Budapest, my biggest love!


I love my city very much, couple of years ago when I arrived I was not yet sure I am on the right place, I was full of fear,

you know the standard story, I arrived with one bag and I think about 100-200 German Marks, with couple of clothing that my parents bought me from their last money probably and the train ticket, but they wanted me too have new clothes and to look good, not as a poor girl from a village of 1300 ppl from Serbia, a war area.

I remember when I sat on the train, for the first time I was crying for leaving my parents and the first time I can remember my father crying….It was hard to say good-bye, but it was more because something unknown was in front of me, I was full of fears I had no clue where I am going, but I was happy to have an opportunity in my life to change. I was 18. At that moment I did not know yet what all I will experience in this city…I got goods and bads since then, but Budapest became my place, the place where I will feel always at  home and the safe place always to come back to if I need time to rethink and start all-over everything. It’s the ‘A-ha’ moment each time I see the city while going through Petőfi bridge with tram 4-6 in the night (i think this is the best view on the city from this bridge) or on a daytime from wherever!

I will not dig much in the details, because I really have lots of life moments here relived, I could write a book or make a movie about it, and I am not ready yet to note this all down, I do not know if I will make it actually in this life 😀

I love to post on my facebook account and page about happenings, concerts, programmes, interesting things about Budapest (Hungary and other countries) whether it’s related to the culture, music, theather, stories whatever, but during this year I also realized this city is also like me, never ending story…always to come up with something new, it’s everchanging and very diverse. I always claim it is like the world in one city. The diversity of people, of places, of bars, of restaurants, cultural events whatever comes to your mind.

I was thinking, okay, how could I learn better about the city. I realized with better observing of the area I live in. When u live at some city, you just take it granted that u know your city, in fact you have no clue what all you have around yourself, at least this is how I functioned, till couple of months. You leave the country and then you start to regret why u have not visited the Museum of National Arts never, or why you have not browsed all the possible coffee bars, bars in the city, why you were always going back to old places.

Well, I am not that anymore, I can visit 18 places in one night right now, till I find the place I wanna be at to feel good and I can say to myself I visited that place too, it’s  now again something that I learned about my beloved city.

Yesterday an idea came to me and I did not do it. Today, Filip got home from his dad, he started to watch cartoons and I just said to myself, we do not need programmes, let us only skip down in Lövőház street and make those photos I wanted to make yesterday about the street.

I lived in Lövőház street on Rózsadomb , yes, the most nicest, richest and safest area of the city couple of month ago and I visited only couple of places here, knew only about the existance of couple of places. I walked next to the locals, btw it’s a walking area with looooots of bars in the summer, it is very cozy and live in the summer specially, but actually not really paying close attention to the places. Today we did this tour with Filip, again only partially, but at least you can get some insight in the city and here are the outcome, the rest discover by yourself.

I am making the pics with an LG phone, the ligths are not perfect, but for the phone is quite good even my screen is broken :)) well on Halloween I broke it and had no money yet to fix it, but it’s good for this purpose even broken :))

the bar at the corner, where you can have affordable drinks and wi-fi works well, btw right here u have a Wi-fi spot for half an hour free 😉 that’s my son Filip making photo of me 🙂

The second shop is a souvenir shop with very interesting handmade stuffs!


the street is family oriented, shops for kids, 2nd hand clothing for moms (branded, see the board)

20150212_104900 20150212_105342

a souvenir shop with gadgets and a shop with Hungarian delicatesse stuff

20150212_104755 20150212_105121

carpet cleaning, for clothing etc…on the corner of Pengő street and Lövőház there is also a shop if u need bulbs and these electrical stuff…no photo about that this time 😉


Pocakmaci for breakfast, next to it a Turkish fast food reastaurant, there are also Thai, Hungarian etc…but it would be too much photos to post…the second photo is where your kid can be happy and have ice-cream or these frozen drinks, i have no clue what it is called in English… and a shop for kids “Liliputi” cute baby shoes, another photo lower about this…

t20150212_105138  20150212_120206

So, Liliputi shoes with Filip posing for the photo:


An Albanian bakery, try “Albán kifli”, Burek … the owner is looking for a flat and he wanted to help me when i was moving from Lövőház to Pengő, as we were moving things by hand…i live now 50 meters away….the second photo is the entrance of the building where I was renting a flat, next to the flat is a hungarian fast food restaurant and a brasserie…


if you need to fix your clothing, a tailor shop:


buy a flower to your “Valentine’s”


Going a bit further there is a “House of European Union” I realized this today…the greent doors are taking you to Millenáris.

btw. kids can rollerskate, but grown-ups not (tested 😉

20150212_105541 20150212_105554

Millenáris as the center of cultural happenings/events, concerts…it’s also a great location for Stock photographers! I am here, just call me 😉


the exhibition of blind people, a house where u can experience on your own, how is to function in the world with a loss of sense of seeing…


you can feed the ducks and gold fishes in this artificial lake…now the fish are aways, I guess in spring back again (btw the biggest orange fishes I have ever seen, i call them giant gold fishes :))

The Teátrum…soon there will be some Joga festival here…Fitbalance, see the poster, but there are very different events here from time to time…

20150212_110804  20150212_110924

you can welter (?) with your kid, this is Filip hitting on the babysitter, Dóra.

I am a proud mom, now u see, this is a real man, my son, he knows ages does not matter  and he is straight in his intentions 😉


Millipop, a huge kids playhouse, next to it a Sugarshop for coffee, colofull candies, cakes, cookies, present (kids will love it, huge colorfull lollypops in it!


A great playground with motives from Hungarian folktales and Filip 🙂

20150212_110204 20150212_110143 20150212_11002920150212_11001120150212_110128

the rest again, find yourself, I will tell u there is another playground behind the sugarshop 😉 find it 🙂

getting back to Lövőház street, in this street is one of the oldest and best shopping mals (but parking place i have to critisize, though maybe it is changed, but the parking lots are so small u can hardly fit in with car…

So the Shopping Mall Mammut 1 and 2 are here…do you know why it is called Mammut? read on the stones in front of the shopping center…but have a translator with 🙂 it’s unfortunatelly only in Hungarian, but talk to locals 😉

In the shopping mall of course u can find everything…shops, supermarket, sport (bowling), Szamos cakes, sweets (yummy), Yogobar bla bla bla, in the complex also the “Fény utcai” market…u can have there great “Lángos”, buy some cool Italian meals etc…etc…..

oh yeah and as u come into Pengő street, there is a shop for everything related to making cakes! i am right next to the entrance of the shop on the left, if u are around give me a call and let’s have a coffee or tea?!

And of course, I did not test all of them yet…but don’t u think the street is really full of things???


that’s all folks!


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