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Mont Salevé in France


On one of the sunny days my host from Columbia proposed to visit the mountains couple of kms from Geneva, named Mont Salevé, he mentioned that on top of the mountain is the center of Tibetan Buddhism called Shedrub Choekhor Ling. Actually I crossed the Swiss-French border with this excursion and as far as I know the mountain is about 20 km’s away from Geneva in France.

At first it seemed a great idea even I am not really a hiking type of person, I mean not for such long distances.

I do hiking but this one was for me just too much and actually after walking 2 km’s uphill I realized how much I was not prepared for it, he was trying to comfort me to feel good because of achieving the top of the hill and I really did a good job in comparison to that I very rarely do this, but the more he was comforting me I was more angry at him and then I realized actually I set myself too big target and as he said through a joke: I was not the first victim of him (I have to admit I was also in a street shoe). Btw. there is a Cable Car too to reach the top, but it starts functioning from 1st of April.

This is my host and well, now when I am back home it is fun to watch these stairs, I remember being amazed also when I saw them, but it was still at the middle of the way till the top and I was already dead and quite tired, while my host kept telling me, just 10 min more, I heard this couple of time untill we reached the top…


I am posting a prove I reached the top, this is the top of the cable car and a map of Saleve on the top of the hill :))

20150319_134246   20150319_134307

However on the top of the hill the view is beautiful (we aslo had some areas covered with snow) and we had the luck it was a windy day so we even saw a hang glidings a few meter away from us (I hope this is the appropriate phrase), so if not else I enjoyed watching them and I even made a video for my son to show him later at home (he liked it).



Design Apartments 2 in Budapest


I just bumped into this article while I was waiting for my friends in “Jedermann” a dutch owned great coffee bar in Raday street, IX. District. Tomorrow there is a concert, tonight it’s more for friendly talk with friends with some great snack meal, Laposa fresh Riesling wine (this one i really like) or Hoegaarden beer. The place is with decent prices and the place is very cozy. Feel free to visit it while your stay in Budapest.
But, the article I found in the English printed monthly edition programme guide “Funzine” is about some interesting apartments maybe some of u would book. I hope the photo is not to small, I am typing this post on my phone so I do not really know how it will look 🙂 and there is another one topic I wanna explore more which I read about is talking about Dance Therapy.
Couple of month ago I also realized dancing is for me like a therapy and it is my main sport activity (Samba and hopefully soon Kizomba too).

 20150327_204906  20150327_210039

Another “about me” recognition



I am a romantic who enjoys strolling through cobblestone streets and markets. i am inspired by art and architecture, and thrive being surrounded by other artists and intellectuals. I enjoy the bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm countryside, sitting at a cafe, and having a glass of wine or coffee. My soul is nourished by being in nature *mostly seaside and by having deep meaningful conversation about love, art, and the meaning of life. Thank you Geneva, you gave me these moments with the lake, with the people, with the mountain, with the four season weather, with the languages, with the buildings…

“Bains des Paquis” in Geneva


I am still talking about the second day, but it was a day when I was kinda had a place at my first host, but he had obligations, so I was actually trying to find other solutions,  and again I was a bit struggling with finding Wifi spot too, actually the most secure places you will find are Starbucks and McDonalds, about the rest bar, it depends…

from one side it is okay, at least people are socializing in their face to face contacts, but as a traveller you can struggle a bit with this thing, but as I said at least u can always have the safe solution in the places above, the Wifi works for an hour and then you have to reconnect, this is what I was told, but actually I did not spend more then a half an hour in Starbucks as I was more interested in the real life… I quickly sent my couchsurfer requests and then  in the afternoon I did another check..btw this day I got one respond from a couchsurfer as he is able to host me for 15 CHF/night (now this is what is against couchsurfing rules, but at least I could have a cheap stay in a hostel, which is again okay for a “safe” solution…I did not use this opportunity in the end as I managed to make a new friend, but this I will tell later.

