Mr. Coelho well said, again


You can like him or not, I like this writer.

I read “Adultery” this summer and as other books of Paulo Coelho it left on me nice impressions.

This quote is very much resonating with me and this is what I feel now true for myself, even I am afraid of scars and opening up fully I decide to risk.

I also made a decision not to allow anymore to another person to convince me in the opposite of my convictions and forcing me to think in his way.

I believe in big love and I know I need experiencing in love even it will hurt like hell, but I will find that one gem.

I’ll fail for sure, maybe once, maybe twice, but maybe seeking the whole life and finding that person with 98 :))  YES, I am a optimistic, a challenger and a big romantic!



About Gabi

Singer, model, occasionally actress, Samba dancer, Budapest and Brazil lover! My FB page: Managing a networking group for Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers - English speaking: My blog is rather person, with some tips about things to do and experience while visiting or living in Budapest.

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