Good morning and Good-bye Genova :)


Sunday was almost like this…

we woke up around 10 am, even we planned to leave our host earlier to not bother their sunday and from the reason I wanted to have a coffee on the seaside with Inés before we leave the city…

We said good-bye to Elisabetta and her boyfriend, who also seemed like a very nice person, Elisabetta is the energetic, active women and for him I had the feeling he is balancing her with his calm personality.

Elisabetta was very talkative from the first moment we met, chatty, open and seemed as women of actions 😀

anyways, they explained us we should take the Garibaldi street to have a coffee or brunch…

10994646_10200596081341254_1826667224_n 20150208_104557

I mean I am so stupid, I asked them where can we have a great coffee…later I realized, hey Gabi, u are in Italy, you cannot really get a bad coffee anywhere, I think maybe they were surprised on our question, only later i got it that for them is so normal to have a good coffee …well, then let me tell you my side of story in Budapest, and why I asked this…in the past and still nowadays you can get the worst coffees in Budapest, drinking coffee was not part of the culture,  but luckily it’s getting better and more and more quality coffee shops can be found in the city, however to be sure that u really have a good one, ask a local person (ask me:) I know lots of coffee bars too 😉


next time not only from the window whatching :))


we found a nice rest place 🙂 that was some kind of antique whatever..


coming back to coffee, I hate e.g. when the coffee is full of milk…it’s sour or has a taste like it’s the 10th time made of the same coffee basis…

now, maybe u can understand why I asked for a good coffee place, I have only forgotten I am in a country where even putting sugar or milk in the coffee is a curse (at least this is what i experienced) or the guy get’s angry at me because I wanted to try coffee mousse instead of the espresso he proposes to be the best in Rome… (i would tried that one too and i tried it, but I hate when someone wants to convince me I will like the other one more AND WANTS TO FORCE ME TO DRINK IT…come on, how can u know what is that I like 😉  I won in the end, i took coffee mousse hehehheheh, but he also showed me the best ice-cream in the city, Jesus, that was fantasy, a warm liquid white chocolate in the cornet and then filled with ice-cream on the top, I will have to ask him for the name of the place, so i can share with you, for some time i had the handkerchief with me to remember the name, but then i lost it…Romana? I could find it on google, but i hate to search now…


Gabi, u are again lost in your thoughts, write about Genovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

so we headed along the streets, we had our foccacia di cippola ( Meli, s kapulama? my “oldest friend, Meli is from Split, they say kapule for onion in Dalmatia,Croatia), we had a coffee, but actually we were in a search for the pasta for Inés and Inés, remind me about the meat that we still have to make it up next time in Italy, but maybe in some other province, like around Toscana??? it’s on my list :))

Anyways, we did not find these things as Genova is more known about fishes, I like sea fishes, but actually we were more guided by the spirit of the city, Inés always takes double portions :)))))) so she had another focaccia, but at another place with zucchini and some cheese i think, it was awsome  too.

Before we left we were reminded by our host, the best place to hitchhike is in the port as there are the cruisers arriving and some ppl of course taking drives from there to reach their final destinations, to home in Europe. Well, we were a bad listeners, I have to conclude.

We got the right direction in the Garibaldi street :))) BUT, in the meantime at least we  have been sightseeing, probably I also visited Columbus house, but I was not aware, just as last time in Rome, when i bumped into Vatican without knowing I was actually in Vatican, only later I found out from my host and his friend I actually saw Vatican, even everybody reassured me I wont have time to visit it and it is far from the city center, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….but this story some other time…

we met some french ppl  at the garibaldi tunner/gate and we concluded we have to go the opposite, but I told him about Columbus house so at least they got an information from me too, they spotted it on the map and probably went to see it, I leave this on  Nicola to show me next time 😉


We got to the port, in the meantime seeing probably “famous” places 😀 but certainly lots of yachts,

the Aquarius in the daytime and

20150208_112522 (1)

we just enjoyed the smell of the salty air and the beautifull sunny day.

10966593_10200596081461257_45965303_n 10962102_10200596073021046_1673503721_n (1)

I even bought Filip a pirate sword and a mask, he really liked it, he plays now pirates at home, called ” gonosz Filcke” ..gonosz means rude in Hungarian and Filcke, well thats like a deminutiv of the word Filc – felt pen…don’t ask me why this?? 😀

I wanted to post a video about him, but i have no clue yet how to do it, so i will do it some time later…

In the port I told to Inés, I will approach the police to ask (about 10 of them, I provoke my self with police as a kid I learned to be a scared of them)  them where should  we hitchhike…they said we should walk down the street about 1-5 km’a and find the gas stations. Don’t listen to police, listen to your host, this was my conclusion. You should have seen the policemans face when we told them we are hitchhiking, btw they were about 10 and only one speaking English. I provoke him also by touching his shoulder, which I anyway do when I talk to people, its a kinda Balkan thing, when u talk to ppl u are close to them. The police guy stepped back, I just laughed in myself and played the fool, appologizing to him that I touched “authority” 😀 😀

we walked away…we saw these graffiti’s, this who knows what garden with a nice castle…in the port you can see lots of African and Arabian people,  i think I already mentioned they probably come through Genova in a hope fpr a better life in Europe…the first photo reflects well….and I am sure they are judgmental about African and Arabian ppl (with exceptions).

