I am sure only about the surname that he was XXXX**..:)) if anyone knows someone working at XXXX** with surname XXXX**, pls let me know :))

I memorize faces, but names…well I am the worst…

Anyways, they told us to take till Maribor, they were heading to Geneva. When we arrived to Maribor, we took our “ITA” board and stepped out again on the beginning of the highway. Before that we talked to some people on the gas station, but it turned out mostly local people stop there, so the chances to catch a drive in this period of year, well it is not promising.

Inés, János, Kata and the Czech guy – last on the right, he took a drive to Ljubljana by some people on the gas station.


One of the locals I talked too said we are crazy (oh, we heard that couple of times later too, this is how I learned the word “pazze” in Italian 😀 😀

Btw. do you have a clue how hard is to approach people to ask for a drive? This whole trip was such a big challenge for me!

btw.this is Inés posing for a photo before the autostrada sign…:D

If you hitchhike on the highway, the punishment is 150 Euro. Keep in mind.


I think we spent about an hour being there nothing happened except of good looking and bad looking Slovenian guys waving us or laughing at us, or old people avoiding eye contact, or just simply showing us, sorry guys, we are locals…

we got back to the gas station and talked to the girl working there, she was not really optimistic about our adventure, but at least she was nice :))

We found János and Kata relaxing in a massage chair, enjoying their trip :D, while we started to be stressed again are we really gonna make it. We got out from the restaurant part at the backside of the parking lot and searching for cars with foreign plates. We realized a car with a Romanian plates, anyways we met lot of them, but…none of them were really eager to stop and I am not regreting in a certain way. (Why Romanian plates? Because plenty of Romanian citizens work in Italy).

While we were browsing around I spotted a car with Ljubljana plates, I said to Inés we should stop them, because even going city by city (or as later realized gas station per gas station) is better then staying at one place and waiting.

I waved to the guys in the car and in the next minute I got a bit scared on their reaction if that was a good idea…

They turned their car so quickly, approached us and one of the guys skipped out showing his badge and telling: Police, show us your passports! I got frozen and Inés as well. They were in civil clothing, I was in doubt, but everything happened so quickly that I have not even realized I gave away my passport for control. Inés was also scared, but somehow I got convinced by the guys and knowing that there is a civil police, the guys were with our passports while Inés was telling me: what if they want to steel our passports, I replied, no chance, I believed they are police and I saw the guy checking with some machine the datas etc and who would need a Hungarian of French passport once being in the EU?! On the other hand I also thought, maybe she is right, she pushed me and said, stop in the front of the car and whispered:make a photo about the plates 😀 😀 😀 oh, I have a laugh attack again!


I stepped there and then I stepped next to the window of the police only to check what are they doing, I was like, I will do something if they want to drive away (did not know exactly what though :D)

So they checked the documents and asked where are we going, we replied to  Genova to some Brazilian party, well that was the true. The guy did not hear me and he repeated more strictly: I told him, i told you for Brazilan party. He was confused, but he also did not get, how comes that I speak Serbo-Croatian, but I come from Budapest and then the next minute asked: how do you talk to each other with Inés, I said in English.

And then him: wow, you are really international! (he does not have a clue how much really I am 🙂 not talking what Sherlock Holmes I am in finding people who I had things with…

Couple of minutes later we had our passport back and they wished us pleasent trip.

And after all of this, Inés just commented: “He was kinda sexy! :)))))))))))))) Oh you silly girl!

We were standing out still in shock and also laughing about the experience, when suddenly we saw the brownish Insignia leaving and then coming back straight to us and offering us to take us further, till Milano as they realized we can go together on the same route.

We told them about the situation about the police:they said maybe they thought you are you know “workers”…I nodded, yeah maybe 😀 , but they realized very quickly we are not…

We got into the car and we were on our road to Milano, passing next to Trieste watching the Cranes, Gran Padano factory in Treviso, Kata told me about the contact of the teacher of singing to look for, I asked them about tablets what would they propose to buy (they are great experts in tech things) then passing next to Venice, Padova, Verona…our driver gave us the real feeling of Verona in the car putting on music of Romeo and Juliete, couple of km’s we were dropped of i think in the suburbs of Milano 😀 as a small gas station…

Oh yeah, I sang them a bit in the car as they like “Ederlezi” the version that Rúzsa Magdi sings (Djurdjevdan). I hope once I will invite them for my own concert 🙂

We told them they were the nicest Hungarians we ever met and we have no words to express our appreciation for driving us for such a long distance, when saying good-bye, I hugged them and I felt like I know them for tousand years. Of course they asked why we are heading to Genova, I told them the story, we laughed about it, but also gave their approval to go for it and find this Brazilian guy, though right now I think the feeling of adventure was that really motivated me, of course having on my mind there is that 1% of chance, but from the beginning I knew this is more about challenging ourselves.

We asked this nice couple what do we owe them and they said: nothing, next time you have similar experience take an example! I agree with this so much. We both actually with Inés said: ones we get a car for sure we will drive hitchhikers!

Inés, if u feel like adding anything, please comment here (not on Facebook!), :*

I wanna have all the details to re-read once i get old 😀

meaning of XXXX** —– due to privacy issue I deleted these datas. Read the next story in my reblog from 18.02.2015.


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    Jesus, I did the same mistake again, now I payed the invoice for February and still not December! SHOOT ME!
    So, pls be informed my outgoing calls are turned off, I cannot call u today and I am going to clearify myself again with Telenor CS! :)))
    I am hectic!


  2. Kata, i got in contact with the teacher, my investigation for you to will start the soon as I finish my blog about this trip 🙂
    there is only one more post, they way back 😉


    • 🙂 Hi Indi, i just realized your comment 🙂 at the moment when i posted the blog I was already at home, finished with the adventure 🙂 but it was lots of fun, a life experience :))


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