Oh, and on my reply the guy with the hostel offer called me “sweety”, so I was 99% sure I am not gonna take that solution…

So, “Bains des Paquis” is the plage of the Genevan people, they cannot wait that the sun comes up and I really had luck, I spent from 11am-8pm my time that day at the lake, sunbathing, enjoying the sun and meeting interesting people. I was as in Serbian would people say “Sve četiri uvis”, which means all four limbs in the air, meaning doing nothing just being lazy, and actually enjoying. I am so much dependant on Sun and I was breathing in all the beams I could…

10957581_10152413929684058_4072715316340409251_n   10923203_10152413929414058_4852851457828841452_n   11070097_10152413929439058_4674452349867459104_n

we had a nice sunny day, even the photos do not reflect it, but there were people swimming and enjoying and some screaming as e.g. a group of English students, of course 😀

Anyways, the people are not bothered with swimsuits, I was also sunbathing in a t-shirt and my panties, not giving a… anything just as the others…

btw the place is great for kids as on the left side of the beach are pebbles and as u can see there is even a slide for kids…there is one fast food restaurant there with decent prices for people with swiss salaries 😀 (for them this means its “cheap”, for my Hungarian or Serbian terms it is ouch…btw. the second photo with snails is actually the top of the snack bar I mentioned…

10622844_10152413929569058_7945370617476356316_n 11070847_10152413929624058_77194750474783176_n

People from Geneva also come here for their lunch time, I heard for the weekends there is a DJ playing a music and actually this place is a great place for partying.

The beach is the place where I met Beatrice from the Library of the UN during her lunch time and I got invited to be her guest visitor into UN. That was a great feeling!

And this is how I met a Columbian guy called Marlon, who comes to the lake for relaxing, reading, meditating, whatever, and who later showed me the mountain Salevé and he was hosting me for couple of days.

We took the yellow boats to reach the suburb where he lives. The ticket is the same as for the public transport and it costs you 3 CHF (the ticket is valid for one hour).


In next post some photos about those experiences with Salevé…

i still have things about Geneva…


well I spent a week there…i went there on the 17th of March and…I had seen a lot, but I think I still have to see there a lot, or elsewhere…

imagine on the 22th I arrived to the airport, I took out my ticket to check-in and it does not work, the guard on the check-in says: “madam, this ticket is for the 24th”…uhum…I was pretty shocked, in panic as I had to look again for a host (in the end I played safe…it was a mistake in a certain way, but at least I learned, stop playing safe just trust life will bring you solutions, as it happened the previous days, do not stick to a people you do not feel comfortable with)

anyways, my second  day in Geneva looked like this, I do not know about your opinion, but these trees are for me just magical…i made more photos about them, from more perspective, I could post all of them, but let’s not overreact…

1620931_10152413930024058_2764895336623396276_n  1904153_10152413929784058_8267281598179884021_n

Statue of Mr. Jean Jacque Rousseaou (

I have to admit I was just shocked how the lake Geneva and the river Rhone are clean, look at the bottom of the water…

10559868_10152413931574058_1136445196071994689_n 11084262_10152413931669058_1016838036915013971_n  10923441_10152413931524058_7218596568821767468_n

I also bumped into this monument  I am quoting from Wikipedia “The Brunswick Monument is a mausoleum built in 1879 in Geneva, Switzerland to commemorate the life of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick (1804 – 1873). He bequeathed his fortune to the city of Geneva in exchange for a monument to be built in his name, specifying that it be a replica of the Scaliger Tombs in Verona, Italy”. …and behind it a very colorful and cozy coffee bar…actually I made the photo, also because of a man in the “painter” hat…I am not sure u can spot him on the photo, but definitely this place is a great place for having a coffee on the sun and it is next to the lake, you cannot miss it…

1618448_10152413929969058_5193498404585125371_n  11009860_10152413929899058_4364107000404529993_n

after it suddenly I bumped into the “Bains des Paquis“…let me show you more photos in another post!

Geneva is colorful in every sense of that word


Okay, I am noto gonna talk about the people I met, because that is the most colorful thing here…

I actually want to post some photos from shops about some temporary colorful arts…these first ones are actually decorations made of a paper and they are actually lamps 🙂

20150320_183555 20150320_183547

another building I found it cool with the pebbles 🙂 or these windows??aren’t they great?

