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spending a 90 min in a Salt Cave


I’ve planned about year ago to visit this place in Mozsár street… As the weekend was getting closer I was trying to figure out what programme to invent to experience something new with my little devil. I hadn’t think in advance, of course, so I had to think of something easy and quick “TBA” –> to be arranged 😉

On Saturday I woke up on a “like” of this photo on my Instagram profile by a Slovenian girl (sanya_lt):

Collage Creator_53

I had a look at and read her profile, where she stated something like this “as I have no money for travelling I am discovering and sharing photos of the cities, villages around myself”. She has nice photos from the places in the Balkans. Inspired, I started to think of the things I have put in back of my mind to explore in Budapest and this is how I remembered the Salt Cave in Mozsár street next to Oktogon.

I made a quick check one more time on their website, dressed up Filip and we were on our way. In the meantime I rang the place, as there is a pre-registration and on Saturday it is open only till 1-2pm.

Let me provide you with a very short bla bla story why I chose this place: Salt caves have health benefits and only to mention couple of them e.g. for preventing cold, for asthmatic illness, but exposure to salt can make you feel calmer, but more energised, bla bla bla (I need this part for calming myself A LOT!)

Basically the place we visited, it’s a constructed small salt “cave” with 23 tonnes of Himalayan salt tiles built in as bricks and no, it’s not in a huge heap of salt.

Oh, and after being couple of minutes in the place I felt the salt on my lips.

There are 2 separate places/rooms. One room is for those who wants to have a salt therapy, it’s  a kinda relaxing place with nice zen music (you know, birds whisteling, waterflow, nature sounds), you get wrapped with a blanket, while the salt is vaporizing in the air, your breathing it in, cleaning your body and mind and just chillin’.

I have not tested this relaxing room yet, as my first intention was to do some common programme with Filip and common he is not a kid who will lay for an hour in a room (that’s like no chance cathegory), but certainly going for a relax therapy is on my list in the upcoming days.

I managed to catch a minute when nobody was inside of the room, on the photo you can see the vapor in the air and no, it’not my camera blurriness.

Only FYI, if you are interested, a 1 hour relax therapy is now on reduced price and it costs: 990 Ft. 10 occasions: 6000 Ft. If any of you interested to join me, let’s go for it together.


The other room is for the kids, a salt granulate playground with bunch of toys. Aaand no, Filip was not alone in the room, as far as I understood 6 kids with parents can be hosted for duration of 60-90 minutes. There were couple of them, so I was making photos when Filip was alone in the place.

Entrance fee for the playground is 1500 Ft/1 adult+1 kid/60-90 min, but the first occasion for kids is free of charge and also for those under the age of 2, we got in for 990 Ft.

20150905_125613 20150905_113430 20150905_113549 20150905_113822

All in all, we were there for 1,5 hour and I filled up couple of times the baskets and toys with “dirt”, this is how Filip called the salt, even I explained him it’s a salt. He is a curious kid, he wanted to test the granulates, so he asked me if he can lick the wall. 😀

What have I supposed to tell him, but okay, lick the wall 😀

(btw. Filip just woke up, before I managed to finish my blog and you have no idea how hard is to type when a kid is staring into your face, putting his naked butt or leg into your mouth, singing in your ears, being in front of the laptop, blind typing is not helping me).

He likes to be naked, for revenge once he grows up I will post all his naked photos and videos officially (Filip, I am just kiding)

This is how it looks, when the devil attacks you!!! The solution was to give him my phone, so he can make videos about himself and I can finish my writing.


Btw.  to continue my story, there are 2 pitches in the place for drinking, one contains special threated water and it is offered against dehydration (I got thirsty there quickly) and there is another pitcher with a wooden spoon. By my nature I am also curious and I wanted to know what is the difference between the two pitches. I asked the people around and they did not know (this is so typical), they only knew which is for sure the water.  As a spoon was next to I thought this is something you should not drink in a big amounts, still I managed to take more then I needed. Actually I almost died when I tasted, it was a salt solution – I am sure it’s healthy, but thank you, I’ll have next time also only the water. 😀

The taste recalled some bad memories from my childhood 😀 – my dad used to make us to drink a glass of salty water when we had some indigestion problems as he said “to empty our belly” – I know he had good intentions with it as I felt better after, but ever since I hate salty water and it reminds me on throwing up, ARROTAR! (Meu amigo, obrigado pela palavra)

Well, I know this above is not the best finishing of this post, yet I have nothing else to add, but: Filip is sitting in my laps and kissing me. AWWWWW!

So, if someone interested for a couple of hour relaxation after work or spending a time with your kid in a healthy place, visit:

They have a green turmix buffet in place and Himalayan salt can be bought.