The snake, my biggest fear…


Snakes are my biggest fear ever, if u wanna scare me to death, just get one close to me and I will ………..

kill it, for sure…

because, my fears make me even stronger after facing them…

There is one among the photos in the providedl link…. well thegreen one, it amazed me, the camouflauged snake…

btw. I love perfection and I am a perfectionist too!

(i just hope it’s not photoshopped in the photo, but even if it is, it’s cool 🙂 …from a decent distance…

check this link, there are cool pics in it:

after we browsed them,we got inspired with Filip, so we draw one,

photographers, please do not ask me to have a photo with snakes or to get closer then 2 meters  yet…

a couple of days ago I got a photoshooting request from a photographer to have a bodypaint, among his reference works I saw a snake…I still did not respond (usually i respond to all emails immediately, to this one i could not …yet)


btw…Filip draw a cat as he said ” cat without legs” and another snake next to my snake!


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