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btw…i ordered the robot for Filip today, because he is so much into it…so we will wait for it untill “wish” delivers it via their freight company…we will have to wait one month though, but the happiness will be big for sure 😉
the price got reduced to 5 Dollars…


it’s gonna be a long post again, get prepared 😀

at some time last year before Xmas we went with Filip to a Libri bookstore to browse around the books and he got a book called Alfa, the robot,since then he got in love with robots, it was his choice and it became his favourite book…

at some later stage he expressed his will to have a robot like the one in the book…we settled down and

For Christmas Filip wished to have a robot, we started to look for it on the internet and found one very similar, some stock photo was uploaded to the internet, I was like, ouch, Filip I am not sure I can find the exact one, but I will try for sure, in couple of minutes later I FOUND IT, omg how happy I was, an he as well!!!!

I ordered it and they…

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