Basilica Notre-Dame of Geneva


As I walked the city on my second day I bumped in the center of the city into the Basilica Notre-Dame of Geneva…

It’s the main Roman Catholic church in Geneva. If you wanna read more about  it find it under:

I will only post some photos about the inner side of the church, the whole church is much more colorful because of the glass windows, I do not have the best camera, but I think you can have some great insight into it…and btw my 3rd host lived very close to it…and also close to the shopping mall I mentioned…btw. I heard that Lausanne is much more live city then Geneva..Geneva gave me the impression of wealth, but little bit too much business, however very colorful with all the nations, races in the city…

11069742_10152413931889058_6106058603336069163_n 10451721_10152413931934058_1620076950754675189_n 11062167_10152413931964058_9056212821253103836_n 10419061_10152413932024058_7164426724605018155_n 10532799_10152413932134058_9189138557954454725_n

this is how it looks from outside, the exterior and its layout…

11081226_10152413932689058_8781509052030079566_n 11082636_10152413932614058_488219489314086883_n 10404524_10152413932649058_1297694513106956803_n

while walking in the street i bumped into interesting architectural buildings, motives of the buildings…the one with the strange balconys  some call the “smurfs” houses..

…love is all around…


smurf houses…


and yeah, Brazilians, they are all over the town…I will dedicate one another post about the Brazilians in Geneva…

their flag is all around and actually there is one part of the city where mostly Portugese speaking people are leaving..Portugese and Brazilians…I felt good in that area…I saw Brazilian flag opposite to my first host, in the shops, in the bars, in the cultural center, of course and on many other places…i just did not find that one Brazilian I am looking for…STILL…



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