Inés, I wanna go with you to Tunesia, maybe from this port 😀 and u become one of my greatest whatever nation friend! and i can understand now we need some time without each other 😀 😀 😀 maybe for couple of days, it was intensive! 😀 😀

20150208_121414  10956040_10200596080581235_1713280076_n (1)   20150208_115540

so we made a bad choice, listening to the police guys and…

after playing the fools for 3 hours in front of the exit to A7 way to Milano at the last gas station and meeting at least 150 rejection and again I approached 2 police women and meeting the negativity of the people that we wont make it,we decided to go back to the previous gas station, the only bad thing about it  was, that we were hitchhiking to the wrong direction :))) for me an arabic looking guy approached us saying: you should hitchhike in the opposite way… (tadam…u foooooll, I felt like i am a real blondy with a huge donkey ears).Inés said he looked more like Indian…I dont know, but at least he helped us.

We started to panic, it was afternoon around 4 and still in  Genova, without any plan, Inés wanted to rent a car, I was still saying to keep on hitchhiking, and of course we did not remember that to use the advice of our host: ppl are usually going home to Milan from Genova around 5 pm as the weekend is over…and maybe the port  was not a bad idea.

We walked back couple of meters  on a parking lot, but realizing this is getting just worse and no chance we will get home for the next day, as we had no plans and nothing worked in our way. I gave it in. She approached a guy called John and in the next minute we were driving to the train station. It turned out he is an export manager for fruits and vegetables? U remember the spanish truck driver?? well, maybe he is working for him :)))

Anyways, John took us to the train station, walked  in, bought our train tickets to Milano, and offered to give us money for the trip, even when we were leaving he said,  if we need further I shall just message him via Whatsapp and he will help us. He bought us coffee, wanted to take drinks for the road and offered to buy us a meal, but common we were even amazed that he drove us to the train station and bought us the ticket, without questioning anything. I dont know about u Inés, but I was so gratefull for each moment of our trip, it is just amazing, how the situations worked.

So, we were in the train heading to Milano with two chinese women, they were very loud in squelching and we were but fedup with them till we arrived to Milano, but we slept as we were dead again, the previous night we also slept only 4-5 hours :)))

We arrived around 5:30 or something and we were enough with our adventures, we just wanted to get home.

I gave it in one more time to try another hitchhiking, but more because of Inés as she worked the next day, she is studying and her notes depend on the marks she will get from her boss (i wish you could stay longer in Budapest) 😦

She is very responsible person, her boss does not even know what a great workforce she has in her office.

And the second reason was, that I was tired too of everything, even it was all great in general and I would go for it one more time (but certainly such trip requires more then 2 days).

We got into the first restaurant where we met a Czech guy, I asked him to give us his laptop to book our Wizzair tickets, he was such an ashole,he said he will give it if I buy him a pizza,  while he just finished his pizza menu …till  that moment I never felt that people were expecting anything back for helping us, but this approach just upsets me. I booked my ticket I bought him the pizza and I just told him: bon appetite, that was my last coin I had  and left.

I would never ask for a pizza someone who is in “trouble”, it’s so cheap. I would certainly give my laptop and help the person without having any expectations.  We did not became friends, btw he even said an amazing thing…his ticket to Milano got payed by an American guy to reach Milano as he was without money…i am wondering if the American guy asked him to buy him pizza for exchange?

Finally we were sure we will get home, so we started to look for  pasta for Inés :))

This is our photo after Inés got finally her pasta :)))


We got it, and even we took it as take-away and not originale from Italian, but from Chinese restaurant, I have to admit those were the most delicious bites we had even it were with the plastic forks, knives…we could not even talk to each other while eating, it’s like when u see a meal for the first time after a big desire to have it (we were not hungry, but more the desire to have an Italian meal, well, okay from Chinese :))

We took a train to Malpensa and got home by Wizzair 🙂 God bless for Wizzair again, we even had some time to look the train station in Milano 😀

20150208_202443 20150208_202309

Photos taken at the Malpensa airport…there is also a special story about these sculptures and the lights, but visit yourself and see what is about 😉

Inés, thank you for paying the pasta, the train ticket to the airport, I was really broke and I know I will have too cook you for this couple of times some good pasta 😀 😀

And nevertheless, for being my Friend and doing this whole thing with me!


while coming home I was wishing Nicola left me a message at the door, that he was here…

he promised to see me one more time at least: I am sure I wanna meet you again, he said…while hesitating to leave…


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