20150320_183150  20150318_105940

and look at these graffiti’s and this is only a couple of them…the giraffe looks to me like a “black guy” 🙂 is not?

20150320_182220 20150320_18215820150320_180004

while I was looking for a place to have a WIFI…Retox, now you see this is what I am talking about, every person, place just reminds me on Nicola, even in Geneva…I am so angry at the personel in Retox hostel for not helping me to get his contacts. You must be very cruel to not help someone a person it has lost…some people are really sticking too much to rules 😦 it’s so sad that they cannot distinguish between good will and helping others when they want to find a person and this is a reason to ask for private informations and between those who want to misuse the information they hand you over about a person…the world is so much full of not-trusting people…


Anyways, for me now this is only another sign that the key to find his is “Retox”….

Brazilian culture in Geneva and of course about…him


You all know how much I am uplifted each time when it is about Samba and Brazilians, I do not have to emphasize that,

before I arrived to Geneva that was the first contact point for me…in new places I always try to find people who are similar to me or I have common interests with, whether it is about modeling, acting, singing or dancing or simply I attract them in the streets.

After browsing the “Brasileiros em Genebra” on my Facebook account, I somehow came to a posting about Samba classes in Geneva.

Of course, my travel to Geneva was again this was another attempt to get some fresh contacts also on my search for Nicola, I do not even want to neglect it as I would lie to myself. I believe he is in Europe and student, but I am still uncertain if really in Genova or Geneva as I remember him mentioning both…I look so foolish to myself with this whole story, this is what is…

But, you know what hurts me the most…Retox Hostel where he stayed, might have his contacts, but they do not want to hand it out…:( they do not know how happy they could make me…

As last time when I travelled to Genova with Inés, I knew, it is another attempt of a trip of not meeting him, so I need to let it go (which does not really work), and still I felt that I need to go with the flow of my wishes whatever happens in the meantime and meet the spirit of Brazil in Geneva as something related to him. There are so many concidental things nowadays in my life that I can imagine meeting him again.

People around me, the ones I meet they just do not let me to forget him, even when I am not thinking of him…2 days ago I had a case with Filipa (she is a friend of Filip who became my third host)

I was trying to find out more about her and the first thing i found out was she played piano as a child. Otherwise, she is a hardworking bartender and her dream job was/is to work as speach therapist.

The thing about piano reminded me on Nicola, as he also used to play piano as a child. He had such soft touch when he touched me, like someone playing on piano. His touch was for me healing. He had an intution to massage points on my head, my back, as he felt my weakest points and my blockades in my body, the places that usually reflect my stresses.

During our discussion with Filip on our first meeting, in a moment he mentioned: “Gabi, I read in your blog you are looking for some guy called Nicola”. I was surprised, shocked and also really happy that I met a person who was really interested in my thoughts. Filip is a couchsurfer I contacted on the third day of my stay, somehow I felt this Portugal guy with a name of my son will reply. And he did.

Filip and Filipa, both moved from Portugal to find a better living in Geneva couple of years ago. They like living in Geneva and  positive about living in this city.

So, about the Brazilians as this was originally my intention to write about…Brazilians in Geneva.

After joining the Facebook group I got in contact with Veronice the Director of the Brazilian Cultural center (adress: 80 Rue de Lausanne). She sent me the plan of the classes:


Straight from the airport I ran for the samba classes she invited me to attend. I was really happy that I got a possibility to dance with the locals some Samba. I found the place very quickly I ran into the classroom with a delay, but got on my energy level immediately after hearing Samba and seeing the girls dancing. Even it was a tiring trip and I was stressed if I will find the place as I really wanted to join it, I got really uplifted when I arrived into the classroom.

Veronice is the organiser of lots of Brazil related events, she is connecting Brazilian writers, painters with Geneva. The next even I know about is the “Miss Samba” and another event with a very famous Brazilian writer called Milton Cunha, I think the event is on the 16th of May. I said to her it would be so great if she could come to Budapest with the same people to the Brazilian monthly party, I also proposed even to come with the Showcolate percussionists once and her Samba dancers performers.

