so, our third, fourth, fifth driver to Genova….


sorry, but yesterday I ended up going to bed again at 1am, I become really a night owl, but as I started to write the blog, the memories just started to pop-up and I cannot leave things in my head, I feel like I am talking to someone/to you when I am writing and I wanna share everything…

so we ended up at a gas station somewhere we think in front of Milano, or maybe it was in Milano, I have no clue, we had no clue where we are, we were standing outside and trying to find another driver to take us on A7 highway, but we were on the East side of Milano, so we had to reach somehow the other side at least…

We got in again at the gas station, talked to the people trying to find a driver and then ended up staying outside waiting for someone to get in, I start to loose memory about the time we spent there and also the number of people we approached…

a big “black car” stopped at the gas station, maybe it was Infinity, i have no clue, I was not paying attention at all, i am such a bad observer of cars and anyways my point was not to get a good car, but to reach the next point to get closer to Genova…I remembered Insignia of János, just because I used to drive the same company car with the same mahagony colour (the best choice for colour :P)

The guy who came out of the car Inés looked at him suspiciously, I thought yes, he is too snobish looking and too fancy, and maybe gay, but if gay, probably normal.

He was coming out of the gas station there was no time for thinking we had enough trials to get a car and they were without success so I just approached him, putting on a side all my thoughts that were disturbing me and just stressing me out.

Couple of minutes later we found out his name is Gianluca, he drove us couple of meters further, in the meantime trying to figure out from us where are we heading to and he could not believe we started hitchhiking from Budapest to Genova, I do not remember if we told him it was because of a brazilian guy Nicola who lives somewhere in Genova or around Genova, and whom I met for one night 😀 😀

He already thought we were crazy, but we learned our first Italian words from him “pazze total” (“totally crazy” in Italian), I used it later couple of time 😀 but, Gianluca, common u have to admit we are brave and nice girls 😀 😀

now u see, this brings me to an idea, i should hitchhike to Spain or the Latino countries to learn Spanish more quicker 😀

So, he left us on the next gas station and I guess wished a good luck as all of them later earlier and later, but suspicious as all of them earlier and later 😀

We got to another gas station, but we were still in front of Milano, still not on the opposite side, so talking to people started again…well u do not even have a clue how many rejections we had 😀 , but I think this was one of the greatest experiences in the world to learn how to handle situations with rejection, it just makes you to be more brave, to put on a side your thoughts and just go for it, not thinking what will ppl say about you – you have your goal and u dont give a shit about opinion of others. You cannot, otherwise you would not get anywhere. (Still i think I wont be able to approach guys easier then till now :D, but for sure I gain more self-confidence and maybe I will handle easier if they do not want me, like it was with the cars, just not taking it personally).

I have to say during our hitchhiking we realized if there is a couple in the car, the best choice is to approach the women, , because if you approach the guy…well, u can be more often turned down for the trip and they have to agree with their girls, many times the girls were really bitchy. Of course there are exceptions as we found them.

While waiting for our next drive still in front of Milano, a couple arrived to the station, I approached Camilla and asked her if they could give us a ride, at first she I think she said no, but I am not sure, however couple of minutes later her boyfriend Domenico got out of the car saying they can take us the the train station in the city center of Milano and appologizing for the size of the car, OH man, size does not matter 😀 (kh kh)

and yes, they explained there we can take a train, I was sitting in a car fingers crossed almost, not to have a train at that time as I wanted to keep on via hitchhiking, but I was chilled and not saying it immediately, as Inés was tired and I did not wanted her to feel more uncomfortable. She wanted to give up couple of times, but luckily always got on an energy when we got the next driver and I am proud at her that she could handle this whole situation with my idea and was in to go till the end.

