LEGO and playground, what? not the same company?


Crazy day again, no phone, no internet (T-Home I still had no time to ask what happened with the service today), modeling for a photographer with Filip, running home, meeting the babysitter, cooking meal, putting Filip to sleep to go to Kockabirodalom, Filip crying as he is tired and not willing to go, discussing with the babysitter not to take it personally that Filip is now not in the mood as he is tired too, missing a casting for the 3rd time, getting stressed about it at 6pm, messaging the agency for not arriving and for forgetting to reach the casting place and then I died, I could not make at further, I had to sleep an hour, then dinner making, bathing Filip, Dora washing the dishes, I am making cacao milk for Filip, Dora mixing joghurt with jam for us, saying Good-bye to Dora, putting Filip to sleep, singing a good night song, Filip asking for a kiss before sleep, Filip asking for a hug before a sleep and then saying: Mom, you can go now. I made my tea.

Thank you my son, I can take a rest, my Internet works again, so I can work on my blog.

And tomorrow starts the whole thing again…and I have to fit in some party too 😉


I really need someone to train about WordPress, I have no time to read/watch the instructions how to use it,so I will be never expert in using WordPress, or at least for now, it has so many options


In December I played a winning game for “Kockabirodalom Kiállitás” on Facebook that was organised in “Vam Design Center” in Király street – in translation this exhibition was about cubicle toys for kids (I mean this is what I assume, I had no time to check in details, so I relied on going there and just experience the whole exhibition).

Filip is now 3,5 year old and he likes to build with cubicles, I know he has a big basket of cubicles by his dad and they build from time to time, but I am also adding Filip mostly plays with small pieces of the Lego collection, specially with those u know, where its written not to

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