LEGO and playground, what? not the same company?


I really need someone to train about WordPress, I have no time to read/watch the instructions how to use it,so I will be never expert in using WordPress, or at least for now, it has so many options… 😦


In December I played a winning game for “Kockabirodalom Kiállitás” on Facebook that was organised in “Vam Design Center” in Király street – in translation this exhibition was about cubicle toys for kids (I mean this is what I assume, I had no time to check in details, so I relied on going there and just experience the whole exhibition).

Filip is now 3,5 year old and he likes to build with cubicles, I know he has a big basket of cubicles by his dad and they build from time to time, but I am also adding Filip mostly plays with small pieces of the Lego collection, specially with those u know, where its written not to give it to kids under age of 3,  haha, i find this also a stupid rule, but okay i dont mind, however I have to say, he never took any of the small pieces in his mouth and he is playing with the tiniest Lego toys since well, minimum one year). I just explained he can choke if he takes it into mouth or loose a toy he likes, if he takes it into mouth. He understood and that was all I had to do.

So, I played this game in name of Filip just for fun and to win him some new experience and imagine I won the entrance ticket for the exhibiton, but due to my private obligations I just could not make it to visit it (and it was also about money, but not important)

I messaged the Kockabirodalom playground  ( to appologize for not taking this chance and asking, if we could use this entrance fee free of charge at their playground near Lurdy Ház, because i heard there is a playground there.

They replied positive about it, so, again we had a ticket for his entrance. The same weekend we could use it, but Filip was leaving to his dad, so it looked like I will ask his dad to take him to the place or we will loose another opportunity as I did not wanted to take away the time Filip  spends with his dad. An idea came, I will tell this to his dad, so he can take him, but due to other already agreed programmes for that weekend I guess they could not make it.

I ended up again mailing the playground and asking for a delay. They were again cool and said yes.

Today, we were walking with Filip between Király street and Oktogon tram station, on Teréz körút and suddenly bumped into a shop called Kocka Birodalom, I was so much surprised I shouted: look Filip, this is Kocka Birodalom, but then I got confused, because I remembered the playground was in Lurdy ház, as far as I could remember.

Later the owner of the shop explained they are 2 different companies, but it’s amazing that it just appeared in front of us, when I was planning to organise our next visit to the playground of Kockabirodalom.

We got in and Filip did not know where first to go, what first to see, what first to touch and experience…well, the shop offers new and old Lego stuff.

Here is their flyer and the shop sales person looking for some tiny piece:

20150218_145909          20150218_125150


here is the shop assistant presenting, if u are a collector u can find some old Lego’s or u can buy the new versions of the same collection, like this firetruck!


if u wanna get rid of your Lego toys, bring it here, they will buy it from you,

if you are missing some Lego parts, come in and ask for it, they have bunch of small pieces, maybe u get lucky

The shop is awsome, the employee working in a shop polite and though he is not a collector (his wife is, I think this is what he stated), he will help u for sure with your requests.

20150218_130333 20150218_130317 20150218_125205 20150218_125127 20150218_124833 20150218_124823

See some photos about them and look what Filip bought to himself, of course another Robot! and of course posing in front of the shop :)))

20150218_130449    20150218_130411


Oh, and I contacted the playground, if we get lucky with the babysitters schedule, they will finally use the free ticket for Filip tomorrow in the Kockabirodalom playground! I am going now to check if “Bónusz brigád” (Hungarian coupon collecting site) has discount for the ticket (usually they have).


btw. I am so fedup with Telekom internet connection, I think I will start my session of complains on weekly basis…they are playing with a wrong person.

I pay the double price then by UPC i used to pay and its double slower and disconnecting all the time…


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    Crazy day again, no phone, no internet (T-Home I still had no time to ask what happened with the service today), modeling for a photographer with Filip, running home, meeting the babysitter, cooking meal, putting Filip to sleep to go to Kockabirodalom, Filip crying as he is tired and not willing to go, discussing with the babysitter not to take it personally that Filip is now not in the mood as he is tired too, missing a casting for the 3rd time, get stressed about it at t 6pm, messaging the agency for not arriving and for forgeting to reach the casting place and then I died, I could not make at further, I had to sleep an hour, dinner making, bathing Filip, making cacao milk, saying Good-bye to Dora, putting Filip to sleep, singing a good night song, Filip asking for a kiss before sleep, Filip asking for a hug before a sleep and then saying: Mom, you can go now. Thank you son, I have Internet again, so I can work on my blog.


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