the first two drivers on the way to Genova – János and his gf Kata – 1st story


Jesus, I did the same mistake again, now I payed the invoice for February and still not December! SHOOT ME!
So, pls be informed my outgoing calls are turned off, I cannot call u today and I am going to clearify myself again with Telenor CS! :)))
I am hectic!

****1st update

on the online webpage I cannot enter the page to contact the customer service as the code I enter it just nothing happens after i entered  it….

my phone is switched off, so I cannot call them…what an irony…

but I got an idea, they probably have a Facebook page, so they can read my blog and I do not have to write maybe that official letter hehehhe (or yes?!)

Please switch back my services, yesterday I payed the one for February, and today after the realization the one for December was not payed I payed immediately that too. You should be able to see this latest tomorrow, if not pls feel free to contact me for the extract from my bank transfer.

Thank you!

p.s. I really need to check on WordPress, I do not get now why it uses different characters and after publishing there are such big spaces among the new paragraphs…ah 😦

****2nd update, the response was in about 10 min after I sent my mail, the quickest response I have ever got from  customer service, writing me the following (learn Hungarian :)))

Szia Gabi, előfizetéseddel kapcsolatban csak azonosítást követően tudunk segíteni. Szeretnénk minden segítséget megadni Neked, ehhez kérjük, írd meg az érintett telefonszámodat, valamint telefonos elérhetőségedet is. Köszönjük! (name of the contact person added at the end)

***3rd update
Taking into consideration that companies respond in 24 hours usually or sometimes never, Telenor responded within one hour and latest tomorrow my call restriction will be released! To quicken it i could send in the transfer prove from my bank, but still it would be tomorrow booked, i can survive without a service one day 🙂
Thanx P. for your kind call and extensive explanation of the service terms!
Have a great day!

Conclusion: communicate when u have troubles!


Inés arrived to the meeting point via taxi, we were both laughing that we will do this and of course we were excited how it will go…

I had couple of thousand Forints with me, no Euros, but my credit card was with me, just in case.

We asked the taxi driver to take us to the first gas station, as I remember while driving to my job in Budaörs, that was the place I saw the most people to hitchhike. After talking to the McDonalds employee next to the OMV gas station I proposed to go to the next gas station,as the road is now under construction in front of OMV…

We walked through the Agip, while Inés was overcoming her fear of climbing up and down the hills to get to it, I think she was cursing me already there at the beginning 😀 and Inés, you were not…

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