how Samba became my passion 🙂

Lincoln, man, u inspired me with the music u posted on Facebook, though the music u posted was not related to Samba dance or music in a way at all, but it relates to Brazil, anyways, I decided to put it here as I liked the lyrics and the music of this song 😉 even the singer is a bit Justin Bieber type, but he is good! 😀

I like acoustic music a lot!


I do not remember the exact moment when Samba really became a passion of mine, but I am sure it has lots of relation to the people I have met…

I think i just remembered…

it was on one of the Couchsurfing parties organized by one of the Ambassadors – an Italian guy Sergio, at this party I met another DJ called Tom, he is Brazilian (he moved back to Brazil couple of month ago after finishing his studies here).

Anyways he played drumms and somehow through him I went to one of the concerts that Bateria Girassol had in Budapest somewhere behind Lágymányosi hid…i cannot remember the name of the place, I came there and the feeling when u hear at once about minimum 30 drummers to play drumms, u have the feeling you got high, it reaches the last cells of your body.

And then a Samba dancer showed up in her tiny Samba costume and I was amazed, on the dance, on the minimal clothing, but it was really very sexy!

I said to myself, I wanna learn to dance like that woman!

The same night I met another guy playing drumms who turned out to be Serbian, Toni, my young friend, the drummer 🙂 u could see him already in my posts where I am with the Serbian Vaterpolo cheerleading team!

I think this event was somewhere last year, but I have no clue at what time, maybe it was autumn…or is it more??

Anyways I asked Tom, the Brazilian guy if he knows a school and he proposed the Brazilian Sport Center.

I was not thinking too much about it, I found the school and as much as my time allowed and I could afford i was going 1-2 x 1 hour weekly for the classes.

I remember when the first time I came to the class I could not even move my hips, I felt dumb and very clumsy…this feeling remained till nowadays, but I think I progressed a lot since then.

My first Samba instructor was Kinga, she thought me the basics of Samba I think I was going to this school about half year or more? I have no clue I am not really paying attention to these things, I am just going for it as after the classes I always felt uplifted, you know its the feeling when u did something u like to do, so u just get even more  energized. I remember days when I was lazy to go, but I forced myself to go to the classes and later I never regret it. Btw. in couple of months we realized with Kinga we are both coming from the “Balkans”, her grandma (? correct me) was born in Vojvodina (the north part of Serbia), just as me.  She has this energy too! 😀

Kinga likes to make jokes on the classes and she is very thorough, she critisized me a lot and she is critical with other schools too. 😉

but, for myself I took it as lessons to learn and to progress. When she dances, well thats really hot! 🙂  I wish I learn to shake my bum bum like that once 😉

Kinga, the song from Ivete Sangalo will go to my repertoar as to sing it! I just need to learn the lyrics, thanx for showing me this music!

After a while I started to became curious what else from the schools my city can offer, I had the feeling the first school gave me the basics and it was time to move on I wanted to progress quicker and learn from other ppl too.

Before I make any change  I check couple of possibilities and then I am making decision. I googled the schools, I found 2 of them…

There was an  open day right  in the first weeks of January so I went to Jam Táncműhely, it was good, but I did not really like the instructors “radiation” , the open day was very crowdy, but probably because it was free of charge, however I was not convinced that it’s the place.   😀

However, I have to admit the instructor is very energetic too, very  thorough, the class had warm-up,  in between some abdominal exercises and in the end relaxing part, the classes are only once weekly, but it is 1,5 hour duration and very intensive.

The 2nd school I checked on was the Caribean Dance Center, but found it more emphasized on Salsa, somehow I concluded maybe I should not go there now.

But, then i told myself, I should go and “trust to my live own experience”.  I got there and the owner Zoltán introduced me the place, walked me around and I already started to feel sympathy with the place 🙂

I arrived half an hour earlier to the school, there was a Reggaeton class, well that was cool too, the instructor is doing a great job with those ppl there and it was the first time I saw a Hungarian guy dancing better then women (I am appologizing from the ladies)

Couple minutes later my new instructor arrived Hajni, another energy bomb, she put me into the advanced group, I had no time to think, I was just following the instructions as much as I could and got driven with the spirit of the class. I went to 5 classes till now I think, but I look really forward to it every week!

The girls are very nice they accepted me from the first moment and I almost died on the first class (but its like that each time i go there:))) i love it, it’s the best sport for my body and my soul!

And today I was thinking once I wanna have a Samba costume what color I would like to have…

black or red would be great, or some black-red combination,i have no clue…

anyways I have to practise yet a lot, but…I will let u know about my first performance in public once I learned the choreography in the new school.


p.s. for some reason everybody thinks Samba is only a couple dance, there are  different types:

we are the solo type…

Btw. my son loves the cartoon Rio, he loves Samba too and he shakes his butt better then me 😀


I think I should take a nap and see you guys in Hintaló around 8 pm.


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