Nice guys exist!.. But they are not for you.


Hi Inés 🙂

finally you did it!

I have to admit I really do believe they exist and we will find them, they are all around us, we just always notice the “wrong” ones, but it’s because we always choose the “same patterns”, untill we learn the lesson too and that’s first love your self to be able to love others.
Stay honest to your feelings and the one who is honest with his feelings will find u! I believe in this!

I realized each of them thought me something about myself, I do not regret any of the contacts I had in my life.

And btw Redbull – Vodka shot, it’s really great combination for a shot, but why not to consume it as a coctail sometimes :)))

If you are for a hug, list me next to the Teddy bar 😉 I mean bear 😀

I am sending you a virtual hug right now.

See u tomorrow!


Girl, stop crying for this fucker. He left you ? And what ? Earth still turn around the sun and birds still shit on you hair. Nothing else changed. Ok, your heart is broken, but try to fix it with the Super Glue 3rd Generation and go out to get a hangover with your very best friends.
You know, those friends who are not afraid to pee when you are calling them, those friends who are lying on the floor just after one fucking tequila sunrise, those friends who make you smile as ridiculous they are, just in being themselves.

Took at

After this fucking hard time you lived, the best medicines are your best friends. Going out with them is the best way to feel that you still alive, that you still an entire a person and not the quarter you think that your ex left behind him. And…

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