Szimpla kert – ruinpub in calmer way


did u know that on top of having party or listening to a concert in Szimpla kert, you can also have a calm relaxing or brainstorming night too with some tasty meal and good wine on the floor, while browsing on the wall some paintings…

20150316_202315 20150316_202342

and then you can note down 3 wishes (no goldfishes though) and put it in the “aquarium”

20150316_203443 20150316_203450

my friend, Inés caught on the act while noting down her 3 wishes…


for some other ruinpubs in our lovely city, check:


and… then to be called by the same friend  some hour later and finding out that she got almost robbed by a local taxi driver.

Tourists, please never stop taxi drivers in the street as you can have bad experiences with them.

I remember my first taxi drive being also an unpleasant one, they will charge you minimum the double price then the regular taxi companies, not mentioning that my friend got attacked, got scared to death and almost robbed and raped by the taxi driver, unfortunately it was dark and she could not note down the plates of the driver.

I prefer to use City taxi for many years, please call rather one ( these are the contacts of City taxi: +3620 2111 111, +3670 2111 111, +361 2111 111, +3630 2111 111), otherwise, any company is better then the ones stopped in the street as there are flat rates for taxis in Budapest.


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