i will find you sooner or later…maybe in Geneva?


not giving in, not giving in…yes, maybe in a certain way this is also a Nicolas project…

nothing is coincidence…

my friend offered to pay me a ticket to the first destination i choose, i accepted and wanted to go to Genova as last time we did not really have time to see the city with Inés. The same friend misunderstood me and booked the ticket to the most expensive city in the world :)))) to Geneva, but okay i am very happy with it (don’t u dare to misunderstood me, I am really very gratefull for this trip, but certainly i have to be on a minimal budget, if i can make it as its reaaaaaly expensive here, but the standard of living is high i can see that)

….and i kinda remember Nicola, Nicolas mentioning Geneva and maybe university of Medicines?? i dont know :(((

Geneva has only 200K inhabitants, and some parts inhabited mostly by portugese speaking people and most of them Brazilians…

i heard from the samba teacher here, if i did not misunderstand her, there are 30K portugese speaking ppl here…

btw the city is so colorful i love it, i could even imagine to live here for a while…

oh yeah, today I became colorfull too, my hairdresser was a bit more brave then me…

hehehe, i am not posting yet my haircolor and cut…its short and….guess the color?!


Today i was with the Brazilian Cultural Center, I had my Samba class! It was very much fun, the girls were great, the instructor genuine, just perfect!

I proposed them to visit us with their performance on some of the Brazilian parties, i need to talk to Lucas, he is organizing the parties in Budapest and i know he is buying in also the idea of performers, and i think these girls would happily come to Budapest to perform.


I cannot wait to see the lake tomorrow…maybe i will sleep on the lake tomorrow as i have no host yet for tomorrow,

tonight it is solved by a person called Thomas Filip Nicola…what a crazy coincidence with the names…

he printed a map to me and told me some nice places, tomorrow i will do some cruising with a daily transport ticket…


About Gabi

Singer, model, occasionally actress, Samba dancer, Budapest and Brazil lover! My FB page: https://www.facebook.com/GabiKarvak/ Managing a networking group for Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers - English speaking: https://www.facebook.com/groups/522331264616078 My blog is rather person, with some tips about things to do and experience while visiting or living in Budapest.

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