Design Apartments 2 in Budapest


I just bumped into this article while I was waiting for my friends in “Jedermann” a dutch owned great coffee bar in Raday street, IX. District. Tomorrow there is a concert, tonight it’s more for friendly talk with friends with some great snack meal, Laposa fresh Riesling wine (this one i really like) or Hoegaarden beer. The place is with decent prices and the place is very cozy. Feel free to visit it while your stay in Budapest.
But, the article I found in the English printed monthly edition programme guide “Funzine” is about some interesting apartments maybe some of u would book. I hope the photo is not to small, I am typing this post on my phone so I do not really know how it will look 🙂 and there is another one topic I wanna explore more which I read about is talking about Dance Therapy.
Couple of month ago I also realized dancing is for me like a therapy and it is my main sport activity (Samba and hopefully soon Kizomba too).

 20150327_204906  20150327_210039


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