Reaching Genova to get to that party, giving up finding the place and Nicola and just enjoying the good and bad moments


I have to admit it turned out during our trip to Italy, the Italians are more socially active then women, I do not know yet what is the reason for that, but the guys had Facebook account or whatsapp or whatever and mostly they were the ones talking in English,

you Italians, heartbreakers, probably you are more active to meet nice foreign women, so u utilize yourself 😀

I am just kidding….

So, our 5th driver was Sergio with his wife or girlfriend, I am so bad, I cannot remember her name… the guy on the gas station explained them where we are heading and after a small consideration with his girlfriend/wife they said yes…it was around midnight maybe I do not remember, we said good-bye to the truck driver and thanked the guy on the gas station for the help and ran into the car of this nice couple…

I have to admit, we were so tired that we could hardly live, the whole day was very exhausting, we had no enough sleep the previous night, the whole day spent hitchhiking, being in stress, but actually that part i could handle very easily, till the moments when Inés got anxious, however I could understand her, I was also not all the time optimistic, but somehow my faith kept me move on and the target to reach Genova whatever and however it will happen.

Sergio drove us almost to the adress where we had to be, I know I asked him about twice where they live at the second time I remembered he lives about 30 km’s from Genova (maybe in the same city as Nicola :D, but I had no energy to talk to share what we are actually doing in Genova, we were tired like hell, even to talk was hard…Inés had a nap and myself too…)

In some moments I even felt bad and felt they regret they took us with, because maybe they entered Genova only to take us to a safe place, so they could move on finally to their home, which i could also understand at that time of the hour in the night….

Sergio, thank you very much to both of you for not dropping us out at the beginning of Genova, but taking us straight to the city center and leaving us in front of the “Aquarius”…

as we stepped out of the car I still had the feeling I owe them for this trip even they did not say anything,  we said bye to each other and thanked for driving us almost straight to the adress. We were really greatfull to have you in that moment!

As we stepped out of the car I smelled the salty air of the sea,  it was an amazing feeling, while in front of us there was a huge old ship …as we found out one of the places to visit in Genova “Aquarius”, they noted it is must to see during the day. We promised to get back the next day, even we knew there is not much time left for us…actually the next morning we should have started to come back as Inés was working early in the morning and Filip was coming back home from his dad. We knew this from the beginning, still we wanted to take on this adventure even on a price of seeing Genova only for a couple of hours 🙂

We were screaming in the bay from happiness and laughing that we did it!

20150208_011054  20150208_011121

The city was live, full of young people, as we found out later in one of the bars, in Genova Friday is a party night for the “olders” and Saturday is for the “youngers”…well we could realize this in the city as it was full of teenagers in their 20’s or less.

I do not know if i told you, i had no internet, no map, nothing, Inés could use her phone, but we did not really use it…

So we got there and we should have found the place in the street Guardini Luzzati 1, some place called “Nuova Associazione”, the post about the party was poor and it was in Italian, I know when i first saw it it was like, cool there will be Samba (i realized much later, almost before we took the trip that this is a samba/bossanova/folk party and if i understand it well maybe it was even a band playing called “Netto Vieira” actually we have no clue what did we missed 😀 We had no clue what to expect, and to be more honest I had no expectations, the whole idea came about this trip was driven more by our wish to do something crazy, at least this is what I can say from my side, and of course it would have been great to see Nicola there, but this party was only an “excuse” to get there.

While we walked the street heading to the city center, I asked a couple if they know about this party, imagine, they were just coming from it and said it was great, but they also added the party is almost over, however we should still give it a try as there were people…

Oh Inés, you were such a patient person :D…oh, we were around the city center looking for the street, i don’t know if Genovese do not know their city, but they kept us sending to the wrong places, we were browsing around for at least an hour untill we found the street on our own 😀 😀 I was already sure at the beginning  we were not get to that party, but we reached the place…I think 😀 we stepped in front of the number 3-5, but number 1 was missing or they really have a weird numbering 😀

We took their advice going to the streets they noted,  in the meantime we bumped into a Frida Kahlo exhibition in Palazzo Ducale (it was around 1 am, unfortunately) we got to the The Medieval gates of Genoa and I think we should get back to this city one more time 😀

20150208_012621 20150208_013327

I do not know how the numbering of streets work there, but definitely the Genovese people have no clue about the streets in the city center 😀 as they were sending us always to a wrong direction, finally we “think” we found” the adress, but till then the party place was closed, but at least we were sightseeing in the night and visiting bars to find pasta 😀 .


