Geneva is colorful in every sense of that word


Okay, I am noto gonna talk about the people I met, because that is the most colorful thing here…

I actually want to post some photos from shops about some temporary colorful arts…these first ones are actually decorations made of a paper and they are actually lamps 🙂

20150320_183555 20150320_183547

another building I found it cool with the pebbles 🙂 or these windows??aren’t they great?

20150320_183150  20150318_105940

and look at these graffiti’s and this is only a couple of them…the giraffe looks to me like a “black guy” 🙂 is not?

20150320_182220 20150320_18215820150320_180004

while I was looking for a place to have a WIFI…Retox, now you see this is what I am talking about, every person, place just reminds me on Nicola, even in Geneva…I am so angry at the personel in Retox hostel for not helping me to get his contacts. You must be very cruel to not help someone a person it has lost…some people are really sticking too much to rules 😦 it’s so sad that they cannot distinguish between good will and helping others when they want to find a person and this is a reason to ask for private informations and between those who want to misuse the information they hand you over about a person…the world is so much full of not-trusting people…


Anyways, for me now this is only another sign that the key to find his is “Retox”….


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