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Mont Salevé in France


On one of the sunny days my host from Columbia proposed to visit the mountains couple of kms from Geneva, named Mont Salevé, he mentioned that on top of the mountain is the center of Tibetan Buddhism called Shedrub Choekhor Ling. Actually I crossed the Swiss-French border with this excursion and as far as I know the mountain is about 20 km’s away from Geneva in France.

At first it seemed a great idea even I am not really a hiking type of person, I mean not for such long distances.

I do hiking but this one was for me just too much and actually after walking 2 km’s uphill I realized how much I was not prepared for it, he was trying to comfort me to feel good because of achieving the top of the hill and I really did a good job in comparison to that I very rarely do this, but the more he was comforting me I was more angry at him and then I realized actually I set myself too big target and as he said through a joke: I was not the first victim of him (I have to admit I was also in a street shoe). Btw. there is a Cable Car too to reach the top, but it starts functioning from 1st of April.

This is my host and well, now when I am back home it is fun to watch these stairs, I remember being amazed also when I saw them, but it was still at the middle of the way till the top and I was already dead and quite tired, while my host kept telling me, just 10 min more, I heard this couple of time untill we reached the top…


I am posting a prove I reached the top, this is the top of the cable car and a map of Saleve on the top of the hill :))

20150319_134246   20150319_134307

However on the top of the hill the view is beautiful (we aslo had some areas covered with snow) and we had the luck it was a windy day so we even saw a hang glidings a few meter away from us (I hope this is the appropriate phrase), so if not else I enjoyed watching them and I even made a video for my son to show him later at home (he liked it).