I really need to talk to Lucas to propose him this idea (Lucas is arranging Brazilian parties in Budapest).It could be like an exchange of events among the countries. Lucas find the group on Facebook called: and get in contact!

The first thing I noticed after the Samba classes were some books of Paulo Coelho, my favourite writer and thinker and then the huge Brazilian flag, it was another recognition to myself and a good feeling of being on a right place, and then the drums of ShoWcolate Bateria percussion band.

20150320_191012 (2) 20150320_191447 (2)20150320_191514 (2)

Then I realized Veronice is doing a great marketing job in promoting items of her country. On the photo Veronice and if I remember it well, the writer Milton Cunha will represent for the first time in Geneva his book called “Carnaval o cultura”, but don’t take me wrong if I misunderstood her hehehe..sometimes I am such a bad listener and actually I got really a lot of informations as I visited them one more time 3 days later. On Friday I also went for an open percussion classes, actually this was when I met Filip. And I realized how bad drummer I am. Sorry I have no photo about Filip, he will stay anonymus.

20150320_191457 (2)  20150320_213101 (2)   20150320_213139 (2)

Veronice showed me their hidden treasures, it was nice to be among those nice customes. As Veronice said, there is also a possibility to buy in tailor-made Samba customes tailored on specific order. She added, this is the only way you can be sure you have the right custome for yourself. I told her once I would like to have my own red/black combination 🙂

20150320_213004 (2)20150320_213033 (2)

20150320_213015 (2) 20150320_213021 (2)

Againg Veronice, with a paintings  about her and with a title of “The queen of Samba”.

Beside Samba she is doing also other classes, like Zumba etc..

20150320_212824 (2)  20150320_213051 (2)  20150320_212905 (2)

Above the paintings she got for a present  from Brazilian artists, she has couple of paintings about herself

20150320_213659 (2) 20150320_213707 (2)

And btw. she used to be a model too, but in Brazil 😉 well she has good qualities for that!

Basilica Notre-Dame of Geneva


As I walked the city on my second day I bumped in the center of the city into the Basilica Notre-Dame of Geneva…

It’s the main Roman Catholic church in Geneva. If you wanna read more about  it find it under:

I will only post some photos about the inner side of the church, the whole church is much more colorful because of the glass windows, I do not have the best camera, but I think you can have some great insight into it…and btw my 3rd host lived very close to it…and also close to the shopping mall I mentioned…btw. I heard that Lausanne is much more live city then Geneva..Geneva gave me the impression of wealth, but little bit too much business, however very colorful with all the nations, races in the city…

11069742_10152413931889058_6106058603336069163_n 10451721_10152413931934058_1620076950754675189_n 11062167_10152413931964058_9056212821253103836_n 10419061_10152413932024058_7164426724605018155_n 10532799_10152413932134058_9189138557954454725_n

this is how it looks from outside, the exterior and its layout…

11081226_10152413932689058_8781509052030079566_n 11082636_10152413932614058_488219489314086883_n 10404524_10152413932649058_1297694513106956803_n

while walking in the street i bumped into interesting architectural buildings, motives of the buildings…the one with the strange balconys  some call the “smurfs” houses..

…love is all around…


smurf houses…


and yeah, Brazilians, they are all over the town…I will dedicate one another post about the Brazilians in Geneva…

their flag is all around and actually there is one part of the city where mostly Portugese speaking people are leaving..Portugese and Brazilians…I felt good in that area…I saw Brazilian flag opposite to my first host, in the shops, in the bars, in the cultural center, of course and on many other places…i just did not find that one Brazilian I am looking for…STILL…


Filips wishlist of toys setup in Geneva


I visited only one shopping center in Geneva (the Manor) on the proposition of my first host Thomas, and after the first day I arrived…

though I seem like sometimes as an irresponsible, I love my son very much and I pay attention a lot on his wishes…

the only problem is that for now I can only post photos about the toys he wants to have, but relatives, grandparents etc…this  is what he would really like to have…

