Brazilian culture in Geneva and of course about…him


You all know how much I am uplifted each time when it is about Samba and Brazilians, I do not have to emphasize that,

before I arrived to Geneva that was the first contact point for me…in new places I always try to find people who are similar to me or I have common interests with, whether it is about modeling, acting, singing or dancing or simply I attract them in the streets.

After browsing the “Brasileiros em Genebra” on my Facebook account, I somehow came to a posting about Samba classes in Geneva.

Of course, my travel to Geneva was again this was another attempt to get some fresh contacts also on my search for Nicola, I do not even want to neglect it as I would lie to myself. I believe he is in Europe and student, but I am still uncertain if really in Genova or Geneva as I remember him mentioning both…I look so foolish to myself with this whole story, this is what is…

But, you know what hurts me the most…Retox Hostel where he stayed, might have his contacts, but they do not want to hand it out…:( they do not know how happy they could make me…

As last time when I travelled to Genova with Inés, I knew, it is another attempt of a trip of not meeting him, so I need to let it go (which does not really work), and still I felt that I need to go with the flow of my wishes whatever happens in the meantime and meet the spirit of Brazil in Geneva as something related to him. There are so many concidental things nowadays in my life that I can imagine meeting him again.

People around me, the ones I meet they just do not let me to forget him, even when I am not thinking of him…2 days ago I had a case with Filipa (she is a friend of Filip who became my third host)

I was trying to find out more about her and the first thing i found out was she played piano as a child. Otherwise, she is a hardworking bartender and her dream job was/is to work as speach therapist.

The thing about piano reminded me on Nicola, as he also used to play piano as a child. He had such soft touch when he touched me, like someone playing on piano. His touch was for me healing. He had an intution to massage points on my head, my back, as he felt my weakest points and my blockades in my body, the places that usually reflect my stresses.

During our discussion with Filip on our first meeting, in a moment he mentioned: “Gabi, I read in your blog you are looking for some guy called Nicola”. I was surprised, shocked and also really happy that I met a person who was really interested in my thoughts. Filip is a couchsurfer I contacted on the third day of my stay, somehow I felt this Portugal guy with a name of my son will reply. And he did.

Filip and Filipa, both moved from Portugal to find a better living in Geneva couple of years ago. They like living in Geneva and  positive about living in this city.

So, about the Brazilians as this was originally my intention to write about…Brazilians in Geneva.

After joining the Facebook group I got in contact with Veronice the Director of the Brazilian Cultural center (adress: 80 Rue de Lausanne). She sent me the plan of the classes:


Straight from the airport I ran for the samba classes she invited me to attend. I was really happy that I got a possibility to dance with the locals some Samba. I found the place very quickly I ran into the classroom with a delay, but got on my energy level immediately after hearing Samba and seeing the girls dancing. Even it was a tiring trip and I was stressed if I will find the place as I really wanted to join it, I got really uplifted when I arrived into the classroom.

Veronice is the organiser of lots of Brazil related events, she is connecting Brazilian writers, painters with Geneva. The next even I know about is the “Miss Samba” and another event with a very famous Brazilian writer called Milton Cunha, I think the event is on the 16th of May. I said to her it would be so great if she could come to Budapest with the same people to the Brazilian monthly party, I also proposed even to come with the Showcolate percussionists once and her Samba dancers performers.

I really need to talk to Lucas to propose him this idea (Lucas is arranging Brazilian parties in Budapest).It could be like an exchange of events among the countries. Lucas find the group on Facebook called: and get in contact!

The first thing I noticed after the Samba classes were some books of Paulo Coelho, my favourite writer and thinker and then the huge Brazilian flag, it was another recognition to myself and a good feeling of being on a right place, and then the drums of ShoWcolate Bateria percussion band.

20150320_191012 (2) 20150320_191447 (2)20150320_191514 (2)

Then I realized Veronice is doing a great marketing job in promoting items of her country. On the photo Veronice and if I remember it well, the writer Milton Cunha will represent for the first time in Geneva his book called “Carnaval o cultura”, but don’t take me wrong if I misunderstood her hehehe..sometimes I am such a bad listener and actually I got really a lot of informations as I visited them one more time 3 days later. On Friday I also went for an open percussion classes, actually this was when I met Filip. And I realized how bad drummer I am. Sorry I have no photo about Filip, he will stay anonymus.

20150320_191457 (2)  20150320_213101 (2)   20150320_213139 (2)

Veronice showed me their hidden treasures, it was nice to be among those nice customes. As Veronice said, there is also a possibility to buy in tailor-made Samba customes tailored on specific order. She added, this is the only way you can be sure you have the right custome for yourself. I told her once I would like to have my own red/black combination 🙂

20150320_213004 (2)20150320_213033 (2)

20150320_213015 (2) 20150320_213021 (2)

Againg Veronice, with a paintings  about her and with a title of “The queen of Samba”.

Beside Samba she is doing also other classes, like Zumba etc..

20150320_212824 (2)  20150320_213051 (2)  20150320_212905 (2)

Above the paintings she got for a present  from Brazilian artists, she has couple of paintings about herself

20150320_213659 (2) 20150320_213707 (2)

And btw. she used to be a model too, but in Brazil 😉 well she has good qualities for that!


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