The first professional job interview at Modeling Agency in Hungary


I just registered online in their database, feel free to contact me via the agency:

or through my Facebook page under the section “Book now”.

Thank you for your contact in advance,




Somehow I feel this is gonna be one of the most visited blog inputs I wrote…

Let me share with you my latest experience on how I do this…

Last year when I decided to start my modeling/acting whatever you wanna call carreer I started to collect from people I knew they are in this business some informations – I have to admit, people are so bad in sharing informations.

Now I realized I was maybe asking the wrong people and I also knew I will have to invest my time, financials and make efforts on my own,  but this is not an issue for me never if I have “the goal”. I already told you I am very goal-oriented, I achieve what I want, but I also had to have the time for this, as building up a new life,  new carreer, living your dreams does not come true…

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  1. great to see to reach people from the countries I know ppl, but even more pleasure to see new countries reading me, hello reader from Lithuania and Mali (are u the one who already visited me? 😉


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