Brazilian carneval party on a new location!


Event details find on Facebook:

Girls from the Samba school, pls put on your carneval customes and go for it, here is the event for the next Brasilian party in Budapest!
I hope u will go for it!
The party on new location! Pls read thoroughly the event details!


how Samba became my passion 🙂

Lincoln, man, u inspired me with the music u posted on Facebook, though the music u posted was not related to Samba dance or music in a way at all, but it relates to Brazil, anyways, I decided to put it here as I liked the lyrics and the music of this song 😉 even the singer is a bit Justin Bieber type, but he is good! 😀

I like acoustic music a lot!


I do not remember the exact moment when Samba really became a passion of mine, but I am sure it has lots of relation to the people I have met…

I think i just remembered…

it was on one of the Couchsurfing parties organized by one of the Ambassadors – an Italian guy Sergio, at this party I met another DJ called Tom, he is Brazilian (he moved back to Brazil couple of month ago…

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