It was already around 9:25 …and at least someone wanted to drive us further, so we took the drive…again the same story explaining what, where, why, they laughing at us and saying we are pazze 😀

We learned that in Genova we must try “Farinata” and “Foccachia di Recco” (Camilla, Domenico, we did try both and more :)) and Inés also got her pasta at the end of our trip that she was chasing all the time without success, we just had no time…it was 2 days and mostly travelling 😀 😀

While driving they checked for the train options it turned out the next train is in the morning. These two people, Camilla and Domenico were I think more excited what will happen to us, then two of us together, they were really diging and thinking what they could do to help us to reach Genova and took it really personaly. After they realized we have no train, Domenico took the wheel and drove us on the high-way of A7. We realized this only some time later. We could not believe they also did this for us…just as all of them on the way to Genova! I think they drove us about 30 km away from Milan on A7 till the next “AutoGrill” (these seem to be the biggest gas stations with restaurant in Italy).

At the gas station we took some meal and started to think what now, Inés said we should stay in the hotel, I replied with no, i told her I wanna reach Genova tonight 😀

Our perversions in the restaurants shop…Inés, at this moment at least u got a photo with your dreamed pasta’s 😀


We got there exchanged contacts with this nice couple, they have no FB account and Camilla does not speak English, but for sure we will keep in touch, maybe by visiting once Budapest…i think they will do it once for sure.

Couple of minutes later we were in Autogrill restaurant, having coffee, meal and now the Italian police showed, after we finished filling our bellies I approached them if they can help us where, how to hitchhike, I think I do not have to tell you the story, it was on their head written: these two are pazze and they tried to reassure us, the best is to overnight, there is no chance to reach Genova from here, there are no cars and even if we wanna try, then we should try with the cars in front of the restaurant.

We got out and there was only one car without a driver in it, I said to Inés to move closer to the gas station, this is how I saw for the first time “Tesla” station for electronic driven cars, cool.


We got to the petrol station and started to hitchkihe closer to the exit. Couple of minutes later the 2 police guy and some security ppl showed up approaching us. I knew I did the right step approaching them in the restaurant as for hitchhiking at the exit you can be punished, hehehehe. While they were approaching us, we acted dumb, like not knowing and acknowledging our “stupid” approach. They realized we got the message and they left, still not believing we are normal 😀


Couple of minutes later a guy called Cesare showed up, we approached him, he said he lives at the next exit, but there is another gas station and he can take us. We got into his car and started to talk to him, explained we are heading to a Brazilian party (which in the meantime turned out to be a samba/bossanova etc party, but does not matter) , he knew the place and he said it is on a great location and it should be a great party and oh yeah, he likes Brazilians too, because of the size 😀 :D. Cesare, you are pazze too 😀 in positive way of course, we laughed a lot with him in the car and he was even considering to come with us to the party, he was really in a doubt, but he had to work the next day morning, so he could not make it, but he told us to stay at his place in Alessandria. I/we could not be changed in my plans and he had obligations. Cesare, we really hope to see u in Budapest in the near future, you are great! And we will take you for a Brazilian party here! 😀

Oh and thank you with your offer to find Nicola for me :)))

We arrived to this small gas station, well it was again a “nowhere land” only the gas station employee working, Cesare got in and told him to find us a ride, he thought if someone talking Italian explaines to people that we need a ride we will get quicker a ride, I could not understand what he all said, but for sure he reassured the guy we are normal (?) just in need of a car to Genova. We were in the gas station, at a moment an older guy got in talking in Spanish.

He was amazed by my eyes, saying guapo ochos (mixing Italian, Spanish or i have no clue) and flirting, while his trousers half open and drunk like hell…

Then Inés got also her compliments for her Arabian beauty and her eyes and the next moment we had to take a cappucino he ordered for us, he was pushy that we take a meal too, but we refused, we were not really in a mood to talk to him, but it was amusing and we laughed a lot about the situation. The guy was a Spanish truck driver having his “rest stop” for 2 hours and he is delivering fruits and vegetables from Spain to Italy and in the region as far as i could understood with my poor Spanish knowledge.

Couple of minutes later another guy came in…wondering what is happening and then a couple arrived, they became our next helping hands…

Oh yeah, smoking in the car with Italians is just a normal thing 😀 😀


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