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not a success story, just sharing an experience….


It was a long time I have not drop any lines overhere,

I got overhelmed with all the things in my life and happenings, I tried to find myself, what I am good in it, what job I would really like to do as during the last months due to a lot of disappointments on the castings, agencies, collegues, on the fees (welcome to Eastern Europe, market of cheap workforce) and other life situations I got shaken and confused. Mentally I was not able to perform well on castings, as my thoughts were disrupted by thinking about “how to survive in this business”?  I also started to think I am not yet ready to fully dedicate myself to acting and as more important I started to question if this is what I really wanna do?

Even I enjoyed all the jobs I was getting to perform. I still think this is one of those jobs I wanna keep on doing, but for a moment I have to let it go and just wait for the right moment to press that “restart” button and start all over.

In the meantime I took a full time job at a company which is really flexible, it allows me to have lot of freedom, take one business trips so I can travel (in two weeks I will be visiting Pragu and Ljubljana). Traveling via job is one of my goals.  By doing this job I can still attend castings to experience more and hopefully in the future  opening new doors for jobs abroad.

I guess you all had this feeling,  you are doing a job to feel secure. I am in this phase now, however I am trying to find also to look the positive sides and take on the opportunities to learn something new. Still there is fear of loosing again myself in this business world I ran away couple of years ago, as I also want to explore new things.

Couple of days ago I was chatting with my cousin in Australia, she mentioned she works for the Australian Railway and she has lots of fun travelling and meeting people, I assumed that job is tiring and exhausting, but in exchange she meets lots of people, interract with them and she can find out more about her country.

I got inspired on the idea, couple of years ago I head this dream to become a stewardess, actually I applied at Wizzair last year too.

I googled the flight companies hiring cabin crew and the first on the list were the “Emirates”. I browsed through their webpage and found out in couple of days they have an open assessment in Sofitel in Budapest, I decided to go for it. On Saturday morning I almost convinced myself I am too old to go for it…but in the end I went, I had nothing to loose.

I arrived to the hotel exactly at 9 am and the first thing I noticed was everyone were in a fancy suits, mostly black and white…I already had a minus in my pocket I thought (I was wearing grey costume and pale pink t-shirt). After a while we were invited to a big conference room,  it was about 100 exciting applicants going for their dream jobs (I realized this when I was leaving and I saw girls crying for not getting the job).

We had a nice introduction about the country and the company. Can you imagine how some people are goal-oriented to get that dream job by Emirates if they are willing to arrange their trips from South Korea!, Pakistan!, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and other countries?!

After the company respresented the salary and the benefits I realized why.

I asked a Korean girl, why is she not attending the assessment in her home country. She replied,  chances are bigger in Budapest, as an open day in an Asian country would mean beetween 300-500 applicants competing. I heard from others saying about 10% are usually hired in Budapest – I have not double-check this information with the HR director though and I do not recall it was shared during the assessment how many person they were hiring that day.

I felt ashamed for popping up there and “checking” on the assessment. It is a job interview as every other, the applicants are not sending their CV’s,  but there is this face to face challenge with the “opponents” and it is a tough competition.

Only  some information on the conditions:

After hiring you for the job you have to move to Dubai, you get a 6 week of intensive training programme, you share a luxury apartment with 1-2 people, accommodation+meal are included on top of the salary and the benefits which are a layover money, life ensurance etc., plus there is a great medical insurance coverage, discounts for shops, club entrances to fancy places and a though job, at least this is what I concluded after they represented the “negative sides”. Only some, but still very important sides: waking up in the nights taking a flight at 3 am, traveling to different destinations for long hours sometimes, handling nervous, toxic passengers, not sleeping a lot, changing fully your biorhythm, cleaning toilettes etc…

The average hours you fly are 80-120 hrs/month.

The apartments stewards are getting are divided based on the genders, man and women buildings with apartments, after 12 o’clock no visitors allowed, only among the crew in the building, but for boyfriends and girlfriends is forbidden to stay together in the flats if they are not married. In the city as a woman you “must” wear abaya (which is for me fine yet), only on the beach you can be uncovered (there swimsuit is also allowed).

Actually everything they can share with you about the job, they shared on the intoduction part and you are aware what job you are going for.

I was thinking if I could really cope with these things, specially at this age, if I could handle these nightshifts and do I really want to be so much away from son and live my life in a plane and being so much “regulated”.  My almost clear answer was NO, if I was about 10 years younger maybe I could do it, I was more flexible.

I think you can get used to this lifestyle and do it for a while and the company package is really motivating.

In the end I’ve concluded I respect those applicants and stewards who accept to take on this job and can be so regulated by themselves and live this life.

The first round of the selection was checking on our CV’s after the delivered presentations. Mine has not got chosen, so even I felt a little dissapointment I was happy that I did not went through. Age was not a restriction as far as I observed the applicants, but I have not hidden the information I have a child. After the lunch break we just got on the registration list highlighting on our name if we were pre-selected for further assesments.

I have to admit there were really people who deserved to get that job, the motivation they had to come to that place was for respect.


The funny story about that day was, I took a place in the room in the first row, it was the only empty place in front and by introduction where we stated the countries where are we from, a guy next to me said: Serbia.

I just punched him on his shoulder and said: “kako li sam ubola da sednem pored tebe”. We laughed about it.