Filip is still much into robots, he always says mom I wanna have one on remote control, I found one which i really think he would like as it reminds on Eve? from Wall-E…sorry, but I only know how Eve looks but now I am lazy to search how it is spelled, but it sounds as E-va when Filips says, and it’s the one on the top, well it costs about 120 CHF, not affordable now…


a kids laptop…


a Play-Doh machine, it is really cool, and Filip likes to watch the tutorials on youtube…I have no patient to play with this 😦

11006448_10152413930849058_5563128133096151535_n (1)

the last wish he told me was a robot that can be transformed to a car…I could not find anything similar in Budapest, but here yes…

603865_10152413930634058_8370081309154932712_n (1)

a roller…this is a starter one for 29 CHF with “baboj” as he calls the Mignons…


after browsing the toys I found a great traveling bag for kids…I am not sure he would like it, but I did…

usually when I think he would like something by my opinion, it turns out it’s not something he would like, so we end up buying the things he likes…


after browsing these things I walked next to a bunch of movie collection, one attracted my attention, it’s a movie I wanna watch…you know Samba is my passion


and then I took my first breakfast in Geneva on the terrace of the shopping mal,

I concluded the quality of the meal we have in Hungary is the bottom of the meals that nobody would buy here…

even the simpliest yoghurt is different, so even I was affording the cheapest things I had better quality of eating…

I started my day with this breakfast and then I took a walk in the city with all my stuff, still not having a couch for that night, but I posted couple of request on couchsurfing hoping someone will host me for that night…


as a secure person I had Thomas, he offered to stay at his place for the night if I do not find else…

before i left to Geneva and some theory about my life


before I left to Geneva I had a booked hairdresser for myself…

I wanted to make some change, well, my hairdresser was more brave then I thought he would be…

while waiting for my turn i bumped into an article about a Hungarian actress, with great quotes from her…

well…I am blogging on the 22th, couple of days later, because the internet coverage in Geneva is a bit tricky, but thats not the point..

… I have to say the quote oft this actress was so typical for me for this trip, I also felt like I was throwing myself each day into life and I was just accepting whatever comes..sometimes making good, sometimes bad decisions, but this trip was again about me learning how to ask for a help and trusting life, people…

I do not know if u are aware, the trip way payed by a good-will friend who actually had no idea how broke I am right now and that I am in front of my divorcing procedure and I have a week to move out from my old flat as the owner wants to sell it…but I wanted to do this trip even with minimal budget, because it removed me from the situations I am now in and gave me some fresh ideas on things what I wanna do..but later about that…and the challenges I had..



This actress, she is Gemini like me and we have quite similar view on things in the world. While I do not believe fully in astrologhy I always claim just as her, that there are some qualities that can be generalized for each sign.

Below she is talking about her dual personality being a Gemini, I feel this too very often:

– being childish like I am 16 year old, or

– being serious and mature when the situation requires,

But as she says, she likes happy things, and she does not like seriousity, she just throw herself into whatever comes…

I agree with her, though right now I am not really happy with some of my decisions related to this trip to Geneva, but on the other hand I would change nothing, because I met great people here and it opened new doors, views on life to me.
**I am only copying the hungarian article below about the statements of this actress, I have to look for her full name (Réka something)




my time came, my hair was coloured and cut…

at first it was quite strange for me to see my head this colour, but after the shocked faces in the street I realized I did the right thing, I like to shock people 🙂

1504367_10152413933609058_9006447352413450080_o (1) 11051843_10152413933714058_3049123435817440655_o


since then the color is much lighter, and I have to admit my hair is very much loved by older people in Geneva, but also of others, actually, I keep getting positive comments saying it suits to my face and eye color,

I think I am the only person in this city with this hair… and the color is getting lighter each day, u know, these colors are not so permanent…

On the first day of my arrival to Geneva, I was glazing around on the lake, when i heard a lady behind me telling with admiration: “pink, super genial” or something like that with her cute French accent, I turned to her and started to laugh and we talked couple of min.

Some hours later my hair was the attraction to meet new people and this is how I met my host for Tuesday night on the lake side, then the lady who works in the library of the United Nations office etc….