before i left to Geneva and some theory about my life


before I left to Geneva I had a booked hairdresser for myself…

I wanted to make some change, well, my hairdresser was more brave then I thought he would be…

while waiting for my turn i bumped into an article about a Hungarian actress, with great quotes from her…

well…I am blogging on the 22th, couple of days later, because the internet coverage in Geneva is a bit tricky, but thats not the point..

… I have to say the quote oft this actress was so typical for me for this trip, I also felt like I was throwing myself each day into life and I was just accepting whatever comes..sometimes making good, sometimes bad decisions, but this trip was again about me learning how to ask for a help and trusting life, people…

I do not know if u are aware, the trip way payed by a good-will friend who actually had no idea how broke I am right now and that I am in front of my divorcing procedure and I have a week to move out from my old flat as the owner wants to sell it…but I wanted to do this trip even with minimal budget, because it removed me from the situations I am now in and gave me some fresh ideas on things what I wanna do..but later about that…and the challenges I had..



This actress, she is Gemini like me and we have quite similar view on things in the world. While I do not believe fully in astrologhy I always claim just as her, that there are some qualities that can be generalized for each sign.

Below she is talking about her dual personality being a Gemini, I feel this too very often:

– being childish like I am 16 year old, or

– being serious and mature when the situation requires,

But as she says, she likes happy things, and she does not like seriousity, she just throw herself into whatever comes…

I agree with her, though right now I am not really happy with some of my decisions related to this trip to Geneva, but on the other hand I would change nothing, because I met great people here and it opened new doors, views on life to me.
**I am only copying the hungarian article below about the statements of this actress, I have to look for her full name (Réka something)




my time came, my hair was coloured and cut…

at first it was quite strange for me to see my head this colour, but after the shocked faces in the street I realized I did the right thing, I like to shock people 🙂

1504367_10152413933609058_9006447352413450080_o (1) 11051843_10152413933714058_3049123435817440655_o


since then the color is much lighter, and I have to admit my hair is very much loved by older people in Geneva, but also of others, actually, I keep getting positive comments saying it suits to my face and eye color,

I think I am the only person in this city with this hair… and the color is getting lighter each day, u know, these colors are not so permanent…

On the first day of my arrival to Geneva, I was glazing around on the lake, when i heard a lady behind me telling with admiration: “pink, super genial” or something like that with her cute French accent, I turned to her and started to laugh and we talked couple of min.

Some hours later my hair was the attraction to meet new people and this is how I met my host for Tuesday night on the lake side, then the lady who works in the library of the United Nations office etc….


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