to my readers!


****old post, read the re-blogged version from 20.02.2015.

Hello everyone,

this is gonna be a short one 🙂

I am getting lots of feedbacks, great tips, acknowledgements from you which I am very gratefull for.

As first thank you so much for these words, they help me to grow and I am getting more and more creative ideas!

The reason of my post is, u have probably realized I am interested in many things.

My philosophy is: “There is this one life and I wanna live it in my way!”

meaning I wanna experience everything possible at least once in this one life I am aware of!

And I want to learn from you!

You probably realized I am active on many social networks and if you are reading my posts wherever I am posting, my Facebook account, Facebook page, Twitter or WordPress blog, please hashtag me with the following hashtags:

#Gabi #Budapest #model #Hungary

this way I am sure I will not miss any message ment to me and read your posts!

Lauren, thank you for the idea, you were the first person using the hashtag #Gabi #Budapest #model #Hungary !!!

(the above ones are I am active on by writing, blogging, but my network is binded with other social networks, so it’s quite extensive)

I am looking forward to your posts, whether it is positive or negative! I am glad to read them and if I have a time to respond, as usual!

And I have them all at one place with your tags!




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  1. Reblogged this on Gabi and commented:

    I just realized while tagging that you can just simply tag me as “Gabi”
    I learned this while tagging other pages of companies in my posts!
    Usefull thing!!!
    So, please opposite to the things i wrote, just tag me as “Gabi”.
    Thank you so much!!!!


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