“Bains des Paquis” in Geneva


I am still talking about the second day, but it was a day when I was kinda had a place at my first host, but he had obligations, so I was actually trying to find other solutions,  and again I was a bit struggling with finding Wifi spot too, actually the most secure places you will find are Starbucks and McDonalds, about the rest bar, it depends…

from one side it is okay, at least people are socializing in their face to face contacts, but as a traveller you can struggle a bit with this thing, but as I said at least u can always have the safe solution in the places above, the Wifi works for an hour and then you have to reconnect, this is what I was told, but actually I did not spend more then a half an hour in Starbucks as I was more interested in the real life… I quickly sent my couchsurfer requests and then  in the afternoon I did another check..btw this day I got one respond from a couchsurfer as he is able to host me for 15 CHF/night (now this is what is against couchsurfing rules, but at least I could have a cheap stay in a hostel, which is again okay for a “safe” solution…I did not use this opportunity in the end as I managed to make a new friend, but this I will tell later.

Oh, and on my reply the guy with the hostel offer called me “sweety”, so I was 99% sure I am not gonna take that solution…

So, “Bains des Paquis” is the plage of the Genevan people, they cannot wait that the sun comes up and I really had luck, I spent from 11am-8pm my time that day at the lake, sunbathing, enjoying the sun and meeting interesting people. I was as in Serbian would people say “Sve četiri uvis”, which means all four limbs in the air, meaning doing nothing just being lazy, and actually enjoying. I am so much dependant on Sun and I was breathing in all the beams I could…

10957581_10152413929684058_4072715316340409251_n   10923203_10152413929414058_4852851457828841452_n   11070097_10152413929439058_4674452349867459104_n

we had a nice sunny day, even the photos do not reflect it, but there were people swimming and enjoying and some screaming as e.g. a group of English students, of course 😀

Anyways, the people are not bothered with swimsuits, I was also sunbathing in a t-shirt and my panties, not giving a… anything just as the others…

btw the place is great for kids as on the left side of the beach are pebbles and as u can see there is even a slide for kids…there is one fast food restaurant there with decent prices for people with swiss salaries 😀 (for them this means its “cheap”, for my Hungarian or Serbian terms it is ouch…btw. the second photo with snails is actually the top of the snack bar I mentioned…

10622844_10152413929569058_7945370617476356316_n 11070847_10152413929624058_77194750474783176_n

People from Geneva also come here for their lunch time, I heard for the weekends there is a DJ playing a music and actually this place is a great place for partying.

The beach is the place where I met Beatrice from the Library of the UN during her lunch time and I got invited to be her guest visitor into UN. That was a great feeling!

And this is how I met a Columbian guy called Marlon, who comes to the lake for relaxing, reading, meditating, whatever, and who later showed me the mountain Salevé and he was hosting me for couple of days.

We took the yellow boats to reach the suburb where he lives. The ticket is the same as for the public transport and it costs you 3 CHF (the ticket is valid for one hour).


In next post some photos about those experiences with Salevé…


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