Hira, u are crazier then me and big hug to Genova!


Friend, acquitances would you be so kind to share this post for me,

I wanna do it till the end and I promise u will hear the story whatever the end is!

thank you!


I have to admit your blog looks much professional then mine, I could take some lessons from you about blogging!!!

and luckily I can also understand some words, but with the help of the google translator it`s perfect, maybe I take Italian as next, after Spanish and Portugese to learn!

A week ago, when I went to Genova, actually I was 100% sure this story about Nicola will stay on a side for some time, but not forever!

I cannot believe what all people I met along our hitchhiking trip (I hope u read it) and I am still amazed, the moment I lost my faith and i wanted to quit the search, a supporter appeared in my life.

I was thought not to chase men, which is fine…but, not in all cases.

Both sides have to make efforts in relationships in equal way, sometimes letting the guys to be the…

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