Budapest through a song


Budapest is in my heart since I moved here, I remember many times on a sunny days while crossing the bridge I had these “A-ha” moments, when you have the feeling this is your place…

Nowadays, I was not feeling well and I lost this connection with my inner-being, the city and the people, even I took this trip to Geneva on a very low cost and sometimes I blame myself as I spent my last money for the trip, in the end I feel that trip was healing for myself as I realized what a chaos, rush, pressure I had in my life from every field of my life. It was good for calming my mind.

I remember the first day I arrived back I felt like I am in a strange city with many stress again, people are nervous, shouting, horning with the cars and then I faced that maybe people are enough of winter, but also realized how much intolerancy they have for their city. The tram line 4-6 is now under reconstruction and the whole city is busy all the time, traffic jams all over the city and even more nervous people around.

Today, I applied for one contest for singing, an e-mail landen in my mailbox from my future singing teacher and for the 2nd time in my life I decided to go for the contest and apply. I sent the mail couple of minutes ago and I am waiting for the reply of the agency.

There is one song I really like from Balkan Fanatic called “Ha te tudnád” (If you would know) and I also really like to sing it, I let it to play on youtube and at a moment my son pointed out a Ford car model in the video and I actually realized the song is introducing main inventions of Hungarian scientists, I got also surprised what a great inventors my country has!

Enjoy watching it:


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