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with a “small” delay


With a couple of weeks of delay I will finish my post about Geneva regarding to the UN office and Ariana Park.

The story started like this:

I was sunbathing on “Bains des Paquis” when a lady sit next to me, somehow we started to talk, I am not sure if it was my hair color again the topic or what was exactly, but we got into a conversation. She was just having her lunch break from work as many of others we were surrounded by on the lake.

I asked her where she works and she said in the Library of the United Nations, wow I was surprised. She had an hour lunch break and then we exchanged our phone numbers and she told me if I am interested to get into the UN as her visitor, I was flattered, couple of days later, on Friday, I called her and I went to visit her in the UN.

Before I entered and when I was leaving the building I bumped into a 2 different group of protesters, as I later found out this is like everyday thing here…

11063793_10152460355219058_807661781367401224_n  11127510_10152460333724058_4502022656268618700_n (1)

Beatrice guided me into the hidden Library of documents from the times of the constitution etc…I really felt special to have the opportunity to see the treasures that were hidden and contained the whole history of the UN and of course in that area it was not allowed to make photos.

But, I made photos around I will share with couple of.  After I got through the safety check-in and registration as a Visitor I got a map and a badge with my name on it. Well, the whole building is like a labyrinth once u are inside of it and even the people working in the building are not really able to help you to guide you to the place u wanna go :)))

I found the sign, but to find Beatrice took me about 20 minutes minimum. This below is before the entrance to the Library and next to it a view through the window from the building.

11149250_10152460354954058_9099190508451129093_n  11068293_10152460355019058_3972579148323260796_n

Beatrice is working as a customer facing Librarian as u get into the Library. Behind her desk there was a painting I really liked called “Earth Women and Cosmos” and actually I just found out (God bless internet) the painting is made by Olga Sinclair ( and she is actually having in May an exhibition of her paintings in the UN.


I made a photo about Mr. Kofi Annan,

alright it’s not him, but about his photo 🙂 and the book you see underneath it, it was an initiative to make cartooning about peace by different artists.


Beatrice wanted to have a break, so we got out to the gardens, where she showed me the statue that was a gift from Russia, we tried to make a selfie, but the camera did not like us 🙂 so she took her coffee and I took one a great fig-honey joghurt, I could not resist it, yummy…

11121790_10152460353809058_3987657503735242648_n   11087406_10152460353634058_677126731089869518_o  11127815_10152460335224058_1980396164217062236_n

We walked around and she told me that the UN is having a programme of protecting wild flowers in the Ariana garden, just as animals, so the garden is full of flowers, there were some peacocks too, I did not ran into them, however I found the following story “why” peacocks:

“The Palace of UN is located in Ariana Park, which was bequeathed to the City of Geneva in 1890 by Gustave de Revilliod de la Rive, on three conditions: that the park always remain accessible to the public, that he be buried in the park, and that peacocks roam freely on its grounds, which they do to this day”.

More about him:

and then we ran into 10 beenhives,  10 beehives decorated in the red and white of the Swiss flag and named after UN objectives such as “Peace”, “Human Rights,” and “Environment”. If I understood it well the beenhives were presented to UN from Switzerland on the 10th year of Switzerlands membership.

10644933_10152460334959058_7067202843300130361_n (1) 11037886_10152460335539058_2610911343158536614_n

10407861_10152460346889058_1815158800290489598_n 11051978_10152460349329058_3733730790534848230_n

Okay, this photo of me is very stupid,  but yeah I have it too now by the Sphère Armillaire:


Then we got back to the office for some work, she showed me some job posts on their Intraner, encouraging me to apply and go to work in the UN.

Around 5 pm we ran out of the office and she left for her weekend while I stayed to browse around.

While browsing around I saw the statue of Nicolae Titulescu, who “was a well-known Romanian diplomat, at various times government minister, finance and foreign minister, and for two terms President of the General Assembly of the League of Nations.” I guess it was the present of Romanian goverment, actually I could not find information about it, but since everyone was giving some “present in that garden to the UN I assume its present from Romania. :)) I can make a story around it. 😛


And as I was walked out I finally saw the front building and the flags of our countries.

603781_10152460334819058_2151502631337411644_n 11150183_10152460334644058_110667829552137837_n

and then back again to the streets to find another host for that night :))