Inés read something on the entrance of Guardini Luzatti number 3-5, of course it was in Italiand, and she saw the something like “Azils” and she got frozen, u know lots of ppl from Tunisia, Algeria is coming to Europe in search of happiness

Inés is a bit panic person 😀 😀 but, she was balancing me very well as I am the opposite, maybe too much not getting afraid of anything (almost)..I am just going forward sometimes without thinking and being very stubborn about things I set to myself, but later we really worked well…we listened to each others opinions and made together decisions. Inés, I hope u agree. She is great and very down to earth person! I do not know if i know another person in my life with whom I could live through this whole experience and that my friendship survived, we know each other for 2 month…and altogether we meet 3-4 times.

It was around 3 am and the bars started to close, that was a moment when I remembered again how much I love Budapest for it’s nightlife:)

Ppl from Genova, once u come to Budapest u will see how live our city is even at that hours, but latest till 6 am.

Okay, there is another thing, there are party places opening in the morning,and how great the Pizza is in Király street at 3 am or even later 😀

At 3 o’clock it was like the city fell asleep, only some youngsters making mess around or some ppl drinking their last drinks in front of the closed bars, and oh, I was really surprised on the dirt that was left in the streets after the nightlife, I do not remember having this in Budapest…or at least not in that big amounts…

We walked to more bars to find pasta for Inés (hey you were also stubborn about finding pasta :D).

Opposite the Medieval gate a guy proposed us to get down the street and find a restaurant which still could be open by that our..we went there and it was Capitan Baliano…finally we could have Wifi, we could charge our flat phones (which we anyways did not use) and have our “Farinata”.

In the bar, while Inés was charging her phone a girl started to talk to her, she was sitting alone at her table, so I invited her to join us,  Elisabetta 🙂 our host for that night.

She was there with her boyfriend and an “ugly behaving” friend who just got dumped by his girlfriend, he was drunk like hell and provocated an argument, for some reason i got spotted, but in the end i just ignored him, he had problems with himself.

Elisabetta, do not get bothered to appologize again after this post, as this is not your fault, nore of your boyfriends 😀

You two were very nice with us.

We talked to Elisabetta and told my story how the whole idea came, she was suprised, but also encouraging and even said, she has a friend at a local TV and for sure I should get in contact with her to find Nicola 😀 (connect me with that girl :D)

Now u see, even I neglect in a certain way, it was him who drove me to make this step, and I am gratefull for him, because at least I moved my butt from Budapest and took on an adventure, if nothing else it was worth of knowing him for this purpose, though I am not really happy and inside of me the unsaid things are still burning, it’s f…. hard to give up…and I am not a person who gives up on things/people that are good in my life 😦

Anyways, Elisabetta told us about a new hostel along the street, then later offered to stay at her place, we just started to be happy about having a place to stay, when she noticed they have to drive home their ugly friend, which I could understand, he is their friend and probably a good friend, he was only broken and drunk and could not behave…still I think he was an ashole.

or maybe she just got scared that she offered too quickly her place to us,

common she did not know us more then 1-2 hours…so we could understand when she decided to leave and say good-bye to us. We were on the street with Inés, the bar closed at 4 am.

Couple of minutes somebody was yelling after us…Gabi, it’s me, come back 🙂

This is how we got a sleeping place in the city center by this nice couple in a very cute flat with a 2 very cute cat a great bed to have couple of hours of sleep…they offered their whole flat, whatever we wanted, and though we were really happy about this, the only thing we actually needed was a bed 😀 we were dead!

We had a couple of  min. summarising with Inés and then “all four in the air” …we fell asleep, finally in a bed….

and Inés, i will kick the butt of that person who is making your life hard…


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